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Save Krennan Aranas

Rescue Krennan Aranas.
  » Krennan Aranas rescued

All these years after the war and Crowley was still hiding enough firepower in that cellar to level half of the district.

It might have to come to that, unfortunately.

We can't open fire just yet, there is a civilian trapped on the other side of the prison.

Not just any civilian, either. Krennan Aranas is one of the most brilliant alchemists this world has known.

One of his potions saved my daughter, Tess, from dying soon after being born.

Take my horse and rescue him. Krennan must live.

Well done, <name>. We'll make sure Krennan makes it out of the city alive.

- Reputations:
  » +75 reputation with Gilneas
- Money: 35
- The following spell will be cast on you:

Quick Facts
  • Level: 4
  • Required level: 1
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Races: Worgen
  • Zone: Gilneas City
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 3034 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. From the Shadows» Lorna Crowley
» Bloodfang Lurker
Lorna Crowley
2. Message to GreymaneLorna CrowleyKing Genn Greymane
3. Save Krennan AranasKing Genn GreymaneLord Godfrey
4. Time to RegroupLord GodfreyKing Genn Greymane
5. SacrificesLord Darius CrowleyTobias Mistmantle
6. By Blood and Ash» Bloodfang Stalker
» Tobias Mistmantle
Tobias Mistmantle
7. Never Surrender, Sometimes RetreatTobias MistmantleLord Darius Crowley
8. Last Stand» Lord Darius Crowley
» Frenzied Stalker
Lord Darius Crowley
9. Last Chance at HumanityKing Genn GreymaneKing Genn Greymane

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All Hell Breaks Loose (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Arcane Inquiries (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Brothers In Arms (Worgen)Gilneas City31
By Blood and Ash (Worgen)Gilneas City51
By the Skin of His Teeth (Worgen)Gilneas City41
Evacuate the Merchant Square (Worgen)Gilneas City21
From the Shadows (Worgen)Gilneas City41
Get That Merchant Out of Here!Gilneas City   
Last Stand (Worgen)Gilneas City51
Lockdown! (Worgen)Gilneas City11
Message to Greymane (Worgen)Gilneas City41
Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat (Worgen)Gilneas City51
Old Divisions (Worgen)Gilneas City41
Royal Orders (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Sacrifices (Worgen)Gilneas City51
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Safety in Numbers (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Salvage the Supplies (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Save Krennan Aranas (Worgen)Gilneas City41
Seek the Sister (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Shady Associates (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Someone's Keeping Track of You (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Someone's Looking for You (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Something's Amiss (Worgen)Gilneas City21
The Prison Rooftop (Worgen)Gilneas City31
The Rebel Lord's Arsenal (Worgen)Gilneas City41
The Winds Know Your Name... Apparently (Worgen)Gilneas City21
Time to Regroup (Worgen)Gilneas City41
While You're At It (Worgen)Gilneas City31
Your Instructor (Worgen)Gilneas City21