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Encrypted Sigil

Speak to Frahun Shadewhisper inside Aldrassil in Shadowglen.
  » Encrypted Sigil (Provided)
  » Encrypted Sigil (Provided)

This sigil was given to me by a messenger from our rogue trainer, Frahun. It seems Frahun would have words with you when you have a moment. Read it and bring it to him afterwards.

Hello, Ferlis. I'm glad you found me. I was thinking that perhaps you got lost on the way here.

Nothing really new has happened in Shadowglen since I sent you my sigil, but I'll leave all the information gathering to you. Speak to the rest of the people around Aldrassil if you'd like.

Until then, know that our kind are needed more than ever in this tenuous time. Peace with the other races can fail at any moment, and there is much talk about members of the Horde looking to sow even greater seeds of distrust. Remember that.

As you gain in power and feel more prepared, come back to me here and I will see about getting you some training. It's important that you know how to handle your weapon of choice, among other things.

- Reputations:
  » +75 reputation with Darnassus
- Money: 25
- Money at max level: 60

Quick Facts
  • Level: 3
  • Required level: 2
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Races: Night Elf
  • Category: Rogue
  • Type: Class
  • Added in 1.11.1
  • Completed by: 2075 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. A Favor for MelitharIlthalaineMelithar Staghelm
2. Demonic ThievesMelithar StaghelmMelithar Staghelm
3. Encrypted Sigil» Melithar Staghelm
» Ilthalaine
Frahun Shadewhisper (Rogue Trainer)
4. A Rogue's AdvantageFrahun Shadewhisper (Rogue Trainer)Frahun Shadewhisper (Rogue Trainer)
5. Priestess of the Moon» Ilthalaine
» Alyissia (Warrior Trainer)
» Frahun Shadewhisper (Rogue Trainer)
» Shanda (Priest Trainer)
» Ayanna Everstride (Hunter Trainer)
» Mardant Strongoak (Druid Trainer)
» Rhyanda (Mage Trainer)
Dentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)
6. Iverron's AntidoteDentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)Dentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)
7. The Woodland ProtectorDentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)Tarindrella
8. Webwood CorruptionTarindrellaTarindrella
9. Vile TouchTarindrellaTarindrella
10. Signs of Things to ComeTarindrellaDentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)
11. Teldrassil: Crown of AzerothDentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)Dentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)
12. Precious WatersDentaria Silverglade (Priestess of the Moon)Tenaron Stormgrip
13. Teldrassil: Passing AwarenessTenaron StormgripCorithras Moonrage
14. Teldrassil: The Refusal of the AspectsCorithras MoonrageCorithras Moonrage

Category (120)Same type (200+)Triggers Script for (3) Comments (New!) (3) Screenshots (New!) (1)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Discreet InquiryRogue1616
A Hidden MessageRogue8585 
A Rogue's Advantage (Night Elf)Rogue32
A Royal RewardRogue2020
A Simple RequestRogue5250 
Alther's MillRogue2016
Assassinate CreedRogue8585 
Blade of the Shattered HandRogue2020
Blood of the BetrayerRogue8585 
Cluster ClutchRogue8585 
Coins of AirRogue 100 
Combining ForcesRogue1210
Deep CoverRogue 20
Destiny CallsRogue1010
Encoded FragmentsRogue5250 
Encrypted Letter (Human, Worgen)Rogue32
Encrypted Memorandum (Gnome)Rogue11
Encrypted Parchment (Orc)Rogue32
Encrypted Rune (Dwarf, Gnome)Rogue32
Encrypted Scroll (Undead)Rogue32
Encrypted Sigil (Night Elf)Rogue32
Encrypted Tablet (Troll)Rogue11
Erion ShadewhisperRogue1616
Erion's BehestRogue1616
Eviscerate (Goblin)Rogue32
Eviscerate (Orc)Rogue32
Evisceratin' the Enemy (Dwarf, Gnome)Rogue32
Fenwick ThatrosRogue1616
Find Keltus DarkleafRogue1010
Find the Shattered HandRogue1616
High Fash-DjinnRogue 100 
Hinott's AssistanceRogue 20
Hinott's AssistanceRogue 20
Horns of Nez'raRogue2216
I Don't Need Them, But I'll Take ThemRogue100100 
I'll Take Those, Thanks!Rogue100100 
In the Land of MagicRogue 100 
Into the ShadowsRogue33 
Junkboxes NeededRogue6050 
Kingly ShakedownRogue1616
Klaven's TowerRogue 20
Loyalty Is Its Own RewardRogue 100 
Make Contact with SI:7Rogue2020
Mathias and the DefiasRogue 20
Mennet CarkadRogue1010
Mission: Possible But Not ProbableRogue 20
Nalak Bag: RogueRogue9090
Nalak Bag: RogueRogue9090
Onin's ReportRogue1010
Oondasta Bag: RogueRogue9090 
Our Man in GilneasRogue8585 
Our Man in KarazhanRogue8585 
Plundering the PlunderersRogue1816
Proving Your WorthRogue8585 
Raid Finder Bag: RogueRogue9090 
Redridge RendezvousRogue1616
Return the ReportsRogue1010
Road to SalvationRogue1010
Rogue Training (Blood Elf)Rogue32
Rogues of the Shattered HandRogue2420
Rokar BladeshadowRogue1616 
Rokar's TestRogue1616 
Sealed Azure BagRogue5250 
Seek out SI: 7Rogue1010
Sharpening Your FangsRogue8585 
Shine Bright Like a DiamondRogue 100 
Simple Subterfugin'Rogue1010
Snatch and GrabRogue1010
Stab! (Undead)Rogue32
Syndicate EmblemsRogue6024 
The Apple FallsRogue1010
The Azure KeyRogue5250 
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The DeathstalkersRogue1310
The Deed is DoneRogue8585 
The Deepest Cut (Human, Worgen)Rogue32
The Manor, RavenholdtRogue2424 
The Mysterious, Magnificent Al'AbasRogue 100 
The Sad TruthRogue1816
The Shattered HandRogue2020
The Shattered HandRogue1310
The Shattered HandRogue1310
The Shattered SaluteRogue 20
The Touch of ZanzilRogue2020
The Touch of ZanzilRogue2020
The Touch of ZanzilRogue2020
To Catch a ThiefRogue8585 
To Hulfdan!Rogue1616
To Orgrimmar!Rogue1616
To RavenholdtRogue8585 
Tools of the TradeRogue1616 
Tools of the TradeRogue2016
Victory in the DepthsRogue8585 
Wanna Buy a Lamp?Rogue 100 
Wrenix of RatchetRogue1616
[DEPRECATED] <TXT> BRD, DM, BRS - RepeatableRogue6055 
[DEPRECATED] <TXT> SF, RFK, GNOMER, BF - RepeatableRogue3325 
[DEPRECATED] <TXT> SM, RFD, ULD - RepeatableRogue4535 
[DEPRECATED] <TXT> ZUL, ST, MAR - RepeatableRogue5245