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Lei Shen <The Thunder King>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 90
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 38,304,925
  • Armor: 402 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 463 - 695
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Drops: ~2
  • Added in 5.2.0

  • Screenshot


Throne of Thunder (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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Lightning Conduits
While Lei Shen is in range of a Lightning Conduit he powers it, granting him an additional ability specific to that Lightning Conduit. The energy level of the Conduit increases the longer Lei Shen charges it, increasing damage dealt by the granted ability. When the Conduit's power reaches 100 energy, it will increase the level of the Conduit, and the Conduit's power will reset to 0.
  North Conduit: Static Shock - Lei Shen charges the target with Static Shock. After 8 seconds, Static Shock inflicts 48000 Nature damage, divided among all players within 8 yards. As the level of the Static Shock Conduit increases, the number of targets Lei Shen afflicts with Static Shock will also increase. $[!3,4,5,6,7 Damage of Static Shock increases as the Power and Level of the North Conduit increases.$]
  East Conduit: Diffusion Chain - Lei Shen zaps a player, inflicting 6141 Nature damage. This attack chains to nearby enemies, inflicting increased damage to each successive target. Each time Diffusion Chain strikes an enemy, a Diffused Lightning spawns at that location. As the level of the Diffusion Chain Conduit increases, the spawned Diffused Lightning elementals grow more powerful. $[!3,4,5,6,7 Damage of Diffusion Chain increases as the Power and Level of the East Conduit increases.$]
  Diffused Lightning - Diffusion Chain creates a Diffused Lightning for every target it strikes. Diffused Lightning's attacks cause Chain Lightning. $[!5,6 In Heroic difficulty, the Diffused Lightning will fixate on the player that it spawned from.$]
  South Conduit: Overcharge - Lei Shen Overcharges a target player. The player becomes rooted and after 6 seconds causes Overcharge to burst, creating a torus of electric energy around the target that quickly expands to create a ring with a safe area in the center. This burst inflicts 8189 Nature damage, stunning affected targets for 3 seconds. As the level of the Overcharge Conduit increases, the number of targets Lei Shen afflicts with Overcharge also increases. $[!3,4,5,6,7 Damage of Overcharge increases as the Power and Level of the South Conduit increases.$]
  West Conduit: Bouncing Bolt - Lei Shen conjures Bouncing Bolts that target random locations on the ground. Each Bolt inflicts 8774 Nature damage split among players within 6 yards. If the Bouncing Bolt does not impact with a player, an Unharnessed Power forms, and the Bouncing Bolt bounces again. As the level of the Bouncing Bolt Conduit increases, the number of Bouncing Bolts that Lei Shen conjures also increases. $[!3,4,5,6,7 Damage of Bouncing Bolt increases as the Power and Level of the West Conduit increases.$]
  Unharnessed Power - Each time a Bouncing Bolt impacts the ground and is not absorbed by a player, an Unharnessed Power forms.

Stage One: Thunderstruck!

Lei Shen equips his Axe, Thunder, which he can throw with deadly accuracy and cause lightning to strike the ground wherever it lands. Lei Shen will charge any Conduit that he is near.
  Discharged Energy - If Lei Shen is not charging a Conduit, he will Discharge electricity, inflicting increasing Nature damage to all players every 0.5 sec.
  Decapitate - Lei Shen throws his axe with supernatural force, inflicting 360000 Physical damage and inflicting Decapitate, increasing Physical damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds. The damage inflicted decreases the farther away the target is from Lei Shen.
  Thunderstruck - Lei Shen winds up to hurl his axe at a target location, inflicting 116999 Nature damage to nearby enemies. The damage inflicted decreases the farther away an enemy is from the impact point.
  Crashing Thunder - Lei Shen calls down Thunder rapidly on targets every 1 sec causing a Lightning Crash. Crashing Thunder inflicts 8774 Nature damage every 1 sec for 45 seconds.

Intermission: Supercharge Conduits!

When he has 65% health remaining, Lei Shen casts Supercharge Conduits, becoming invulnerable and activating all four Conduits at once, supercharging them and increasing their level by one. Lei Shen can only maintain Supercharge Conduits for 45 seconds.
  Overloaded Circuits - The Conduit with the highest charge after Supercharge Conduits expires becomes Overloaded, disabling the Conduit. An Overloaded Conduit inflicts 2924 Nature damage every 1 sec to that quadrant of the room. $[!5,6 In Heroic difficulty, instead of the Overloaded Conduit becoming disabled, it remains active for the remainder of the fight, granting Lei Shen that ability.$]
  Helm of Command
Lei Shen forces the target off the platform by using his Helm of Command. Inflicts 8774 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 seconds.

Stage Two: Lightning Will End You!

Lei Shen equips his Polearm, Lightning, allowing him to call lightning from the sky. Lei Shen will charge any Conduit that he is near.
  Fusion Slash - Lei Shen slashes at the target with his polearm, inflicting 46799 Nature damage, knocking the target back and increasing damage taken from Fusion Slash by 100% for 1 minute.
  Summon Ball Lightning - Summon several Ball Lightning elementals at the feet of random targets, inflicting 4094 Nature damage to players within 6 yards of each elemental's creation.
  Ball Lightning - The Ball Lightning periodically rushes towards a random player, inflicting 14624 Nature damage to that target. $[!5,6 In Heroic difficulty, Ball Lightning inflicts damage to enemies within Ball Lightning yards.$]
  Lightning Whip - Lei Shen cracks a Lightning Whip across the floor, inflicting 70199 Nature damage to enemies in front of him, creating a Lightning Bolt on the ground.
   Lightning Bolt - Lightning Bolt inflicts 3000 Nature damage every 0.25 sec. Lightning Bolt can be avoided by jumping over it.

Stage Three: Master of Thunder and Lightning

Lei Shen equips both his Axe and Polearm, wielding Thunder and Lightning in unision against his enemies. Lei Shen casts Overwhelming Power and consumes all electricity from the Throne of Thunder, destroying any remaining functional Conduits, preventing their further activation.
  Overwhelming Power - Lei Shen absorbs all of the electrical power from the Throne of Thunder, destroying any remaining functional Conduits, preventing their further activation. Overwhelming Power causes Lei Shen's melee attacks to inflict 584 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 seconds.
  Violent Gale Winds - Lei Shen causes the walls of his chamber to open, unleashing the force of Violent Gale Winds. The winds push players in a direction, inflicting 1200 Nature damage every 1 sec and causing Windburn.
   Windburn - Increases damage taken by Violent Gale Winds by 5%. Stacks.