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Test Quest for Craig

Craig Amai at wherever wants you to bring him 5 whatevers.
  » 10 x [PH] Dragonblight Carrion Field Zombie slain


Completion - quest log:
Return to [Demo] Craig Amai.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with The League of Arathor
  » +250 reputation with Orgrimmar
- Money at max level: 6 3

Quick Facts
  • Level: 62
  • Required level: 58
  • Suggested players: 2
  • Faction: Both
  • Zone: Dragonblight
  • Type: Raid
  • Shareable
  • Raid quest
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Test Quest for Craig?[Demo] Craig Amai

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Planning for the FutureDragonblight7271 
Prevent the AccordDragonblight7371
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Pride of the HordeDragonblight7271
Projections and PlansDragonblight7271
Projections and PlansDragonblight7271
Really Big WormDragonblight7472 
Reclusive RunemasterDragonblight7472 
Report to Lord AfrasastraszDragonblight7471 
Rescue from Town SquareDragonblight7271
Return of the High ChiefDragonblight7371
Return to SoarDragonblight7371
Return to the EarthDragonblight7471
Return to the EarthDragonblight7471
Return to the High CommanderDragonblight7271
Rifle the BodiesDragonblight7271
Rifle the BodiesDragonblight7271
Rustling Some FeathersDragonblight7472 
Sarathstra, Scourge of the NorthDragonblight7571
Scattered To The WindDragonblight7371
Scourge ArmamentsDragonblight7271
Search Indu'le VillageDragonblight7271
Search Indu'le VillageDragonblight7271
Secrets of the ScourgeDragonblight7371
Seeds of the LashersDragonblight7472 
Shaved IceDragonblight7472 
Signs of Big Watery TroubleDragonblight7271 
Slay LoguhnDragonblight7371 
Slim PickingsDragonblight7472 
Soft PackagingDragonblight7472 
Something That Doesn't MeltDragonblight7472 
Spiritual InsightDragonblight7271 
Spread the Good WordDragonblight7271
Stealing from the SiegesmithsDragonblight7271
Steamtank SurpriseDragonblight7371
Stiff NegotiationsDragonblight7472 
Stocking UpDragonblight7472 
Stomping GroundsDragonblight7472 
Strength of IcemistDragonblight7271
Strengthen the AncientsDragonblight7271
Strengthen the AncientsDragonblight7271
Sweeter RevengeDragonblight7370 
Tales of DestructionDragonblight7472 
Test Quest for CraigDragonblight6258 
That Which Creates Can Also DestroyDragonblight7472 
The BaitDragonblight7271 
The Best of IntentionsDragonblight7472 
The Bleeding OreDragonblight7271
The Chain Gun And YouDragonblight7371
The Demo-gnomeDragonblight7271
The DenouncementDragonblight7371
The End of the LineDragonblight7271
The End of the LineDragonblight7271
The Fate of the DeadDragonblight7271
The Fate of the Ruby DragonshrineDragonblight7571 
The Favor of ZangusDragonblight7271
The Flesh-Bound TomeDragonblight7271
The Focus on the BeachDragonblight7271
The Focus on the BeachDragonblight7271
The Forgotten TaleDragonblight7271
The Forsaken BlightDragonblight7271
The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to DieDragonblight7271
The Good Doctor...Dragonblight7271
The High CultistDragonblight7271
The Kor'kron Vanguard!Dragonblight7371
The Liquid Fire of EluneDragonblight7271
The Lost CourierDragonblight7271
The Lost EmpireDragonblight7271
The Might of the HordeDragonblight7271
The Murkweed ElixirDragonblight7271
The Noble's CryptDragonblight7271
The Obsidian DragonshrineDragonblight7472 
The Perfect DissemblanceDragonblight7271
The Plume of AlystrosDragonblight7472 
The Power to DestroyDragonblight7371
The Rod of CompulsionDragonblight7271
The Search for SlinkinDragonblight7271
The Spy in New HearthglenDragonblight7271
The Taunka and the TaurenDragonblight7271
The Translated TomeDragonblight7371
The Truth Shall Set Us FreeDragonblight7271
The Truth Will OutDragonblight7271
Through Fields of FlameDragonblight7571
Through Fields of FlameDragonblight7571
To Dragon's FallDragonblight7571
To Stars' Rest!Dragonblight7271
To Venomspite!Dragonblight7271
Torture the TorturerDragonblight7271
Travel to Moa'ki HarborDragonblight7268 
Travel to Moa'ki HarborDragonblight7268 
Tua'kea's Crab TrapsDragonblight7271 
Understanding the Language of DeathDragonblight7371
Understanding the Scourge War MachineDragonblight7271
Victory Nears...Dragonblight7271
Wanted: DreadtalonDragonblight7471
Wanted: GigantaurDragonblight7471
Wanted: High Shaman BloodpawDragonblight7471
Wanted: Kreug OathbreakerDragonblight7471
Wanted: Magister KeldonusDragonblight7471
Wanted: Onslaught Commander IustusDragonblight7471
Wanted: The Scarlet OnslaughtDragonblight7271
Wanton WarlordDragonblight7472 
Where the Wild Things RoamDragonblight7371
Without a PrayerDragonblight7271
Worm WranglerDragonblight7472 
Your Presence is Required at Agmar's HammerDragonblight7271
Your Presence is Required at Stars' RestDragonblight7271
zzOLD The Fate of the Ruby DragonshrineDragonblight7472