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Face to Face With Consequence

Kill 20 Sha Haunts and 7 Sha Harbingers.
  » 20 x Sha Haunt slain
  » 7 x Sha Harbinger slain

I do not know the history of this war that you fight, and I am not interested. This land responds to negative energy in kind. The hatreds, doubt, and violence you have brought here now ooze out of Pandaria like blood from an open wound.

Your actions have wrought havoc all over these ruins! Clean up after yourself and meet me in the village below - I will do my best to explain what is happening here.

Completion - quest log:
Speak with Taran Zhu in Honeydew Village.

I am glad you took responsibility for your actions. Left unchecked, negative emotions can quickly overwhelm an individual here, just as they started to overwhelm the one you call "Nazgrim."

- Reputations:
  » +5 reputation with Shado-Pan
- Money: 9 80
- Money at max level: 66 60
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 86
  • Required level: 85
  • Faction: Horde
  • Zone: The Jade Forest
  • Shareable
  • Added in 5.0.1
  • Completed by: 109110 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Final Blow!General NazgrimGeneral Nazgrim
2. Face to Face With ConsequenceTaran Zhu (Lord of the Shado-Pan)Taran Zhu (Lord of the Shado-Pan)

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Find the BoyThe Jade Forest8685 
Finding Your CenterThe Jade Forest8685
FLAG - Ancient Pandaren Mining PickThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Jade Infused BladeThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Proving Grounds - Damage BronzeThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Proving Grounds - Damage GoldThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Proving Grounds - Damage SilverThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Proving Grounds - Healer BronzeThe Jade Forest1  
FLAG - Proving Grounds - Healer GoldThe Jade Forest1  
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Flight Training: In Due CourseThe Jade Forest9090 
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Get Back Here!The Jade Forest8685
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HueThe Jade Forest8685
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I Have No Jade And I Must ScreamThe Jade Forest8685 
If These Stones Could SpeakThe Jade Forest8685
In Search of WisdomThe Jade Forest8685
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It's A...The Jade Forest9090 
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JailbreakThe Jade Forest8685
Kill Kher ShanThe Jade Forest8685
Kung DinThe Jade Forest8685
Last Piece of the PuzzleThe Jade Forest8685
Last Piece of the PuzzleThe Jade Forest8685
Lay of the LandThe Jade Forest8685
Let Them BurnThe Jade Forest8685
Lighting Up the SkyThe Jade Forest8685 
Love's LaborThe Jade Forest8685 
Mann's ManThe Jade Forest8685 
Maul GormalThe Jade Forest8685 
Missed Me By... That Much!The Jade Forest8685
MonstrosityThe Jade Forest8685
Moth-RiddenThe Jade Forest8685 
Moving OnThe Jade Forest8685 
No Plan Survives Contact with the EnemyThe Jade Forest8685
Orchard-Supplied HardwareThe Jade Forest8685 
Orders are OrdersThe Jade Forest8685
Pages of HistoryThe Jade Forest8685 
Peering Into the PastThe Jade Forest8685
Pei-BackThe Jade Forest8685 
PerfectionThe Jade Forest8685 
PotencyThe Jade Forest8685
PreservationThe Jade Forest9090 
Quill of StingersThe Jade Forest8685 
Rally the SurvivorsThe Jade Forest8685 
Regroup!The Jade Forest8685
Residual FalloutThe Jade Forest8685 
Rest in PeaceThe Jade Forest8685
Restoring the BalanceThe Jade Forest9090 
Riding the SkiesThe Jade Forest9090 
Ritual ArtifactsThe Jade Forest8685 
Road RationsThe Jade Forest8685
Sacred WatersThe Jade Forest8685
Scouting Report: Hostile NativesThe Jade Forest8685
Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a BarrelThe Jade Forest8685
Scouting Report: On the Right TrackThe Jade Forest8685
Scouting Report: The Friend of My EnemyThe Jade Forest8685
Seein' RedThe Jade Forest8685
Seek Out the LorewalkerThe Jade Forest8685
Shrine of the DawnThe Jade Forest8685 
SI:7 Report: Fire From the SkyThe Jade Forest8685
SI:7 Report: Hostile NativesThe Jade Forest8685
SI:7 Report: Lost in the WoodsThe Jade Forest8685
SI:7 Report: Take No PrisonersThe Jade Forest8685
Silly Wikket, Slickies are for HozenThe Jade Forest8685
SimulacrumbleThe Jade Forest8685 
Slitherscale SuppressionThe Jade Forest9090 
Spirits of the WaterThe Jade Forest8685
SpitfireThe Jade Forest8685 
Stay a While, and ListenThe Jade Forest8685
Sufficient MotivationThe Jade Forest8685
Swallowed WholeThe Jade Forest8685
Sweet as HoneyThe Jade Forest9090 
The Bees' KneesThe Jade Forest8685
The Double Hozen DareThe Jade Forest8685 
The Easiest Way To A Serpent's HeartThe Jade Forest9090 
The Elder's InstrumentsThe Jade Forest8685
The Fall of Ga'trulThe Jade Forest8685
The Great BanquetThe Jade Forest8685 
The High ElderThe Jade Forest8685 
The Jade SerpentThe Jade Forest8685 
The Jade WitchThe Jade Forest8685 
The Librarian's QuandaryThe Jade Forest8685 
The Missing AdmiralThe Jade Forest8685
The Order of the Cloud SerpentThe Jade Forest9090
The Order of the Cloud SerpentThe Jade Forest9090
The Path of WarThe Jade Forest8685
The Pearlfin SituationThe Jade Forest8685
The Perfect ColorThe Jade Forest8685 
The Rider's BindThe Jade Forest8685 
The Rider's JourneyThe Jade Forest9090 
The Rider's JourneyThe Jade Forest9090 
The Rider's JourneyThe Jade Forest9090 
The RumpusThe Jade Forest8685 
The Scouts ReturnThe Jade Forest8685
The Scryer's DilemmaThe Jade Forest8685 
The Seal is BrokenThe Jade Forest8685 
The Serpent's HeartThe Jade Forest8685 
The Silkwood RoadThe Jade Forest8685 
The Sky RaceThe Jade Forest9090 
The Splintered PathThe Jade Forest8685 
The Sprites' PlightThe Jade Forest8685 
The Temple of the Jade SerpentThe Jade Forest8685 
The Threads that StickThe Jade Forest8685 
The Wayward DeadThe Jade Forest8685 
The White PawnThe Jade Forest8685
They Grow Like WeedsThe Jade Forest9090 
They're So Thorny!The Jade Forest8685
Tian MonasteryThe Jade Forest8585 
To Bridge Earth and SkyThe Jade Forest8685 
Tracking Event: Found Mishka at PlaneThe Jade Forest   
Tracking Event: Spies LeaveThe Jade Forest  
Trapped!The Jade Forest8685 
UnboundThe Jade Forest8685 
UNUSEDThe Jade Forest8585 
Vessels of the SpiritThe Jade Forest8685 
Welcome to Dawn's BlossomThe Jade Forest8685 
What's in a Name Name?The Jade Forest8685
What's Mined Is YoursThe Jade Forest8685 
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Wild ThingsThe Jade Forest9090 
Xiao, the EaterThe Jade Forest8685 
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Zhi-Zhi, the DextrousThe Jade Forest8685