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The Lumbering Oaf Problem

Kill 10 Lumbering Oafs.
  » 10 x Lumbering Oaf slain

Ever seen a hobgoblin? They're another vile goblin creation. Take a goblin, make it even uglier, fatter, bigger and stupider and you have a hobgoblin. Add to all of that a nasty mean streak and we've got a problem.

These lumbering oafs wander the Sludgewerks and Mirkfallon Lake, acting as muscle to the goblins.

Get out there and thin 'em out. Permanently.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Scout Mistress Yvonia at Mirkfallon Post in Stonetalon Mountains.

Slowly, but surely, we pick away at the Horde's numbers. They won't have a leg to stand on when this war really opens up.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Stormwind
  » +250 reputation with Darnassus
- Money at max level: 1 38

Quick Facts
  • Level: 28
  • Required level: 26
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Stonetalon Mountains
  • Shareable
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 2534 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Lumbering Oaf ProblemScout Mistress YvoniaScout Mistress Yvonia

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Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceStonetalon Mountains2724 
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BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!Stonetalon Mountains2725
Blood FeedersStonetalon Mountains1913
Bloodfury BloodlineStonetalon Mountains2618
Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Boulderslide RavineStonetalon Mountains1814
Brood of SeldarriaStonetalon Mountains3026 
Burn, Baby, Burn!Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Calling in the ReservesStonetalon Mountains2823
Capturing MemoriesStonetalon Mountains2825 
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Commandeer That Balloon!Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Covert Ops - AlphaStonetalon Mountains2217
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Cycle of RebirthStonetalon Mountains2317
Da Voodoo: Ram HornsStonetalon Mountains2826 
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Death by ProxyStonetalon Mountains2926 
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Don't Look Them in the EyesStonetalon Mountains2624 
DownfallStonetalon Mountains3026 
Dream of a Better TomorrowStonetalon Mountains2724 
Earthen AriseStonetalon Mountains2014
Elemental WarStonetalon Mountains2519
Enemy of the Horde: Marshal PaltrowStonetalon Mountains2724 
Enraged SpiritsStonetalon Mountains2620
Eyes and Ears: Malaka'jinStonetalon Mountains2826 
Fallowmere BeckonsStonetalon Mountains2826 
Field Test: GnomecorderStonetalon Mountains2624 
Fight On Their StomachsStonetalon Mountains2826 
Final DeliveryStonetalon Mountains3026 
Free Our SistersStonetalon Mountains2625 
Further InstructionsStonetalon Mountains2116 
Gerenzo the TraitorStonetalon Mountains2725 
Gerenzo WrenchwhistleStonetalon Mountains2716 
Gerenzo's OrdersStonetalon Mountains2217 
Gerenzo's OrdersStonetalon Mountains2217 
Gnome on the InsideStonetalon Mountains2826 
Goblin InvadersStonetalon Mountains1913
Grimtotem SupremacyStonetalon Mountains3026 
Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the GrimtotemStonetalon Mountains2926 
Harpies ThreatenStonetalon Mountains2618
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Help for DesolaceStonetalon Mountains3027 
Hero's Call: Stonetalon Mountains!Stonetalon Mountains2524
Hungry PupsStonetalon Mountains3026 
I Got Your Parts Right Here...Stonetalon Mountains2724 
If the Horde Don't Get You...Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Illegible Orc LetterStonetalon Mountains2624 
In Defense of Krom'gar FortressStonetalon Mountains2724 
Ineptitude + Chemicals = FunStonetalon Mountains2117
Ineptitude + Chemicals = FunStonetalon Mountains2117
Is This Justice?Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Is This Thing On?Stonetalon Mountains2826
It's Up There!Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Jin'Zil's BlessingStonetalon Mountains3026 
Jin'Zil's Forest MagicStonetalon Mountains2620
Just Ask AliceStonetalon Mountains2725 
Kaela's UpdateStonetalon Mountains2217
Kaya's AliveStonetalon Mountains1812
Kill Grundig DarkcloudStonetalon Mountains1812
Kobold Fury!Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Krom'gar FortressStonetalon Mountains2624 
Last Ditch EffortStonetalon Mountains2926 
Leave No Man Behind! Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Lessons from the Lost IslesStonetalon Mountains2624 
Magmadar Must Die!Stonetalon Mountains21 
Might Makes RightStonetalon Mountains3026 
Might of the Krom'garStonetalon Mountains2524
Minx'll Fix ItStonetalon Mountains2624 
Mr. D's Wild RideStonetalon Mountains2724 
Mr. P's Wild RideStonetalon Mountains2725 
New LifeStonetalon Mountains2517
No Time for Goodbyes!Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Nothing Left for You HereStonetalon Mountains3027 
Nura PathfinderStonetalon Mountains3028 
OrdanusStonetalon Mountains2920
Orders from Base CampStonetalon Mountains2724 
Orders from High CommandStonetalon Mountains2624 
Preparations for the FutureStonetalon Mountains2725 
Proof of LiesStonetalon Mountains3026 
Protect KayaStonetalon Mountains1812
Putting Them to RestStonetalon Mountains2926 
Reception from TyrandeStonetalon Mountains2817
Reclaiming the Charred ValeStonetalon Mountains2720
Reclaiming the Charred ValeStonetalon Mountains2720
Reinforcements...Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Report to BombgutzStonetalon Mountains2724 
Report to KadrakStonetalon Mountains1917
Retrieval for MaurenStonetalon Mountains2617
Return to StardustStonetalon Mountains2524 
Rumble in the Lumber... MillStonetalon Mountains2725 
Sating the Savage BeastStonetalon Mountains2926 
Save the Children!Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Schemin' That SabotageStonetalon Mountains2826 
Seek and DestroyStonetalon Mountains2724 
Seen Better DaysStonetalon Mountains2926 
Shredding MachinesStonetalon Mountains2313
Shuttin Her DownStonetalon Mountains2826 
Spare Parts Up In Here!Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Special Delivery for GaximStonetalon Mountains2117
Spy InfestationStonetalon Mountains3026 
Super Reaper 6000Stonetalon Mountains2116 
Tell 'Em Koko Sent YouStonetalon Mountains2826 
Terms of ServiceStonetalon Mountains2926 
Thal'darah's VengeanceStonetalon Mountains3026 
The Deep ReachesStonetalon Mountains2826 
The DenStonetalon Mountains2920
The General is DeadStonetalon Mountains3026 
The Lumbering Oaf ProblemStonetalon Mountains2826 
The Missing BlastgineerStonetalon Mountains2624 
The Only Way Down is in a Body BagStonetalon Mountains2524 
The Queen and Her CourtStonetalon Mountains2725 
The Spirits of StonetalonStonetalon Mountains1713
The Turd ProblemStonetalon Mountains3026 
The Unrelenting HordeStonetalon Mountains2826 
They Put the Assass in... Never MindStonetalon Mountains2826 
Thinning the HordeStonetalon Mountains2825 
To Battlescar!Stonetalon Mountains3026 
To Be Horde...Stonetalon Mountains3026
Update for Sentinel ThenysilStonetalon Mountains2217
Warchief's Command: Stonetalon Mountains!Stonetalon Mountains2524
Warn Master Thal'darahStonetalon Mountains2926 
We're Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two...Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Where Are the Parts?Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Windshear Mine CleanupStonetalon Mountains2624 
World First: GnomegenStonetalon Mountains3026 
Wounded AncientsStonetalon Mountains2822
You no take axe!Stonetalon Mountains21 
[DEPRECATED] Further InstructionsStonetalon Mountains2716 
[DEPRECATED] The Elder CroneStonetalon Mountains1813