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REALM: Genesis

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Sha of Pride (25h)
Quick Facts
  • Level: ??
  • Classification: Boss
  • Health: 1,850,385,332
  • Armor: 23k (-35% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 900k - 950k
  • Type: Elemental
  • Vehicle
  • Binds instance
  • Personal Loot (LFR/Flex)
  • Personal Loot CD
  • Bonus Roll
  • Bonus Roll CD
  • Ignore Bonus Roll CD (LFR/Flex)
  • Added in 5.4.0

  • Screenshot

NPC has more difficulty entries: 10n, 25n, 10h, 25h

Immunities: Default boss immunities
Siege of Orgrimmar

Vale of Eternal Sorrows
Fallen Protectors
Sha of Pride

Gates of Retribution
Iron Juggernaut
Kor'kron Dark Shaman
General Nazgrim

The Underhold
Spoils of Pandaria
Thok the Bloodthirsty

Siegecrafter Blackfuse
Paragons of the Klaxxi
Garrosh Hellscream

Siege of Orgrimmar (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Dungeon Journal (1)Texts (6)Same model (3)Criteria of (10)
Players start the encounter with 0 points of Pride. Whenever hit by an ability from the Sha of Pride or one of its minions, players gain 5 Pride. As a player's Pride increases to 25, 50, 75 and 100, Swelling Pride will inflict additional effects on that player.
Gift of the Titans
Norushen periodically grants players immunity to Pride for 20 seconds. In addition, if all players with Gift of the Titans stand within 8 yards of each other, they gain Power of the Titans.
  Power of the Titans - If all players with Gift of the Titans stand within 8 yards of each other, they gain Power of the Titans for 15 seconds. Power of the Titans increases haste and all damage and healing done by 15%.
Swelling Pride
When the Sha of Pride reaches 100 energy, it releases a wave of dark energy, inflicting 350000 Shadow damage to all players, giving them 5 Pride. In addition, Swelling Pride will trigger a secondary effect on any player with 25 or more Pride.
  Bursting Pride - When Swelling Pride hits a player that has 25 to 49 Pride, it creates a mass of Sha corruption at their location. After 3 seconds, the corruption explodes, inflicting 300000 Shadow damage to all players within 4 yards. Any player damaged by this explosion gains 5 Pride.
  Projection - When Swelling Pride hits a player that has 50 to 74 Pride, a projection forms 15 yards from their current location. Projections explode after 6 seconds, inflicting 225000 Shadow damage to all players, unless the projection's creator is standing within it. Any player damaged by a projection's explosion gains 5 Pride.
  Aura of Pride - When Swelling Pride hits a player that has 75 to 99 Pride, it afflicts them with Aura of Pride for 25 seconds. This effect causes the player to inflict 250000 Shadow damage to allies within 4.5 yards every 1 sec. Any player damaged by Aura of Pride gains 5 Pride.
  Overcome - When players reach 100 Pride, they are Overcome, increasing their damage and healing done by 50%. Players hit by Swelling Pride while Overcome are permanently mind controlled and have their health increased by 100%.
Mark of Arrogance - The Sha of Pride marks 2 players, inflicting 70000 Shadow damage every 0 sec, for the remainder of the encounter. This effect stacks. This effect is only removed by single target dispels and gives the dispeller 5 Pride when removed.
In 25-player mode, the Sha of Pride marks 5 players.
Wounded Pride - The Sha of Pride wounds his current target for 15 seconds. Wounded players gain 5 Pride whenever they suffer melee damage from the Sha of Pride.
Manifestation of Pride
The Sha of Pride periodically summons Manifestations of Pride to attack players.
  Mocking Blast - Manifestations of Pride blast a random player, inflicting 225000 Shadow damage, giving them 5 Pride.
  Last Word - When a Manifestation of Pride dies, it gives 5 Pride to the 2 closest players.
Self-Reflection - The Sha of Pride causes up to 5 players to reflect on their actions, creating a Reflection of Pride at their location. With each tick of Self-Reflection, the Sha focuses on players with higher levels of Pride, only targeting those with 25, 50, and then 75 Pride.
 Reflection - Reflections explode out of the ground at a player's location after 2 sec, inflicting 250000 Shadow damage to all players within 2 yards. Any player damaged by this explosion gains 5 Pride.
Corrupted Prison - The Sha of Pride activates 2 titan prisons, trapping a player inside each. As the prison activates, it releases a burst of Sha energy that inflicts 250000 Shadow damage to all players within 10 yards, knocking them back and giving them 5 Pride. Imprisoned players are stunned, suffer 80000 Shadow damage, and gain 5 Pride every second while they remain imprisoned. Players remain stunned until all titan locks surrounding the prison have been activated. Titan locks are activated by having a player stand within the lock's rune and remain there until the prison is deactivated.
In 25-player mode, the Sha of Pride activates 4 prisons.
Banishment - The Sha of Pride banishes a random player to the corrupted Sha Realm. Banished players leave behind a physical form of their pride and remain banished until it is destroyed. Players within the Sha realm move 50% faster and are compelled to continually run forward, unable to stop. Additionally, coming into contact with corruption within the Sha realm inflicts 350000 Shadow damage every second. Any player damaged by the Sha realm gains 5 Pride.
In 25-player mode, the Sha of Pride banishes 3 players with each cast.
  Orb of Light - Orbs of Light form within the corrupted Sha realm that heal players for 50% of the maximum health and weaken their corrupt image left behind in the corporeal world. Each orb increases the physical form's damage taken by 25%. This effect stacks.
  Ethereal Corruption - Ethereal Corruption lurks within the corrupted Sha realm, instantly killing any player it comes into contact with.
Unstable Corruption - The Sha's energy tears open Rifts of Corruption every 8 sec. Each rift launches a bolt of corruption at a random player's location every 5 sec. Players struck by the bolts suffer 350000 Shadow damage and gain 5 Pride. Players can close the rifts, causing them to explode, inflicting 250000 Shadow damage to all players within 8 yards. Closing a rift afflicts players with Weakened Resolve, preventing them from closing another rift for 1 minute.
Reaching Attack - The Sha of Pride strikes at a distant target, inflicting 50% of weapon damage as Shadow and increasing Shadow damage taken by 25% for 8 seconds. The Sha uses this ability when no targets are in melee range.
Unleashed - When the Sha of Pride reaches 30% health remaining, it becomes Unleashed. With its unleashed power, the Sha focuses on Norushen, instantly killing him. The remaining power of the unleashed Sha inflicts 245000 Shadow damage every 10 seconds for the remainder of the encounter. Players gain 5 Pride each time they are damaged by Unleashed.
  Final Gift
As Norushen dies, he purifies all players, reducing their Pride to zero.

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