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Siegecrafter Blackfuse <Blackfuse Company>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 93
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 26,067,288
  • Armor: 583 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 774 - 1.2k
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Drops: ~69 73
  • Vehicle
  • Added in 5.4.0

  • Screenshot


Siege of Orgrimmar (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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The fight against Blackfuse unfolds amidst a weapons manufacturing assembly line. Each time the conveyor belts activate, three disassembled weapons of various types roll out, and players may access the assembly line by jumping into nearby pipes, to destroy one of the three. The remaining two will be activated and assault the raid until they slide out of view.
  Damage Dealers -
  • Take turns going onto the Assembly Line to destroy one Disassembled Weapon per wave.
  • Automated Shredders' Reactive Armor makes normal attacks ineffective against them.
  • Destroy Crawler Mines before they can reach their targets.
  •   Healers -
  • When an Electromagnet activates, Magnetic Crush deals sustained raidwide damage.
  • Automated Shredders deal increasing amounts of raidwide damage with Overload the longer they are alive.
  •   Tanks -
  • Blackfuse heals any nearby Automated Shredders with his Automatic Repair Beam.
  • As you gain applications of Blackfuse's Electrostatic Charge, you can more effectively damage Automatic Shredders through their Reactive Armor.
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse
      Launch Sawblade - Siegecrafter Blackfuse launches a magnetized sawblade at a random player. The sawblade will hover in place until it is removed by an Activated Electromagnet.
       Serrated Slash - Sawblades inflict 416249 Physical damage to any players or Automated Shredders with which they come into contact, knocking back any affected players.
      Protective Frenzy - When one of his creations is destroyed, Siegecrafter Blackfuse enters a frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 100% for 10 seconds.
      Electrostatic Charge - Siegecrafter Blackfuse charges his target with static electricity, inflicting 250000 Nature damage. Electrostatic Charge also leaves a lingering effect increasing the damage taken from Electrostatic Charge by 100% increasing damage dealt to targets with Reactive Armor by 200%. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
     [NO DIFFICULTY] Automatic Repair Beam - Siegecrafter Blackfuse's suit is fitted with an Automatic Repair Beam, which will detect any damaged Automated Shredders within 35 yards, and heal them for 5% of their maximum health every 3 sec.
     [NO DIFFICULTY] Overcharge - When activated weapons arrive on the assembly line, Siegecrafter Blackfuse will Overcharge one of them, increasing its power and effectiveness.
     [NO DIFFICULTY] Energized Defensive Matrix
    If three weapons make it through the Assembly Line and into Blackfuse's assembly machine, the machine will become overcharged and use the excess energy to power the defensive systems on Blackfuse's suit, granting him -90% reduced damage for 20 seconds.
    Automated Shredders
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse will periodically call in Automated Shredders to join the fight.
      Reactive Armor - Automated Shredders have been retrofitted with Reactive Armor, reducing damage taken by -80%. Automated Shredders can also be damaged by Serrated Slash, Shockwave Missile, Detonate! and Superheated.
      Death from Above - The Automated Shredder propels itself into the air and then slams back into the ground, dealing 439374 damage to players within 15 yards of the point of impact. After landing, the Shredder is stunned and takes 200% additional damage for 5 seconds.
      Overload - The Automated Shredder will periodically cast Overload, dealing 200000 damage to raid members not currently on the conveyor belt, and increasing its damage dealt by 30%.

    The Assembly Line

    Periodically, Siegecrafter Blackfuse will initiate fabrication of a set of weapons on the assembly line in his workshop. Disassembled weapons are brought in via conveyor belts along the northwest side of his room. They then pass through an assembly machine on the northeast wall of his room. Finally, they emerge completed on conveyor belts along the southeast wall of his room, where they attack players. Players can use Transport Pipes to reach the conveyor belt along the northwest side of his room, where they can attack and destroy the disassembled weapons. After players destroy a weapon, the remaining weapons become shielded and cannot be damaged.

    Transport Pipes

    Transport Pipes line the western edge of Siegecrafter Blackfuse's workshop. Players can jump into these pipes to reach the conveyor belt along the northwest side of the workshop.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Pattern Recognition - After using the transport pipes to reach the conveyor belt, the assembly line recognizes a player's biological signature and will reject further attempts to use them for 1 minute.
       Matter Purification Beam - Matter Purification Beams line the platform, inflicting 475000 Fire damage to any players that come into contact with them.
     Shockwave Missile Turret
       Shockwave Missile - The Shockwave Missile turret launches a drill-tipped Shockwave Missile into the ground, sending a barrage of drills that ripple out from the impact location and create rings of seismic energy. Each ring of seismic energy inflicts 416249 Nature damage to all players caught within it.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Overcharged Missile Turret - When Overcharged, the Shockwave Missile Turret will fire Shockwave Missiles which persist and continuously barrage the platform with drills and seismic energy until destroyed by players.
      Laser Turret
       Superheated - The ground hit by a Laser Turret's beam burns any players or Automated Shredders who step on it, inflicting 34500 Fire damage each second for 7 seconds. This effect stacks every second that a player or Automated Shredder remains on Superheated ground, and can stack up to 20 times.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Overcharged Laser Turret - When Overcharged, Siegecrafter Blackfuse's laser turrets will fire a split beam, creating three concentric arcs of Superheated ground.
       Magnetic Crush - When activated, the electromagnet will begin to magnetically crush all players on the platform, inflicting 30000 Physical damage each second and pulling them towards the electromagnet. The force of the electromagnet will also pull all sawblades on the platform towards it and off the platform, causing them to damage any players or Automated Shredders in the path of the blades.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Overcharged Electromagnet - When Overcharged, the Electromagnet will periodically reverse polarities, pushing both players and sawblades in and out from the magnet.
     Crawler Mine
    Assembled Crawler Mines leap down from the conveyor belt, fixating on a random player.
       Detonate! - When a Crawler Mine reaches its target it will self-destruct, inflicting 208124 Fire damage to players within 300 yards and knocking them into the air.
       Break-in Period - Crawler mines are vulnerable to roots, snares and stuns for 1 minute after joining the battle.
       Ready to Go! - After their Break-in Period expires, Crawler Mines lose their vulnerability to stuns, roots and snares, and their speed increases.
      [NO DIFFICULTY] Overcharged Crawler Mines - When Overcharged, Crawler Mines activate a construction matrix within their machinery. This construction matrix enables them to create two new Crawler Mines when they are destroyed.