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MoP => Legion char data transfer
After long discussions and requests from our community, we have decided to create a poll regarding transfering some of your character data from MoP to Legion. Although new players will probably not vote, we still want to see the results

You (or someone else from your IP address) voted:
  • I want a fresh new realm where everyone starts from scratch and I don't want the staff to waste time with transfers and the problems that will appear because of them and instead use that time to do fixes
        Results: 44.4% (5694 out of 12829 players voted for this option)

  • I want to have my mounts, battle pets and achievements transfered, and everything else should be from scratch
    - No level, no quests, no items, no professions, etc.
    - There's a chance not all mounts/pets/achievements will be transfered, but most of them will
    - For achievements only completed achievements will be transfered, ignoring those not fully completed yet. VERY IMPORTANT: you will be able to transfer achievements ONLY IF YOUR LEGION CHARACTER HAS THE SAME NAME AND RACE & CLASS LIKE THE MOP CHARACTER !
    - Transfers will not be immediate, but 1 month after from the launch date

        Results: 55.6% (7135 out of 12829 players voted for this option)

Please login if you want to vote