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REALM: Genesis

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Iron Juggernaut
Quick Facts
  • Level: ??
  • Classification: Boss
  • Health: 451,401,795
  • Armor: 23k (-35% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 525k - 575k
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Drops: ~157 48 1
  • Vehicle
  • Racial leader
  • Binds instance
  • Personal Loot (LFR/Flex)
  • Personal Loot CD
  • Bonus Roll
  • Bonus Roll CD
  • Ignore Bonus Roll CD (LFR/Flex)
  • Added in 5.4.0

  • Screenshot

NPC has more difficulty entries: 10n, 25n, 10h, 25h

Immunities: Default boss immunities
Siege of Orgrimmar

Vale of Eternal Sorrows
Fallen Protectors
Sha of Pride

Gates of Retribution
Iron Juggernaut
Kor'kron Dark Shaman
General Nazgrim

The Underhold
Spoils of Pandaria
Thok the Bloodthirsty

Siegecrafter Blackfuse
Paragons of the Klaxxi
Garrosh Hellscream

Siege of Orgrimmar (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Loot (22)Dungeon Journal (1)Texts (3)Same model (3)Vehicle passengers (5)
See also (1)Criteria of (10)

Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal

Minelayer's Padded Boots
553Feet (Mail)19.09%

Tar-Coated Gauntlets
553Hands (Plate)19.09%

Wall-Borer Bracers
553Wrists (Plate)19.09%

Earthripper Gloves
553Hands (Cloth)19.09%

Castlebreaker Bracers
553Wrists (Leather)19.09%

Borer Drill Boots
553Feet (Plate)19.09%

Laser-Slice Signet

Precision Cutters
553Hands (Mail)19.09%

Demolisher's Reinforced Belt
553Waist (Plate)19.09%

Bracers of the Broken Fault
553Wrists (Cloth)19.09%

Treads of Autonomic Motion
553Feet (Mail)19.09%

Cavemaker Wristguards
553Wrists (Mail)19.09%

Belt of Ominous Trembles
553Waist (Cloth)19.09%

Seismic Bore

Laser Burn Bracers
553Wrists (Leather)19.09%

Ricocheting Shoulderguards
553Shoulders (Leather)19.09%

Earthbreaker's Steaming Chestplate
553Chest (Plate)19.09%

Juggernaut's Ignition Keys

Juggernaut's Power Core

Leggings of Furious Flame
553Legs (Cloth)19.09%

Shock Pulse Robes

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