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The Horse Hollerer

Scare 15 Highland Mustangs and return to Soulok Stormfury at Camp Oneqwah.
  » 15 x Highland Mustangs Frightened
  » Flashbang Grenade (Provided)

The Alliance's 'Westfall Brigade' is camped far to the north, near Thor Modan. They have foolishly divided their forces to contest our control of Venture Bay, and they have been left without cavalry.

They're now trying to capture and tame the wild highland mustangs that roam the area around the Westfall Brigade Encampment and Boulder Hills. We must stop them before they're able to replace their lost mounts. Take this and throw it near the horses to drive them away.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Soulok Stormfury at Camp Oneqwah in Grizzly Hills.

<Soulok nods in approval.>

Well done, <name>. We must not let the Alliance gain any kind of advantage.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with The Taunka
- Money: 5 90
- Money at max level: 12 57

Quick Facts
  • Level: 75
  • Required level: 73
  • Faction: Horde
  • Zone: Grizzly Hills
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 5420 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. The Horse HollererSoulok Stormfury (Stable Master)Soulok Stormfury (Stable Master)

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Riding the Red RocketGrizzly Hills7473
Runes of CompulsionGrizzly Hills7572 
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Ruuna the BlindGrizzly Hills7573
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Sasha's HuntGrizzly Hills7573 
Say Hello to My Little FriendGrizzly Hills7473 
ScourgekabobGrizzly Hills7473 
Seared ScourgeGrizzly Hills7270 
Seared ScourgeGrizzly Hills7473 
Secrets of the FlamebindersGrizzly Hills7473
See You on the Other SideGrizzly Hills7573 
Seeking SolventGrizzly Hills7473
Seeking SolventGrizzly Hills7473
Shifting PrioritiesGrizzly Hills7574
Shimmercap StewGrizzly Hills7573 
Shred the AllianceGrizzly Hills7473
Shredder RepairGrizzly Hills7473
Smoke 'Em OutGrizzly Hills7473
Smoke 'Em OutGrizzly Hills7473
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Souls at UnrestGrizzly Hills7573
Steady as a Rock?Grizzly Hills7573
Subject to InterpretationGrizzly Hills7473 
Supplemental IncomeGrizzly Hills7473
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Test of MettleGrizzly Hills7473
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The Conqueror's TaskGrizzly Hills7473
The Conquest Pit: Bear Wrestling!Grizzly Hills7473
The Conquest Pit: Blood and MetalGrizzly Hills7473
The Conquest Pit: Death Is LikelyGrizzly Hills7573
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The Conquest Pit: Mad Furbolg FightingGrizzly Hills7473
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The Damaged JournalGrizzly Hills7573
The Darkness BeneathGrizzly Hills7472
The Evil BelowGrizzly Hills7572 
The Failed World TreeGrizzly Hills7473
The Fate of OrlondGrizzly Hills7573
The Flamebinders' SecretsGrizzly Hills7473
The Hills Have UsGrizzly Hills7373
The Horse HollererGrizzly Hills7573
The Iron Thane and His AnvilGrizzly Hills7573
The Overseer's ShadowGrizzly Hills7573
The Perfect PlanGrizzly Hills7573
The Runic KeystoneGrizzly Hills7573
The Runic PropheciesGrizzly Hills7573
The Runic PropheciesGrizzly Hills7573
The Thane of VoldruneGrizzly Hills7473
The Thane of VoldruneGrizzly Hills7473
The Unexpected 'Guest'Grizzly Hills7573
Them or Us!Grizzly Hills7473
TherapyGrizzly Hills7573 
Thinning the RanksGrizzly Hills7473
To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful!Grizzly Hills7473
Troll Season!Grizzly Hills7373
Truce?Grizzly Hills7373 
Uncovering the TunnelsGrizzly Hills7573
Ursoc, the Bear GodGrizzly Hills7572
Ursoc, the Bear GodGrizzly Hills7573
Vial of VisionsGrizzly Hills7473 
Voices From the DustGrizzly Hills7573 
Vordrassil's FallGrizzly Hills7472
Vordrassil's SaplingGrizzly Hills7573
Vordrassil's SeedsGrizzly Hills7573
Vordrassil's SeedsGrizzly Hills7473
Warchief's Command: Grizzly HillsGrizzly Hills7473
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We Have the PowerGrizzly Hills7573
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