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The Twilight's Hammer

Slay High Cultist Azerynn and 10 Twilight Fanatics in the Twilight Encampment.
  » High Cultist Azerynn slain
  » 10 x Twilight Fanatic slain

A group of Twilight's Hammer cultists has set up camp southwest of here. They're preparing an army of water elementals to use against Lor'danel.

Their leader, High Cultist Azerynn, has pacts with the dark Old Gods that grant his sect power over the elements. Go and deal with them before it's too late, <name>.

The cataclysm has left the elemental spirits in disarray... it's only a matter of time until they have enough elementals to overcome our defenses.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Sentinel Lendra at Lor'danel in Darkshore.

You've done well, <name>. The Twilight's Hammer is a dangerous cult. It would be foolish to underestimate the danger they represent.

- Items you can choose:

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Darnassus
- Money: 6
- Money at max level: 33

Quick Facts
  • Level: 13
  • Required level: 13
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Darkshore
  • Shareable
  • Added in 4.0.3
  • Completed by: 20370 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Twilight's HammerSentinel LendraSentinel Lendra

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