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Reach level 3 to learn Moonfire. Practice using it on a Training Dummy in Camp Narache.
  » Reach Level 3 to Learn Moonfire
  » Practice Moonfire

As you develop your skills, druid, you will begin to feel your connection to the Earthmother deepening. You will begin to understand new secrets of nature, and learn to cast new spells. Go now, get more experience, and return to me when you've learned a new spell. Demonstrate what you've learned.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Gart Mistrunner at Camp Narache.

You have a knack for the healing arts, <name>. Wherever you go, your skills as a healer will be in demand. Return to me when you are ready for more training.

- Reputations:
  » +75 reputation with Thunder Bluff
- Money at max level: 60

Quick Facts
  • Level: 3
  • Required level: 2
  • Faction: Horde
  • Races: Tauren
  • Category: Druid
  • Type: Class
  • Shareable
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Verdant NoteRohaku StonehoofGart Mistrunner (Druid Trainer)
2. MoonfireGart Mistrunner (Druid Trainer)Gart Mistrunner (Druid Trainer)

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Better IngredientDruid5250 
A Journey to Moonglade (Tauren, Troll)Druid2020
A Lesson to Learn (Night Elf)Druid 16
A Lesson to Learn (Tauren)Druid 16
An Invitation from Moonglade (Night Elf, Worgen)Druid2020
Aquatic Form (Tauren)Druid 16
Aquatic Form (Night Elf)Druid 16
Back to Darnassus (Night Elf)Druid 10
Back to Thunder Bluff (Tauren)Druid 10
Bloodpetal PoisonDruid5250 
Body and Heart (Night Elf)Druid 10
Body and Heart (Tauren)Druid 10
Chasing the MoonstoneDruid 70 
Curing the SickDruid 14
Curing the SickDruid 14
Eternal VigilanceDruid7070 
Eyes in the SkyDruid 70 
Gathering the CureDruid 14
Gathering the CureDruid 14
Great Bear Spirit (Night Elf)Druid 10
Great Bear Spirit (Tauren)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Tauren)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Night Elf)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Night Elf)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Night Elf)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Tauren)Druid 10
Heeding the Call (Tauren)Druid 10
Lessons AnewDruid 14
Lessons AnewDruid 14
Moonfire (Tauren)Druid32
Moonfire (Night Elf)Druid32
Moonglade (Tauren)Druid 10
Moonglade (Night Elf)Druid 10
Morthis WhisperwingDruid 70 
Nalak Bag: Druid BalanceDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid BalanceDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid FeralDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid FeralDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid GuardianDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid GuardianDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid RestorationDruid9090
Nalak Bag: Druid RestorationDruid9090
No Mere DreamDruid 70 
Oondasta Bag: Druid BalanceDruid9090 
Oondasta Bag: Druid GuardianDruid9090 
Oondasta Bag: Druid RestorationDruid9090 
Power over PoisonDruid 14
Power over PoisonDruid 14
Raid Finder Bag: Druid BalanceDruid9090 
Raid Finder Bag: Druid FeralDruid9090 
Raid Finder Bag: Druid GuardianDruid9090 
Raid Finder Bag: Druid RestorationDruid9090 
Return to Cenarion RefugeDruid 70 
Return to Morthis WhisperwingDruid 70 
The Book of the RavenDruid 70 
The Circle's Future (Tauren, Troll)Druid2020
The Circle's Future (Night Elf, Worgen)Druid2020
The Eagle's EssenceDruid 70 
The Falcon's EssenceDruid 70 
The Hawk's EssenceDruid 70 
The Principal SourceDruid 14
The Principal SourceDruid 14
The Raven StonesDruid 70 
The Ward of WakeningDruid 70 
To Catch A SparrowhawkDruid 70 
To the EvergroveDruid 70 
Torwa PathfinderDruid5250 
Toxic TestDruid5250 
Trial of the Lake (Tauren)Druid 16
Trial of the Lake (Night Elf)Druid 16
Trial of the Sea Lion (Night Elf)Druid 16
Trial of the Sea Lion (Tauren)Druid 16
Vanquish the Raven GodDruid 70 
Verdant Note (Tauren, Troll)Druid32
Verdant Sigil (Night Elf, Worgen)Druid32
Waking the SleeperDruid 70