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Grandma's Lost It Alright

Find the Linen-Wrapped Book.
  » Linen-Wrapped Book

Leave? Now?

Well, if I must, then I must. But will you be a sweetheart and find something for me?

I've lost my favorite book and won't leave without it.

<After you explain the gravity of the situation, Grandma Wahl shakes her head condescendingly.>

Dear, just find the book will you?

How goes it, dear? Will you be staying for tea?

Completion - quest log:
Return to Grandma Wahl at the Wahl Cottage in Gilneas.

Why thank you, <name>. I hope you didn't peek!

Where are your manners, dear?

- Reputations:
  » +150 reputation with Gilneas
- Money: 1 25
- Money at max level: 2 70

Quick Facts
  • Level: 7
  • Required level: 4
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Races: Worgen
  • Zone: Gilneas
  • Shareable
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 32 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Grandma WahlGwen Armstead (Mayor of Duskhaven)Grandma Wahl
2. Grandma's Lost It AlrightGrandma WahlGrandma Wahl
3. I Can't Wear ThisGrandma WahlGrandma Wahl
4. Grandma's CatGrandma WahlGrandma Wahl
5. Ready to GoGrandma WahlGwen Armstead (Mayor of Duskhaven)
6. To Greymane ManorGwen Armstead (Mayor of Duskhaven)Queen Mia Greymane
7. The King's ObservatoryQueen Mia GreymaneKing Genn Greymane

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Job for a BloodhoundGilneas31 
Among Humans AgainGilneas11 
Among Humans Again (Worgen)Gilneas55
Apparitions in the OrchardGilneas74 
Arcane Inquiries (Worgen)Gilneas21
As the Land Shatters (Worgen)Gilneas64
At Our Doorstep (Worgen)Gilneas95
Betrayal at Tempest's Reach (Worgen)Gilneas105
Breaking the SiegeGilneas31 
Brothers In Arms (Worgen)Gilneas31
Charge (Worgen)Gilneas31
Corruption (Worgen)Gilneas21
Endgame (Worgen)Gilneas1212
Escape By Sea (Worgen)Gilneas74
Evacuation (Worgen)Gilneas74
Eviscerate (Worgen)Gilneas21
Exodus (Worgen)Gilneas84
Face to FaceGilneas31 
Flank the Forsaken (Worgen)Gilneas105
From the Shadows (Worgen)Gilneas41
Frost Nova (Worgen)Gilneas21
Further TreatmentGilneas55 
Gasping for Breath (Worgen)Gilneas64
Grandma Wahl (Worgen)Gilneas74
Grandma's Cat (Worgen)Gilneas74
Grandma's CatGilneas74 
Grandma's Lost It Alright (Worgen)Gilneas74
Hold the Line (Worgen)Gilneas55
Holding Steady (Worgen)Gilneas55
Horses for Duskhaven (Worgen)Gilneas74
I Can't Wear This (Worgen)Gilneas74
In Need of Ingredients (Worgen)Gilneas55
Incomplete CartographyGilneas31 
Introductions Are in Order (Worgen)Gilneas85
Invasion (Worgen)Gilneas55
Keel Harbor (Worgen)Gilneas125
Kill or Be Killed (Worgen)Gilneas55
Knee-Deep (Worgen)Gilneas115
Laid to Rest (Worgen)Gilneas115
Last Chance at HumanityGilneas51 
Last Meal (Worgen)Gilneas105
Leader of the Pack (Worgen)Gilneas64
Learning the Word (Worgen)Gilneas21
Liberation Day (Worgen)Gilneas105
Losing Your Tail (Worgen)Gilneas95
Lurkers in the MistGilneas11 
Moonfire (Worgen)Gilneas21
Neither Human Nor Beast (Worgen)Gilneas95
Not Quite Shipshape (Worgen)Gilneas74
Off With a BangGilneas31 
Onwards and Upwards (Worgen)Gilneas95
Patriarch's Blessing (Worgen)Gilneas115
Pest Control (Worgen)Gilneas85
Pieces of the Past (Worgen)Gilneas85
Preparations (Worgen)Gilneas115
Push Them Out (Worgen)Gilneas115
Queen-Sized Troubles (Worgen)Gilneas95
Ready to Go (Worgen)Gilneas74
Return to Stormglen (Worgen)Gilneas95
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas31
Save the Children! (Worgen)Gilneas65
Seek the Sister (Worgen)Gilneas21
Shady Associates (Worgen)Gilneas21
Slaves to No One (Worgen)Gilneas115
Someone's Keeping Track of You (Worgen)Gilneas21
Someone's Looking for You (Worgen)Gilneas21
Steady Shot (Worgen)Gilneas21
Stormglen (Worgen)Gilneas85
Stranded at the Marsh (Worgen)Gilneas85
Take Back What's Ours (Worgen)Gilneas95
The Allens' Storm Cellar (Worgen)Gilneas65
The Battle for Gilneas City (Worgen)Gilneas115
The Blackwald (Worgen)Gilneas85
The Crowley Orchard (Worgen)Gilneas74
The CurseGilneas31 
The Hayward Brothers (Worgen)Gilneas74
The Hungry Ettin (Worgen)Gilneas74
The King's Observatory (Worgen)Gilneas74
The Rebel Lord's Arsenal (Worgen)Gilneas41
The Winds Know Your Name... Apparently (Worgen)Gilneas21
They Have Allies, But So Do We (Worgen)Gilneas125
This Is the EndGilneas51 
To Greymane Manor (Worgen)Gilneas74
Tracking Our Every MoveGilneas21 
Two By Sea (Worgen)Gilneas64
Unleash the Beast (Worgen)Gilneas64
Washed Up (Worgen)Gilneas74
You Can't Take 'Em Alone (Worgen)Gilneas55
Your Instructor (Worgen)Gilneas21