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Galakras <The Last Brood of Galakrond>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 93
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 12,148,236
  • Armor: 583 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 1.2k - 1.7k
  • Type: Dragonkin
  • Drops: ~50
  • Vehicle
  • Added in 5.4.0

  • Screenshot

Immunities: Charm

Siege of Orgrimmar (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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Players assault fortified towers as waves of Kor'kron troops rush forth to repel them, and Warlord Zaela circles overhead on her fearsome proto-drake, Galakras. Meanwhile, allied demolitionists work to breach the doors to the nearby guard towers, allowing a strike team to enter the tower and capture it. Once both towers have been captured, the anti-air guns atop each may be used to bring Galakras down to the ground for a final battle.
  Damage Dealers -
  • Quickly destroy Healing Tide Totems and War Banners.
  • Interrupt Tidal Shamans' Chain Heal.
  • If targeted by Galakras's Flames of Galakrond, lead it through your allies to diminish its potency.
  •   Healers -
  • When Korgra the Snake reaches 50% health remaining, her Venom Bolt Volley will deal heavy raidwide damage.
  • If targeted by Galakras's Flames of Galakrond, lead it through your allies to diminish its potency.
  •   Tanks -
  • Interrupt Tidal Shamans' Chain Heal.
  • When a tower is breached, one tank must lead a small group of players to clear out remaining Kor'kron.

  • Stage One: Bring Her Down!

    Warlord Zaela sends her finest Dragonmaw soldiers to battle. Two guardians keep watch over the Towers above, protecting the Anti-Air turrets. Defeating these guardians will give players access to the Anti-Air turrets. Two well-timed Anti-Air turret shots will send Galakras spiraling towards the ground.
     Ranking Officials
      Master Cannoneer Dagryn
        Shoot - Dagryn shoots at random players nearby, inflicting heavy damage.
        Muzzle Spray - Dagryn unleashes a muzzle flare, inflicting 97499 Physical damage multiple times per second, and knocking players back with each hit.
      Lieutenant General Krugruk
        Thunder Clap - With a mighty stomp Krugruk shatters the ground, slowing nearby players' movement speed. This effect stacks.
        Arcing Smash - Krugruk rears back his mighty spear, inflicting 341249 Physical damage to players in a frontal cone and knocking them back.
      High Enforcer Thranok
        Shattering Cleave - With a mighty swing, Thranok inflicts 250% normal damage to his primary target and additional nearby targets.
        Crusher's Call - High Enforcer Thranok lashes out with chains, hooking 5 random players within 45 yards and pulls them to his feet. $[!4, 6, 7 In 25 player mode, High Enforcer Thranok hooks 10 random players.$] Afterwards, Thranok rears back to execute his savage attack, Skull Cracker, that inflicts 36659 Physical damage to all players within 10 yards.
      Korgra the Snake
        Poison-Tipped Blades - Korgra's poison-tipped dagger inflicts 1169 Nature damage every 1 sec. to her primary target. This effect stacks.
        Poison Cloud - Korgra shatters a vial of poison, causing a smoky poison cloud to coalesce at her feet. This poison cloud inflicts 8774 Nature damage every 1 second to players standing within.
        Curse of Venom - When her health falls low, Korgra's Curse of Venom takes effect. She will take the form of a snake, casting a deadly poison bolt volley until she is defeated.
       Dragonmaw Ebon Stalker - Upon Korgra's command, these stealthed units will emerge from the shadows behind a random target, stabbing wildly. Any victims standing within range of the blows will suffer critical Physical damage.
     Foot Soldiers
       Dragonmaw Bonecrusher - These deadly warriors will charge to a distant faction leader, stunning them. While stunned, they will perform a barrage of deadly attacks to the victim.
        Fracture - The Dragonmaw Bonecrusher charges to a distant Faction Leader, stunning them and inflicting 10% of the leader's health every $t1 sec.
       Dragonmaw Tidal Shaman - The Dragonmaw Tidal shaman will cast healing spells on their allies, and summon violent Tidal waves to damage their enemies.
        Healing Tide Totem - The Dragonmaw Tidal Shaman summons a totem at the Shaman's feet that heals nearby allies for 10% of their total health every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
      Dragonmaw Flameslinger - These deadly archers shoot fire-tipped arrows at random players. The effect inflicts Fire damage on impact, and then burns the ground and any players standing within.
      Dragonmaw Grunt - Dragonmaw Grunts wade into battle, crushing their enemies with devastating blows. They will also hurl a mighty axe at distant enemies.
      Dragonmaw Wind Reaver - On the wings of their proto-drakes, Dragonmaw Wind Reavers hurl axes at random players, inflicting Physical damage. They will also net random players, rooting them in place.
      Dragonmaw Proto-Drake - Dragonmaw Proto-Drakes channel a frontal cone of flame on their enemies.
      Dragonmaw Flagbearer - Dragonmaw Flagbearers inspire those around them, dropping a banner that increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 30%. It also increases damage dealt by 30% for all friendly targets within 15 yards for 2 minutes.
      Kor'kron Demolisher - Warlord Zaela turns her siege weapons against her own towers, bombarding those inside. Bombard inflicts 243749 Physical damage and knocks down players inside the bombarded tower.
      Lady Sylvanas Windrunner - Lady Sylvanas fires with precision at her enemies, occasionally awakening the dead to do her bidding.
       Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
        Flamestrike - Aethas calls down a flamestrike that lasts 20 seconds., inflicting 189999 Fire damage every 2 sec. to all enemies in a selected area.
      Lor'themar Theron - Lor'themar fights with fervor charging enemies with his blade, the Great Sword of the Sin'dorei, and picking off stragglers with his enchanted bow.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Demolition Crew - The Demolition crew will attempt to breach the doors barring the Anti-Air towers. If they are not protected, then the door breaching progress will be interrupted.

    Stage Two: Galakras, The Last of His Progeny
      Flames of Galakrond - Galakras spews the raw Flames of Galakrond at a random player. Each player through which it passes will suffer 30000 Fire damage every 1 second. However, each player it passes through will decrease the severity of the flames, reducing the damage it deals to subsequent players. When the ball of flame reaches its final destination it will erupt, inflicting 584999 Fire damage to all players. This damage is also reduced in severity for each player that diminishes the Flame.
      Pulsing Flames - Galakras erupts with molten fury, inflicting 29249 Fire damage to all players. Each pulse increases Galakras' Fire damage dealt by 3%.