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Quick Facts
  • Level: 90
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 3,450,600
  • Armor: 402 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 1.4k - 2.1k
  • Type: Beast
  • Drops: ~2
  • Binds instance
  • Added in 5.2.0

  • Screenshot

Immunities: Default boss immunities

Throne of Thunder (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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Ji-Kun's Flock
Ji-Kun's young are located throughout the roost and progress through different stages of life. After a period of incubation Young Eggs of Ji-Kun will hatch into Hatchlings. When fed by Ji-Kun, the Hatchlings then mature into Fledglings. Both Fledgling Eggs and Mature Eggs will hatch into Juveniles.
 Young Egg of Ji-Kun - Eggs in the lower nests located around Ji-Kun's roost will periodically hatch. Once the egg hatches, a Hatchling will emerge.
  Hatchlings - Hatchlings will call for Ji-Kun to feed them shortly after spawning. If a Hatchling senses food nearby, it will attempt to feed. If a Hatchling successfully feeds, it will mature into a Fledgling.
    Cheep - The Hatchling yells with all their might at their current target, inflicting 5399 Physical damage.
  Fledglings - Fledglings attack random players and can spawn incubated eggs.
    Lay Egg - Fledglings will lay eggs that are already incubated. When these eggs hatch they spawn a Juvenile.
    Cheep - The Fledgling yells with all their might at a random target, inflicting 16199 Physical damage.
 Mature Egg of Ji-Kun - Mature Eggs of Ji-Kun take longer to incubate and spawn a Juvenile when the incubation process is complete.
   Juvenile - Juveniles quickly take to the air and fly over the main platform of Ji-Kun. Juveniles periodically cast Cheep at a random target for as long as they're alive.
  Nest Guardians - On Heroic difficulty, some of Ji-Kun's nest are defended by Nest Guardians, which will attack any players attempting to disturb their nest.
   Talon Strike - The Nest Guardian strikes with both its talons, inflicting Physical damage to all enemies in a 180 degree arc.
   Screech - If not actively engaged in melee combat Nest Guardians will Screech, inflicting 16199 Physical damage and interrupting the current spellcast of all players. Mana-using players will have their casting speed reduced by -30% until they successfully cast their next spell.
Infected Talons - Whenever Ji-Kun successfully strikes a player with a melee ability the victim suffers 3600 Nature damage every 3 seconds for 10 seconds. This effect stacks.
Feed Young - Ji-Kun spits up globs of food for her young. If a Hatchling has called out for food, Ji-Kun will aim this ability in their direction; otherwise the food will land at random locations around Ji-Kun's platform. When the food lands on the ground, it forms a Feed Pool. While a glob of food is traveling through the air, players with Flight can intercept it to prevent a Feed Pool from forming. Doing so afflicts the player with Slimed, but also grants Primal Nutriment.
  Slimed - After intercepting Ji-Kun's food globules the player suffers 6000 Nature damage every 5 seconds for 15 seconds. This effect increases the damage of the next Slimed by 10% when it expires. The increased damage effect stacks.
  Feed Pool - Feed Pools that form on the main platform will inflict 12000 Nature damage to all players within them each second. If a player stands in a Feed Pool for 3 seconds they will absorb the Feed Pool and become Slimed.
  Primal Nutriment - Successfully catching one of Ji-Kun's food globules mid-air increases the player's damage by 100% and healing by 30% for 30 seconds. Primal Nutriment increases damage and healing by an additional 10% each time it is applied, up to a maximum of 200%.
Talon Rake - Ji-Kun uses her talons to pierce through the armor of her current target. Talon Rake inflicts 175% weapon damage as Physical damage and increases the damage received by the victim from future Talon Rakes by 50% for 1 minute.
Quills - Ji-Kun sends her quills about the entire roost, inflicting 7604 Physical damage to all players every 1 sec for 8 seconds.
Down Draft - Ji-Kun flaps her wings violently, pushing all enemies on her platform outward. Down Draft persists for 8 seconds.
Caw - Ji-Kun cries out at 1 random player, sending piercing sound waves at their location. When the waves reach their destination they inflict 32399 Physical damage to all targets within 8 yards of the impact.
Daedalian Wings - When an egg or hatchling from the lower nests located around Ji-Kun's roost is slain it leaves behind a feather for players to loot. This feather grants the player Daedalian Wings. Daedalian Wings grants the player an extra action button that allows players to take flight for 10 seconds. $[!3,4 In Normal difficulty, feathers grant 4 charges of Daedalian Wings. Players can have up to 4 charges at any time.$] $[!5,6 In Heroic difficulty, feathers grant 3 charges of Daedalian Wings. Players can have up to 3 charges at any time.$]
  Flight - Players who have the Daedalian Wings buff can take flight for 10 seconds. $[!3,4,5,6 In the Normal and Heroic versions of the Ji-Kun encounter, using Flight consumes one charge of Daedalian Wings.$]
  Lesson of Icarus - After acquiring a feather, players must wait to acquire another. $[!3,4,5,6 In Normal and Heroic difficulties, players cannot gain further charges of Daedalian Wings for 1 minute.$] $[!7 In Raid Finder difficulty, players can pick up (and only need) one Feather of Ji-Kun.$]