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Suppressing the Elements

Wind Tamer Kagan at Camp Winterhoof wants you to kill 8 mountain elementals. You may kill either Howling Cyclones or Iceshard Elementals.
  » 8 x Mountain Elementals slain

If you are to survive here, as we have, you must learn to face the environment's challenges head on. The elements will claim your life if you're not vigilant, as the proliferation of elementals in these northern hills shows.

We must cull the elementals one last time before we can leave this place. Are you willing to aid us while we continue to make preparations?

You must kill any iceshard elementals or howling cyclones you encounter in the snowy hills surrounding the outpost.

Have you culled the elementals?

Completion - quest log:
Return to Wind Tamer Kagan at Camp Winterhoof in Howling Fjord.

The influence of the elemental spirits has receded, but it will return. We've bought ourselves the time we need to complete our tasks here and take our leave.

- Reputations:
  » +250 reputation with The Taunka
- Money: 4 70
- Money at max level: 12 6

Quick Facts
  • Level: 71
  • Required level: 69
  • Faction: Horde
  • Zone: Howling Fjord
  • Shareable
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 6904 players @ Felsong

  • Screenshot

Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Making the HornNokoma SnowseerNokoma Snowseer
2. Suppressing the ElementsWind Tamer KaganWind Tamer Kagan
3. Keeping Watch on the InterlopersJunat the WandererApothecary Malthus (Royal Apothecary Society)

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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
"Crowleg" DanHowling Fjord7169 
A Carver and a CroakerHowling Fjord7169 
A Lesson in FearHowling Fjord7168
A Tailor-Made FormulaHowling Fjord7168
A Traitor Among UsHowling Fjord7169 
Absholutely... Thish Will Work!Howling Fjord7168
All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!Howling Fjord7268
Alpha WorgHowling Fjord7169
Alpha WorgHowling Fjord7169
Ambushed!Howling Fjord7168
And Then There Were Two...Howling Fjord7068
And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad!Howling Fjord7169
And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad!Howling Fjord7169
Anguish of NifflevarHowling Fjord7168
Apply Heat and StirHowling Fjord7168
Arming KamaguaHowling Fjord7169 
Avenge IskaalHowling Fjord7169 
Baleheim BodycountHowling Fjord7168
Baleheim Must Burn!Howling Fjord7168
Brains! Brains! Brains!Howling Fjord7169
Break the BlockadeHowling Fjord7168
Bring Down Those ShieldsHowling Fjord7169
Bring Down Those ShieldsHowling Fjord7169
Brother BetrayersHowling Fjord7169
Brother BetrayersHowling Fjord7169
Burn Skorn, Burn!Howling Fjord7168
Burn Skorn, Burn!Howling Fjord7168
Camp WinterhoofHowling Fjord7068
Daggercap Divin'Howling Fjord7168
Danger! Explosives!Howling Fjord7168
Dead Man's DebtHowling Fjord7169 
Dealing With GjalerbronHowling Fjord7168
Dealing With GjalerbronHowling Fjord7168
Demolishing MegalithHowling Fjord7269
Demolishing MegalithHowling Fjord7269
DEPRECATEDHowling Fjord7169 
Down to the WireHowling Fjord7169
Draconis GastritisHowling Fjord7168
Dragonflayer Battle PlansHowling Fjord7068
Drop It then Rock It!Howling Fjord7168
Everything Must Be ReadyHowling Fjord7068
Eyes of the EagleHowling Fjord7169
Eyes of the EagleHowling Fjord7169
Falcon Versus HawkHowling Fjord7168
Feeding the SurvivorsHowling Fjord7169 
Field TestHowling Fjord7168
Find Sage MistwalkerHowling Fjord7169
Forgotten TreasureHowling Fjord7169 
Fresh LegsHowling Fjord7168
Gambling DebtHowling Fjord7169 
Gjalerbron Attack PlansHowling Fjord7268
Gjalerbron Attack PlansHowling Fjord7268
Green Eggs and WhelpsHowling Fjord7168
Gruesome, But NecessaryHowling Fjord7168
Gruesome, But NecessaryHowling Fjord7168
Guide Our SightsHowling Fjord7168
Guided by HonorHowling Fjord7168
Harpoon Master YavusHowling Fjord7168
Hasty PreparationsHowling Fjord7169
Hell Has Frozen Over...Howling Fjord7068
I'll Try Anything!Howling Fjord7069
I've Got a Flying Machine!Howling Fjord7169
If Valgarde Falls...Howling Fjord7068
In Service to the LightHowling Fjord7168
In Worg's ClothingHowling Fjord7169
In Worg's ClothingHowling Fjord7169
Into the World of SpiritsHowling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting DataHowling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket JumpingHowling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: The BluffHowling Fjord7168
It Goes to 11...Howling Fjord7168
It's a Scourge DeviceHowling Fjord7169
It's a Scourge DeviceHowling Fjord7169
Jack Likes His DrinkHowling Fjord7169 
Keeper WitherleafHowling Fjord7169 
Keeping Watch on the InterlopersHowling Fjord7169
Landing the Killing BlowHowling Fjord7168
Leader of the DerangedHowling Fjord7168
Let Them Eat CrowHowling Fjord7168
Let's Go Surfing NowHowling Fjord7168
Lightning Infused RelicsHowling Fjord7168
Locating the MechanismHowling Fjord7168
Mage-Lieutenant MalisterHowling Fjord7168
Making the HornHowling Fjord7169
March of the GiantsHowling Fjord7269
March of the GiantsHowling Fjord7269
Mastering the RunesHowling Fjord7169
Mastering the RunesHowling Fjord7169
Meet Lieutenant Icehammer...Howling Fjord7168
Meet Number TwoHowling Fjord7169 
Mimicking Nature's CallHowling Fjord7169
Mission: Eternal FlameHowling Fjord7168
Mission: Forsaken IntelHowling Fjord7168
Mission: Package RetrievalHowling Fjord7168
Mission: Plague This!Howling Fjord7168
My DaughterHowling Fjord7169
Necro Overlord MezhenHowling Fjord7268
Necro Overlord MezhenHowling Fjord7268
New AgamandHowling Fjord7168
News From the EastHowling Fjord7168
Of Keys and CagesHowling Fjord7168
Of Keys and CagesHowling Fjord7168
One Last TimeHowling Fjord7270
One Size Does Not Fit AllHowling Fjord7168
Operation: Skornful WrathHowling Fjord7168
Out of My Element?Howling Fjord7068
Outpost Over Yonder...Howling Fjord7168
Parts for the JobHowling Fjord7168
Preying Upon the WeakHowling Fjord7069
Prisoners of WyrmskullHowling Fjord7068
Problems on the High BluffHowling Fjord7168
Report to AnselmHowling Fjord7168
Report to Scout KnowlesHowling Fjord7168
Reports from the FieldHowling Fjord7168
Rescuing the RescuersHowling Fjord7068
Return to ValgardeHowling Fjord7168
Rivenwood CaptivesHowling Fjord7270
Root CausesHowling Fjord7168 
Scare the Guano Out of Them!Howling Fjord7169
See to the OperationsHowling Fjord7169
Seeds of the Blacksouled KeepersHowling Fjord7169 
Send Them PackingHowling Fjord7168
Shield HillHowling Fjord7168
Shoveltusk Soup Again?Howling Fjord7168
Skorn Must Fall!Howling Fjord7168
Sleeping GiantsHowling Fjord7168
Sleeping GiantsHowling Fjord7168
Sniff Out the EnemyHowling Fjord7168
Spawn of the Twisted GladeHowling Fjord7169 
Spiking the MixHowling Fjord7168
Spirits of the IceHowling Fjord7169 
Steel Gate PatrolHowling Fjord7169
Stop the Ascension!Howling Fjord7268
Stop the Ascension!Howling Fjord7268
Stunning Defeat at the RingHowling Fjord7168
Suppressing the ElementsHowling Fjord7169
Swabbin' SoapHowling Fjord7169 
Test at SeaHowling Fjord7168
The AmbushHowling Fjord7168
The Artifacts of Steel GateHowling Fjord7169
The Book of RunesHowling Fjord7169
The Book of RunesHowling Fjord7169
The CleansingHowling Fjord7169
The CleansingHowling Fjord7169
The Clutches of EvilHowling Fjord7168
The Conqueror of Skorn!Howling Fjord7268
The Dead Rise!Howling Fjord7168 
The Delicate Sound of ThunderHowling Fjord7168
The Depths of DepravityHowling Fjord7168
The Dragonskin MapHowling Fjord7168
The Echo of YmironHowling Fjord7168
The Enemy's LegacyHowling Fjord7170
The Enigmatic Frost NymphsHowling Fjord7068
The Explorers' League OutpostHowling Fjord7168
The Fallen SistersHowling Fjord7169 
The Fragrance of MoneyHowling Fjord7169 
The Frost Wyrm and its MasterHowling Fjord7268
The Frost Wyrm and its MasterHowling Fjord7268
The Frozen GladeHowling Fjord7169
The Human LeagueHowling Fjord7068
The Jig is UpHowling Fjord7169 
The LodestoneHowling Fjord7269
The LodestoneHowling Fjord7269
The New PlagueHowling Fjord7168
The Offensive BeginsHowling Fjord7168
The One That Got AwayHowling Fjord7168
The Path to PaybackHowling Fjord7168
The Ransacked CaravanHowling Fjord7168
The Ring of JudgmentHowling Fjord7168
The Rune of CommandHowling Fjord7169
The Rune of CommandHowling Fjord7169
The Shining LightHowling Fjord7168
The Slumbering KingHowling Fjord7268
The Slumbering KingHowling Fjord7268
The Walking DeadHowling Fjord7168
The Way to His Heart...Howling Fjord 69 
The Windrunner FleetHowling Fjord7168
The Yeti Next DoorHowling Fjord7168
There Exists No Honor Among BirdsHowling Fjord7168
Time for CleanupHowling Fjord7168
To Westguard Keep!Howling Fjord7068
Tools to Get the Job DoneHowling Fjord7168
Towers of Certain DoomHowling Fjord7168
Towers of Certain DoomHowling Fjord7168
Trail of FireHowling Fjord7168
Trident of the SonHowling Fjord7169 
Trust is EarnedHowling Fjord7168
Two Wrongs...Howling Fjord7168
War is HellHowling Fjord7168
Warning: Some Assembly RequiredHowling Fjord7168
We Call Him SteelfeatherHowling Fjord7068
We Can Rebuild ItHowling Fjord7168
We Have the TechnologyHowling Fjord7168
What's in That Brew?Howling Fjord7169
Where is Explorer Jaren?Howling Fjord7169
Wild VinesHowling Fjord7169 
You Tell Him ...Hic!Howling Fjord7168
Zedd's Probably DeadHowling Fjord7068
Zeh'gehn SezHowling Fjord7169 
[Temporarily Deprecated Awaiting a New Mob]Finlay Is GutlessHowling Fjord7168