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Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker <Mission Specialist>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 98 - 110
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 6,603,752
  • Mana: 266,554
  • React: A H
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Quest giver
  • Added in 7.0.3

  • Screenshot

Eastern Plaguelands (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Starts (18)Ends (81)Objective of (1)Outfit (23)Same model (5)
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QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
A Light in the DarknessPaladin Campaign 110 
A Sound PlanPaladin Campaign 98 
Black Rook Hold: Lord RavencrestPaladin Campaign 110 
Blood of SargerasPaladin Campaign 110 
Dark StormsPaladin Campaign 101 
Defenders of the WorldPaladin Campaign 110 
LumenstonePaladin Campaign 110 
Preparations UnderwayPaladin Campaign110110 
Recruiting the TroopsPaladin Campaign 101 
Rise, ChampionsPaladin Campaign 101 
Stirring in the ShadowsPaladin Campaign110110 
Tech It Up a NotchPaladin Campaign 101 
The Hammer of DalaranPaladin Campaign110110 
To FaronaarPaladin Campaign 103 
To Felblaze IngressPaladin Campaign 110 
United As OnePaladin Campaign 110 
Volpin the ElusiveSuramar 110 
Wrath and JusticePaladin Campaign 101