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Charging into Battle

Reach level 3 to learn Charge, then practice using Charge on a Training Dummy.
  » Reach Level 3 to Learn Charge
  » Practice Charge

If you want to become a stronger warrior, you'll need to work on your weapons. You'll find stronger swords and larger shields out on your adventures, that I have no doubt about.

But it isn't just your physical armory that will get stronger - you'll also begin to discover new techniques. Go, get some experience, learn something new, then come back and show me.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Dannal Stern at Deathknell in Tirisfal Glades.

You have the makings of a great <class>, <name>. Go, practice what we've discussed, and return when you are stronger. Then I may have more to teach you.

- Reputations:
  » +75 reputation with Undercity
- Money: 25
- Money at max level: 60
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 3
  • Required level: 2
  • Faction: Horde
  • Races: Undead
  • Category: Warrior
  • Type: Class
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Simple ScrollShadow Priest SarvisDannal Stern (Warrior Trainer)
2. Charging into BattleDannal Stern (Warrior Trainer)Dannal Stern (Warrior Trainer)

Category (105)Same type (200+)See also (1) Comments (New!) (1)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Blood-Caked ScrollWarrior190 
A Fitting WeaponWarrior2020
A Fitting WeaponWarrior2020
A Summons from Ander GermaineWarrior2020
A Troubled SpiritWarrior5250 
A Warrior's TrainingWarrior 10
Agamand HeirloomsWarrior1110
Bartleby the DrunkWarrior 10
Bartleby's MugWarrior 10
Battle-Hardened RelicsWarrior190 
Beat BartlebyWarrior 10
Brutal ArmorWarrior3020
Brutal GauntletsWarrior3020
Brutal HauberkWarrior3020
Brutal HelmWarrior3020
Brutal LegguardsWarrior3020
Burning BloodWarrior2820
Charge (Orc)Warrior32
Charge (Orc, Goblin)Warrior32
Charging into Battle (Undead)Warrior32
Charging into Battle (Human)Warrior32
Chimaeric HornWarrior3020
Dead-tooth JackWarrior1010
Dragonmaw ShinbonesWarrior3020
ElanariaWarrior 10
Essence of the ExileWarrior3730 
Fire Hardened MailWarrior2820
Forged SteelWarrior1010
Getting Battle-Ready (Dwarf)Warrior32
Glyph of the ArmsmasterWarrior190 
Grey Iron WeaponsWarrior1010
Grezz RagefistWarrior2020
Grimand ElmoreWarrior2820
Grimand's ArmorWarrior3020
Heirloom WeaponWarrior1110
Hone Your HollerWarrior33 
Iron CoralWarrior2920
Ironband's CompoundWarrior1110
Klockmort SpannerspanWarrior2820
Klockmort's CreationWarrior3020
Learning New Techniques (Night Elf)Warrior32
Marshal HaggardWarrior1010
Mathiel's ArmorWarrior3020
Monk TrainingWarrior32 
Muren Stormpike (Dwarf, Gnome)Warrior 10
Nalak Bag: Warrior DPSWarrior9090
Nalak Bag: Warrior DPSWarrior9090
Nalak Bag: Warrior ProtectionWarrior9090
Nalak Bag: Warrior ProtectionWarrior9090
Oondasta Bag: Warrior Arms\FuryWarrior9090 
Oondasta Bag: Warrior ProtectionWarrior9090 
Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal HelmWarrior3020
Path of DefenseWarrior 10
Proving GroundsWarrior190 
Raid Finder Bag: Warrior DPSWarrior9090 
Raid Finder Bag: Warrior ProtectionWarrior9090 
Satyr HoovesWarrior3020
Saurfang, WarriorWarrior190 
Scribe Wei WuWarrior190 
Simple Letter (Human)Warrior32
Simple Memorandum (Gnome)Warrior11
Simple Note (Tauren)Warrior32
Simple Parchment (Orc)Warrior32
Simple Rune (Dwarf)Warrior32
Simple Scroll (Undead)Warrior32
Simple Sigil (Night Elf, Worgen)Warrior32
Simple Tablet (Troll)Warrior11
Smith MathielWarrior1010
Speak with ColemanWarrior1010
Speak with DillingerWarrior 10
Speak with RugaWarrior2020
Speak with Thun'grimWarrior2020
Strength of OneWarrior1010
Sunscorched ShellsWarrior3020
The AffrayWarrior 30 
The ArmsmastersWarrior190 
The First Lesson (Tauren)Warrior32
The IslanderWarrior 30 
The Panchurian CandidateWarrior751 
The Rethban GauntletWarrior2220
The Shade of EluraWarrior1010
The ShieldsmithWarrior2220
The SummoningWarrior4030 
The WindwatcherWarrior3030 
Thun'grim FiregazeWarrior1010
Tormus DeepforgeWarrior1110
Trial at the Field of GiantsWarrior2020
Ula'elek and the Brutal GauntletsWarrior3020
Ulag the CleaverWarrior 10
Vejrek (Dwarf, Gnome)Warrior 10
Velora Nitely and the Brutal LegguardsWarrior3020
Veteran UzzekWarrior 10
Voodoo FeathersWarrior5250 
Vorlus VilehoofWarrior 10
War on the ShadowswornWarrior5250 
Warrior KinshipWarrior5250 
Warrior TrainingWarrior33 
Weapons of EluniteWarrior1010
Whirlwind WeaponWarrior4030 
Yorus BarleybrewWarrior2020
Yorus BarleybrewWarrior2020 
Your First Lesson (Draenei)Warrior32