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Cruel's Intentions

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- [Outland] [Hellfire Peninsula] Cruel's Intentions

Kill Arazzius the Cruel, then return to Nazgrel in Thrallmar.
  » Arazzius the Cruel slain

Magister Bloodhawk finally deciphered the Legion missive you found earlier. It turned out to be attack plans sent by one of Highlord Kazzak's lieutenants - Arazzius the Cruel. Apparently, Arazzius commands the Legion ground forces in Hellfire. The time has come to terminate his command, <name>. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Head west to the Pools of Aggonar and put an end to this so-called 'Legion lord'. Today, the Horde reclaims Hellfire Peninsula. Let the Legion be damned.

Destiny calls, <name>. Arazzius the Cruel has eluded justice long enough. Let his death be a message to all those who would oppose the Horde. You are next.

For generations to come, they will sing songs of this day, <name> - songs of your valor. I wish Thrall had been here to celebrate this victory with us. The Legion is undone - and Hellfire now belongs to the Horde once again! There may yet be hope for this ravaged world - and our peoples' place within it.

Lok'tar ogar!

- Items you can choose:

- Reputations:
  » +500 reputation with Thrallmar
- Money: 8 70
- Money at max level: 7

Quick Facts
  • Required level: 58
  • Faction: Horde
  • Races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Horde, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren
  • Zone: Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shareable
  • Added in 3.3.0
  • Completed by: 0 players @ Felsong
Quest chain:
#QuestStarts atEnds at
1. Mission: Be the Messenger??
2. Cruel's IntentionsNazgrel (Advisor to Thrall)Nazgrel (Advisor to Thrall)

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