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Raising Spirits

Throw 8 Iron Belly Spirits to nearby Dusklight Skirmishers and Dusklight Rangers.
  » 8 x Iron Belly drinks served

The kegs are full of my worst stock. Good for burning, crap for drinking.

I've broken out some tankards of my best spirits and had them carried out amongst the kegs though - those are for my well-deserving men! Spirits to raise their spirits after endless, grueling fighting.

Would you be up for spreading the good cheer?

Completion - quest log:
Return to Lao-Chin the Iron Belly at Dusklight Bridge in Townlong Steppes.

- Items:

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Shado-Pan
- Money: 11
- Money at max level: 117 60

Quick Facts
  • Level: 89
  • Required level: 88
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Townlong Steppes
  • Shareable
  • Added in 5.0.1
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Raising Spirits?Lao-Chin the Iron Belly

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Along the Southern FrontTownlong Steppes8988 
ArconissTownlong Steppes8988 
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Assault Deadtalker's PlateauTownlong Steppes9090 
Assault Fire Camp Gai-ChoTownlong Steppes9090 
Back on Their FeetTownlong Steppes8988 
Bad YakTownlong Steppes8988 
Behind the BattlefrontTownlong Steppes8988 
Beyond the WallTownlong Steppes8888 
Beyond the WallTownlong Steppes8888 
Born FreeTownlong Steppes9090 
Breach in the DefensesTownlong Steppes8988 
Bronze ClawsTownlong Steppes9090 
Buried BeneathTownlong Steppes8988 
Cheng Bo!Townlong Steppes9090 
Choking the SkiesTownlong Steppes8988 
Chose Arms WarriorTownlong Steppes9090 
Chose BrewmasterTownlong Steppes9090 
Chose Fire MageTownlong Steppes9090 
Chose Frost MageTownlong Steppes9090 
Chose PriestTownlong Steppes9090 
Chose Prot WarriorTownlong Steppes9090 
Cutting the SwarmTownlong Steppes8988 
Dark ArtsTownlong Steppes9090 
Defense At Niuzao TempleTownlong Steppes9090
Defense At Niuzao TempleTownlong Steppes9090
Destroy the Siege Weapons!Townlong Steppes9090 
Devastation BelowTownlong Steppes8988 
Dust to DustTownlong Steppes8988 
Egg Rescue!Townlong Steppes9090 
Enraged By HatredTownlong Steppes8988 
Fallen SentinelsTownlong Steppes9090 
Father's FootstepsTownlong Steppes8988 
First AssaultTownlong Steppes8988 
FLAG - Abandoned Crate of GoodsTownlong Steppes1  
FLAG - Amber Encased MothTownlong Steppes1  
FLAG - Chose NurongTownlong Steppes   
FLAG - Chose TaoshiTownlong Steppes   
FLAG - Chose TenwuTownlong Steppes   
FLAG - Fragment of DreadTownlong Steppes1  
FLAG - Hardened Sap of Kri'vessTownlong Steppes1  
FLAG - Unlocked NurongTownlong Steppes   
FLAG - Unlocked TenwuTownlong Steppes   
FLAG - Yaungol Fire CarrierTownlong Steppes1  
Friends, Not Food!Townlong Steppes9090 
FumigationTownlong Steppes9090 
Gao-Ran BattlefrontTownlong Steppes8988 
Give Them PeaceTownlong Steppes8988 
GolgossTownlong Steppes8988 
Golgoss HungersTownlong Steppes8988 
Grave ConsequencesTownlong Steppes9090 
Grounded WelcomeTownlong Steppes8988 
Hatred Becomes UsTownlong Steppes8988 
Heroes of the Shado-PanTownlong Steppes8988 
Hostile SkiesTownlong Steppes8988 
Illusions Of The PastTownlong Steppes9090 
Improvised AmmunitionTownlong Steppes8988 
In Battle's ShadowTownlong Steppes9090 
In Search of SunaTownlong Steppes8988 
In Skilled HandsTownlong Steppes8988 
In Sprite Of EverythingTownlong Steppes9090 
In the Wrong HandsTownlong Steppes8988 
Jeremy's Test QuestTownlong Steppes100100 
Joining the FightTownlong Steppes8988 
Joining the HuntTownlong Steppes8988 
Jung DukTownlong Steppes8988 
Lao-Chin and SerevexTownlong Steppes8988 
Last Toll of the YaungolTownlong Steppes8988 
Little HatchlingsTownlong Steppes9090 
Mists' OpportunityTownlong Steppes8988 
Mogu IncursionsTownlong Steppes9090 
My Father's CrossbowTownlong Steppes8988 
My Husband...Townlong Steppes8988 
Natural AntisepticTownlong Steppes8988 
Niuzao's PriceTownlong Steppes8988 
Nurong and RothekTownlong Steppes8988 
Onyx HeartsTownlong Steppes9090 
Orbiss FadesTownlong Steppes8988 
Paying TributeTownlong Steppes9090 
Perfect PitchTownlong Steppes8988 
Pick a YakTownlong Steppes8988 
Pitching InTownlong Steppes8988 
Raising SpiritsTownlong Steppes8988 
Ranger RescueTownlong Steppes8988 
Remnants of AngerTownlong Steppes9090 
Returning from the PassTownlong Steppes8988 
Riding the StormTownlong Steppes9090 
Rummaging Through the RemainsTownlong Steppes8988 
Running RampantTownlong Steppes8988 
Seeing RedTownlong Steppes8988 
Seeking FatherTownlong Steppes9090 
Set the Mantid BackTownlong Steppes8988 
Slaying the ScavengersTownlong Steppes8988 
Spirit DustTownlong Steppes9090 
Spiteful SpiritsTownlong Steppes8988 
Spiteful SpritesTownlong Steppes9090 
Sra'vess WetworkTownlong Steppes9090 
Surprise Attack!Townlong Steppes9090 
Taking StockTownlong Steppes8988 
Taoshi and KorvexxisTownlong Steppes8988 
Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik HivelordTownlong Steppes9090 
Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik SwarmlordTownlong Steppes9090 
Terror of the Dread WastesTownlong Steppes8988 
The Big GunsTownlong Steppes9090 
The Bigger They Come...Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Chao the VoiceTownlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster NurongTownlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron BellyTownlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Snow BlossomTownlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Tenwu of the Red SmokeTownlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Yalia SagewhisperTownlong Steppes9090 
The Deadtalker CipherTownlong Steppes9090 
The Death of MeTownlong Steppes8988 
The Endless SwarmTownlong Steppes8988 
The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy!Townlong Steppes9090 
The ExileTownlong Steppes8988 
The Field ArmorerTownlong Steppes8988 
The Mogu MenaceTownlong Steppes9090 
The Mogu MenaceTownlong Steppes9090 
The Mogu MenaceTownlong Steppes9090 
The Motives of the MantidTownlong Steppes8988 
The Overwhelming SwarmTownlong Steppes9090 
The Point of No ReturnTownlong Steppes8988 
The Restless WatchTownlong Steppes8988 
The Search for Restless LengTownlong Steppes8988 
The Sha of HatredTownlong Steppes8988 
The Shado-Pan OffensiveTownlong Steppes8988
The Shado-Pan OffensiveTownlong Steppes8988
The Siege SwellsTownlong Steppes9090 
The Taking of Dusklight BridgeTownlong Steppes8988 
The Terrible TruthTownlong Steppes8988 
The TorchesTownlong Steppes8988 
The Unending SiegeTownlong Steppes9090 
The Wisdom of NiuzaoTownlong Steppes8988 
Thieves and TroublemakersTownlong Steppes8988 
Thinning the Sik'thikTownlong Steppes8988 
Through the PortalTownlong Steppes9090 
Totemic ResearchTownlong Steppes8988 
Tracking Event: Started Shado-Pan DailiesTownlong Steppes9090 
Trap SettingTownlong Steppes8988 
Treatment for the TroopsTownlong Steppes8988 
Understanding The Shado-PanTownlong Steppes9090
Understanding The Shado-PanTownlong Steppes9090
Unlocked ChaoTownlong Steppes9090 
Unlocked Lao-ChenTownlong Steppes9090 
Unlocked Yalia SagewhisperTownlong Steppes9090 
UNUSEDTownlong Steppes8988 
Unwelcome IntrudersTownlong Steppes8988 
Up In FlamesTownlong Steppes8988 
Uruk!Townlong Steppes9090 
What Lies BeneathTownlong Steppes8988 
When The Dead SpeakTownlong Steppes9090