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Words of Power

Thassarian at the Wailing Ziggurat wants you to go to the Temple City of En'kilah and retrieve High Priest Talet-Kha's Scroll from the Spire of Pain, High Priest Naferset's Scroll from the Spire of Decay and High Priest Andorath's Scroll at the Spire of Blood.
  » High Priest Andorath's Scroll
  » High Priest Naferset's Scroll
  » High Priest Talet-Kha's Scroll

The lich has spoken, <name>. The high priests of En'kilah hold the secret to entering Naxxanar.

Go to the Spire of Blood, the Spire of Pain and the Spire of Decay and slay each of the priests.

Return once you've obtained the three scrolls.

Taking your time, are you? I don't know how much longer I can keep this lich restrained.

Completion - quest log:
Return to Thassarian at the Wailing Ziggurat in Borean Tundra.

Excellent work, <name>. Now for one last bit of information.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with Valiance Expedition
- Money: 5
- Money at max level: 12 18

Quick Facts
  • Level: 72
  • Required level: 68
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Zone: Borean Tundra
  • Shareable
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 5965 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Finding the PhylacteryThassarianThassarian
2. Buying Some TimeThassarianThassarian
3. Words of PowerThassarianThassarian
4. Last RitesThassarianThassarian

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A Bot in Mammoth's ClothingBorean Tundra7168
A Courageous StrikeBorean Tundra7268
A DeserterBorean Tundra7168
A Father's WordsBorean Tundra7168 
A Little Bit of SpiceBorean Tundra7168
A Mission StatementBorean Tundra7270 
A Proper DeathBorean Tundra7168
A Race Against TimeBorean Tundra7169 
A Soldier in NeedBorean Tundra7168
A Suitable Test SubjectBorean Tundra7168
A Time for HeroesBorean Tundra7168
A Visit to the CuratorBorean Tundra7268 
AbductionBorean Tundra7169 
Back to the AirstripBorean Tundra7168
Blending InBorean Tundra7268
Boiling PointBorean Tundra7269
Breaking ThroughBorean Tundra7168
Bring 'Em Back AliveBorean Tundra7168
Burn in EffigyBorean Tundra7168
Bury Those Cockroaches!Borean Tundra7168
Can't Get Ear-nough...Borean Tundra7270 
Check in With BixieBorean Tundra7168
Cleaning Up the PoolsBorean Tundra7168
Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's FreeBorean Tundra7168
Cultists Among UsBorean Tundra7168
Cutting Off the SourceBorean Tundra7168
Damned Filthy SwineBorean Tundra7168
Death From AboveBorean Tundra7168
Defeat the GearmasterBorean Tundra7268
Deploy the Shake-n-Quake!Borean Tundra7168
Dirty, Stinkin' Snobolds!Borean Tundra7169
Distress CallBorean Tundra7168
DragonspeakBorean Tundra7169 
Ears of Our EnemiesBorean Tundra7270 
Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph CBorean Tundra7168
Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph DBorean Tundra7168
Emergency SuppliesBorean Tundra7168
Enemies of the LightBorean Tundra7168
Enlistment DayBorean Tundra7168
Escape from the Winterfin CavernsBorean Tundra7169 
Escaping the MistBorean Tundra7168
Fallen NecropolisBorean Tundra7168
Farseer Grimwalker's SpiritBorean Tundra7169
Find BristlehornBorean Tundra7168
Finding Pilot TailspinBorean Tundra7168
Foolish EndeavorsBorean Tundra7168
Fruits of Our LaborBorean Tundra7168
Fueling the ProjectBorean Tundra7168
Further InvestigationBorean Tundra7168
Gamel the CruelBorean Tundra7168 
Gammothra the TormentorBorean Tundra7168
Get Me Outa Here!Borean Tundra7269
Get to GetryBorean Tundra7168
Give Fizzcrank the NewsBorean Tundra7168
Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!!Borean Tundra7169 
Hah... You're Not So Big Now!Borean Tundra7169
Hampering Their EscapeBorean Tundra7268 
Happy as a ClamBorean Tundra7270 
Hellscream's ChampionBorean Tundra7168
Hellscream's VigilBorean Tundra7168
Hellscream's VigilBorean Tundra7168
Help Those That Cannot Help ThemselvesBorean Tundra7270 
Horn of the Ancient MarinerBorean Tundra7168
I'm Being Blackmailed By My CleanerBorean Tundra7169 
I'm Stuck in this Damned Cage... But Not For Long!Borean Tundra7268
In Wine, TruthBorean Tundra7168
Into the MistBorean Tundra7168
It Was The Orcs, Honest!Borean Tundra7269
It's Time for ActionBorean Tundra7168
Just a Few More Things...Borean Tundra7169
KaganishuBorean Tundra7269
Karuk's OathBorean Tundra7168 
Kaw the Mammoth DestroyerBorean Tundra7270 
Keymaster UrmgrglBorean Tundra7169 
Khu'nok Will KnowBorean Tundra7270 
King Mrgl-MrglBorean Tundra7169
King Mrgl-MrglBorean Tundra7169
Leading the Ancestors HomeBorean Tundra7268 
Learning to CommunicateBorean Tundra7169 
Lefty Loosey, Righty TightyBorean Tundra7168
Let Bixie KnowBorean Tundra7168
Load'er Up!Borean Tundra7168
Lost and FoundBorean Tundra7168
Lupus PupusBorean Tundra7168
Magic Carpet RideBorean Tundra7168
Massive Moth Omelet?Borean Tundra7168
Master and ServantBorean Tundra7168
Master the StormBorean Tundra7168
Merciful FreedomBorean Tundra7168
Message to HellscreamBorean Tundra7168
Might As Well Wipe Out the ScourgeBorean Tundra7168
Military? What Military?Borean Tundra7168
Mobu's Pneumatic Tank TransjigamarigBorean Tundra7168
Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff AnomalyBorean Tundra7169 
Monitoring the Rift: Sundered ChasmBorean Tundra7169 
Motes of the EnragedBorean Tundra7169
Nedar, Lord of Rhinos...Borean Tundra7270 
Nerub'ar SecretsBorean Tundra7168
Neutralizing the CauldronsBorean Tundra7268
Nick of TimeBorean Tundra7169
Nork Bloodfrenzy's ChargeBorean Tundra7168
Not On Our WatchBorean Tundra7270 
Notify ArlosBorean Tundra7168
Oh Great... Plagued Magnataur!Borean Tundra7168
Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!Borean Tundra7169 
Orabus the HelmsmanBorean Tundra7168
Patching UpBorean Tundra7168
Patience is a Virtue that We Don't NeedBorean Tundra7168
Pernicious EvidenceBorean Tundra7168
Picking Up the PiecesBorean Tundra7268 
Plan BBorean Tundra7169
Plug the SinkholesBorean Tundra7168
Pollen from the SourceBorean Tundra7168
Prison BreakBorean Tundra7169 
Put Them to RestBorean Tundra7168
Rats, Tinky Went into the Necropolis!Borean Tundra7168
Re-CursiveBorean Tundra7168
Reclaiming the QuarryBorean Tundra7268 
Reference MaterialBorean Tundra7168
Reforging the KeyBorean Tundra7169 
Reinforcements Incoming...Borean Tundra7168
Report to Steeljaw's CaravanBorean Tundra7168
Rescuing EvanorBorean Tundra7169 
Return My RemainsBorean Tundra7169
Return to the Spirit TalkerBorean Tundra7169
Return with the Bad NewsBorean Tundra7168
Revenge Upon MagmothBorean Tundra7169
Ride to Taunka'le VillageBorean Tundra7168
Sage Highmesa is MissingBorean Tundra7168
Scouting the SinkholesBorean Tundra7168
Scouting the SinkholesBorean Tundra7168
Secrets of RiplashBorean Tundra7168 
Seek Out Karuk!Borean Tundra7168
Sharing IntelligenceBorean Tundra7169 
Shatter the Orbs!Borean Tundra7268
Shrouds of the ScourgeBorean Tundra7268
Souls of the DecursedBorean Tundra7168
Stop the PlagueBorean Tundra7168
Succulent Orca StewBorean Tundra7169 
Super Strong Metal Plates!Borean Tundra7168
Surrender... Not!Borean Tundra7269 
Take No ChancesBorean Tundra7168
Taken by the ScourgeBorean Tundra7168
Taking Back Mightstone QuarryBorean Tundra7168
Taking WingBorean Tundra7169 
Tank Ain't Gonna Fix ItselfBorean Tundra7168
Tanks a lot...Borean Tundra7168
Thassarian, My BrotherBorean Tundra7168
The Abandoned ReachBorean Tundra7270 
The Art of PersuasionBorean Tundra7169 
The Assassination of Harold LaneBorean Tundra7270 
The Bad EarthBorean Tundra7268
The Borean InquisitionBorean Tundra7169 
The CollapseBorean Tundra7168
The Culler ComethBorean Tundra7270 
The Defense of Warsong HoldBorean Tundra7168
The Defense of Warsong HoldBorean Tundra7168
The Defense of Warsong HoldBorean Tundra7168
The Doctor and the Lich-LordBorean Tundra7268
The EmissaryBorean Tundra7168 
The GearmasterBorean Tundra7268
The Heart of the ElementsBorean Tundra7168
The Honored AncestorsBorean Tundra7268 
The Honored DeadBorean Tundra7168
The Horn of Elemental FuryBorean Tundra7168
The Hunt is OnBorean Tundra7168
The Invasion of GammothBorean Tundra7168
The Late William AllertonBorean Tundra7168
The Lost SpiritsBorean Tundra7268 
The MechagnomesBorean Tundra7168
The Nefarious Clam Master...Borean Tundra7270 
The Plains of NasamBorean Tundra7168
The Power of the ElementsBorean Tundra7168
The SiegeBorean Tundra7168
The Sky Will KnowBorean Tundra7169
The Spare SuitBorean Tundra7169 
The Spire of BloodBorean Tundra7268
The Sub-ChieftainsBorean Tundra7168
The Tablet of LevirothBorean Tundra   
The Trident of Naz'janBorean Tundra7168 
The Ultrasonic ScrewdriverBorean Tundra7168
The Warsong FarmsBorean Tundra7168
The Wondrous BloodsporeBorean Tundra7168
Them!Borean Tundra7169 
There's Something Going On In Those CavesBorean Tundra7168
Too Close For ComfortBorean Tundra7169
Traversing the RiftBorean Tundra7169 
Trophies of GammothBorean Tundra7168
Unfit for DeathBorean Tundra7270 
Untold TruthsBorean Tundra7168
Vermin ExterminationBorean Tundra7168
Vision of AirBorean Tundra7169
We Strike!Borean Tundra7268
Weakness to LightningBorean Tundra7168
What Are They Up To?Borean Tundra7168
What the Cold Wind Brings...Borean Tundra7168
What's the Matter with the Transmatter?Borean Tundra7168
Wind Master To'borBorean Tundra7168
Winterfin CommerceBorean Tundra7169 
Words of PowerBorean Tundra7268