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He Who Would Be Forgiven

Speak with Avrus Illwhisper at Raynewood Tower in Ashenvale.

The voice of the goddess spoke to you at the moonwell, <name>. The cure for Relara lies to the east at Raynewood Tower. The one who has fallen into corruption.

Avrus Illwhisper seeks forgiveness and redemption. It is up to you to assist him and in so doing, hopefully help my child as well.

- Reputations:
  » +25 reputation with Darnassus
- Money at max level: 27 60

Quick Facts
  • Level: 23
  • Required level: 19
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Zone: Ashenvale
  • Shareable
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. He Who Would Be Forgiven?Avrus Illwhisper
2. In the Hands of the PerverseAvrus IllwhisperAvrus Illwhisper

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A Helping HandAshenvale2119
A New AdornmentAshenvale2619
A Not-So-Charmed LifeAshenvale2321
A Shameful WasteAshenvale2119
A Squad of Your OwnAshenvale2119
A Trip to the MoonwellAshenvale2319
Agents of DestructionAshenvale2119
All ApologiesAshenvale2219 
All's WellAshenvale2319
Amongst the RuinsAshenvale2725
An Aggressive DefenseAshenvale2418
Answered QuestionsAshenvale3025
As Good as it GetsAshenvale2219
Ashenvale OutrunnersAshenvale2119
Ashes in AshenvaleAshenvale2017 
Astranaar BoundAshenvale2319
Astranaar's Burning!Ashenvale2320
Bad News Bear-erAshenvale2219
Baron AquanisAshenvale3025
Bathed in LightAshenvale2119
Bathran's HairAshenvale2119
Before You Go...Ashenvale2219 
Between a Rock and a ThistlefurAshenvale2321
Blood of the WeakAshenvale2219
Breathing RoomAshenvale2321 
Building Your Own CoffinAshenvale2523 
Check in on the EdunesAshenvale2523
Clear the ShrineAshenvale2523
Closure is Only NaturalAshenvale2119
Condition Critical!Ashenvale2321 
Corrupting Influence?Ashenvale2321
Crisis at SplintertreeAshenvale2119
Culling the Furbolg ThreatAshenvale2321
Culling the ThreatAshenvale2518
Dartol's RodAshenvale2519
Dead Elves WalkingAshenvale2119 
Deep DespairAshenvale2219 
Defend the Tree!Ashenvale2321
Delivery for OrendilAshenvale2119
Demon DutyAshenvale2219 
Destroy the LegionAshenvale2119
Destroy the LegionAshenvale2119
Destroy the LegionAshenvale2119
Destroy the LegionAshenvale2119
Diabolical PlansAshenvale2119
Diabolical PlansAshenvale2119
Diabolical PlansAshenvale2119
Diabolical PlansAshenvale2119
Dirty DeedsAshenvale2219 
Don't Forget the HordeAshenvale2119
Dread Head RedemptionAshenvale2319 
Dryad DeliveryAshenvale2321
Elune's TearAshenvale2319
Empty QuiversAshenvale2119 
Explosives ShreddingAshenvale2119
Fallen Sky LakeAshenvale3020
Final ReportAshenvale2119 
Find Gorat!Ashenvale2119 
Finding TeronisAshenvale2119
Forsaken DiseasesAshenvale2924
Freedom to RuulAshenvale2419
Go With The FlowAshenvale2321
Gorat's VengeanceAshenvale2119 
Got Wood?Ashenvale2119 
Gurtar's RequestAshenvale2219 
He Who Would Be ForgivenAshenvale2319
He Who Would Be ForgivenAshenvale2319
Hot LavaAshenvale2321 
In a BindAshenvale2623
In the Hands of the PerverseAshenvale2319
Insane DruidsAshenvale2219
Je'neu of the Earthen RingAshenvale2723
Journey to Stonetalon PeakAshenvale1818
Kayneth StillwindAshenvale2924
Keep the Fires BurningAshenvale2219 
King of the FoulwealdAshenvale2619
King of the FoulwealdAshenvale2523
Lousy Pieces of ShipAshenvale2219 
Mage SummonerAshenvale2520
Making StumpsAshenvale2219 
Management MaterialAshenvale2119 
Mass ProductionAshenvale2421 
Mission ImprobableAshenvale2219
Mor'shan DefenseAshenvale2119 
Naga at the Zoram StrandAshenvale1914
Naga of the StrandAshenvale2119
Needs a Little LubricationAshenvale2119
Never Again!Ashenvale2219
Never Again!Ashenvale2219
Never Again!Ashenvale2219
Never Again!Ashenvale2219
Of Their Own DesignAshenvale2119
On Guard in StonetalonAshenvale2117
On Guard in StonetalonAshenvale2117
Onward to AshenvaleAshenvale2018
Orendil's CureAshenvale2319
Outrider Advanced Care PackageAshenvale7045
Outrider Basic Care PackageAshenvale3425
Outrider Standard Care PackageAshenvale4435
Passage to Booty BayAshenvale3025
Pierce Their Heart!Ashenvale2219
Playing PossumAshenvale2321
Playing With FelfireAshenvale2119 
Pridewings of StonetalonAshenvale2118
Put Out The FireAshenvale2321 
Raene's CleansingAshenvale2818
Raene's CleansingAshenvale2818
Rain of DestructionAshenvale2219 
Rear Guard DutyAshenvale2119
Reclaiming Felfire HillAshenvale2119
Reclaiming Felfire HillAshenvale2119
Recover the FallenAshenvale2321
Recover the RemainsAshenvale2119
Report from the Northern FrontAshenvale2521
Report to Splintertree Post (Blood Elf)Ashenvale2018
Rescue the FallenAshenvale2119 
Respect for the FallenAshenvale2119
Retaking Mystral LakeAshenvale2623
Return FireAshenvale2320
Return to RaeneAshenvale2319
Satyr HornsAshenvale2219
Satyr Slaying!Ashenvale2119
Search the BoleAshenvale2321
Sentinel Advanced Care PackageAshenvale7045
Sentinel Basic Care PackageAshenvale3425
Sentinel Standard Care PackageAshenvale4435
Set Us Up the BombAshenvale2321 
Shadumbra's HeadAshenvale2419
Sharptalon's ClawAshenvale2319
Sheelah's Last WishAshenvale2219 
Simmer Down NowAshenvale2523
Small Hands, Short FuseAshenvale2321 
Stopping the RitualsAshenvale2119
Supplies to AuberdineAshenvale2419
Tell No One!Ashenvale2219 
That Which Has RisenAshenvale2219
The Ancient StatuettesAshenvale2119
The Ashenvale HuntAshenvale2020
The Barrens PortAshenvale3025
The Befouled ElementAshenvale2723
The Branch of CenariusAshenvale2219
The Caravan RoadAshenvale3025
The Carevin FamilyAshenvale3025
The Forest HeartAshenvale2119
The Goblin BraintrustAshenvale2523
The Howling ValeAshenvale3025
The Hunt CompletedAshenvale3020
The Last StandAshenvale2523
The Lost ChaliceAshenvale2119
The Lost GemAshenvale2119
The Lost PagesAshenvale3023
The Reason WhyAshenvale2119
The Ruins of StardustAshenvale2320
The Scythe of EluneAshenvale3025
The ShadewalkerAshenvale2119
The Warsong ReportsAshenvale1917
The Zoram StrandAshenvale1914
They Set Them Up The Bomb!Ashenvale2523
They Took Our GnomesAshenvale2524 
They're Out There!Ashenvale2523
Thinning the... Herd?Ashenvale2523
Three Friends of the ForestAshenvale2523
Thunder PeakAshenvale2321 
To Dinah, at Once!Ashenvale2119 
To Hellscream's WatchAshenvale2219 
To Raene WolfrunnerAshenvale2319
To The Ramparts!Ashenvale2018
To the Rescue!Ashenvale2119
To the SpireAshenvale2523
Too Far GoneAshenvale2421 
Torek's AssaultAshenvale2420
Travel to Astranaar (Draenei)Ashenvale2018
Trek to AshenvaleAshenvale1915
Troll CharmAshenvale2321
True Power of the RodAshenvale2519
Tweedle's DumbAshenvale2321 
Tweedle's Tiny PackageAshenvale2321 
Ursangous' PawAshenvale2419
Velinde StarsongAshenvale3025
Velinde's EffectsAshenvale3025
Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!Ashenvale2119
Vorsha the LasherAshenvale2319
Warsong Outrider UpdateAshenvale2517
Warsong Runner UpdateAshenvale1917
Warsong Saw BladesAshenvale2722
Warsong Scout UpdateAshenvale2117
Warsong SuppliesAshenvale2722
West to the StrandAshenvale2119
Wet Work (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf)Ashenvale2219
Worgen WisdomAshenvale2321
You're the Bomb!Ashenvale2523 
Ze GnomecorderAshenvale2524