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Frost Nova

Reach level 3 to learn Frost Nova. Locate a Training Dummy and practice using Frost Nova 2 times.
  » Reach Level 3 to Learn Frost Nova
  » 2 x Practice Frost Nova

Alright, here's the easy part. All you have to do to deepen your connection to the arcane is to get more experience and grow your power. You'll begin to find that you can cast new spells. You'll see. Go try it, and show me what you learn.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Acrypha at the Valley of Trials in Durotar.

Good. Now we practice.

- Items:

- Reputations:
  » +75 reputation with Darkspear Trolls
- Money at max level: 60
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 3
  • Required level: 2
  • Faction: Horde
  • Races: Orc
  • Category: Mage
  • Type: Class
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Glyphic ParchmentGornekAcrypha (Mage Trainer)
2. Frost NovaAcrypha (Mage Trainer)Acrypha (Mage Trainer)

Category (78)Same type (200+)Referenced by spells (1)See also (5) Comments (New!) (2)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Simple Robe (Blood Elf)Mage1615
An Audience with UredaMage2020
Arcane Reavers (Blood Elf)Mage1615
Arcane Rune (Dwarf)Mage32
Astral Knot GarmentMage2626
Attunement to DalaranMage7371
Attunement to DalaranMage7371
Celestial PowerMage4035 
Destroy MorphazMage5250 
Empowered MindsMage33 
Filling Up the Spellbook (Dwarf)Mage32
Forbidden Sigil (Night Elf, Draenei)Mage32
Fragmented MagicMage 60 
Frost Nova (Goblin)Mage32
Frost Nova (Night Elf)Mage32
Frost Nova (Draenei)Mage32
Frost Nova (Orc)Mage32
Gathering MaterialsMage1515
Gathering MaterialsMage1515
Get the ScoopMage3030 
Glyphic Letter (Human)Mage32
Glyphic Memorandum (Gnome)Mage11
Glyphic Parchment (Orc)Mage32
Glyphic Scroll (Undead)Mage32
Glyphic Tablet (Troll)Mage11
Hidden SecretsMage3830 
High Sorcerer AndromathMage2626
Investigate the Alchemist ShopMage1615
Investigate the Blue RecluseMage1615
Items of PowerMage4030 
Journey to the MarshMage3830 
Journey to the Wizard's SanctumMage2020
Ju-Ju HeapsMage1010
Laughing SistersMage2626
Mage Training (Draenei)Mage33
Mage Training (Blood Elf)Mage32
Mage's WandMage4030 
Mage-tastic GizmonitorMage1010
Magic DustMage5250 
Magic Training (Undead)Mage32
Mana SurgesMage4035 
Manaweave RobeMage1515
Mastering the ArcaneMage2020
Mastering the ArcaneMage2020
Mastering the Arcane (Human)Mage32
Mirror Lake (Human)Mage1010
Nalak Bag: MageMage9090
Nalak Bag: MageMage9090
Nether-lace GarmentMage2626
Oondasta Bag: MageMage9090 
Power in UldamanMage4035 
Pristine Spider SilkMage2626
Raid Finder Bag: MageMage9090 
Reacquiring the Magic [PH]Mage6060 
Recently LivingMage1010
Report to AnastasiaMage1515
Report to JenneaMage1515
Return to the MarshMage4035 
Rituals of PowerMage4030 
Speak with AnastasiaMage1010
Speak with BinkMage1010
Speak with DeinoMage2626
Speak with JenneaMage1010
Speak with Un'thuwaMage1010
Spellfire RobesMage1515
The Balnir FarmsteadMage1010
The ExorcismMage4035 
The Infernal OrbMage4035 
The Purest WaterMage1010
The Siren's CoralMage5250 
Ur's Treatise on Shadow MagicMage2826
Warlord KrellianMage6060 
Waters of XavianMage2626