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Iron Qon <Master of Quilen>
Quick Facts
  • Level: ??
  • Classification: Boss
  • Health: 13,952,125
  • Armor: 402 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 463 - 695
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Drops: ~2
  • Vehicle
  • Added in 5.2.0

  • Screenshot


Throne of Thunder (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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The Quilen Champions
Iron Qon battles atop his finest Quilen champions.
  Throw Spear - Iron Qon hurls his mighty spear over a random player, inflicting 11699 Physical damage on impact.
  Impale - Iron Qon impales his target with his spear, inflicting normal melee damage and causing bleeding, which inflicts an additional 4679 Physical damage every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
 Ro'shak, the Molten Flare - $[!5, 6 In Heroic difficulty, the Iron Qon's Quilen flee at 25% Health. $]
   Molten Inferno - Ro'shak emits molten flame, inflicting 8879 Fire damage to all players. This will relieve Ro'shak of 10 Molten Energy.
   Molten Overload - When he reaches maximum Molten Energy, Ro'shak overloads and combusts, casting Molten Inferno every 1 sec until he is degraded of molten energy. This effect temporarily increases his damage dealt by 50%.
   Unleashed Flame - Ro'shak incinerates the largest cluster of enemies he can find, inflicting 84000 Fire damage split evenly among targets within 10 yards. Discharging this flame relieves Ro'shak of 30 Molten Energy. There must be at least 3 targets clustered in order to get Ro'shak's attention.
    Scorched - Ro'shak's burning talons leave players Scorched, increasing Fire damage taken by 20% for 30 seconds.
   Ignite Spear: Burning Cinders - Ro'shak spits molten lava at Iron Qon's spear, causing magma to burst forth from the ground, inflicting 2924 Fire damage initially and then stacking 1754 Fire damage every 1 sec to players who remain within the effect.
   Calling the Stormcaller: Quet'zal - In Heroic difficulty, Quet'zal attacks players alongside Ro'shak. He casts Lightning Storm on random players from above.
    Whirling Winds - Quet'zal summons a massive swirl of wind and launches it ahead of him, inflicting 23399 Nature damage to all players with which it comes into contact.
 Quet'zal, the Stormcaller - $[!5, 6 In Heroic difficulty, the Iron Qon's Quilen flee at 25% Health. $]
   Arcing Lightning - Quet'zal zaps a random player with Lightning, stunning, absorbing healing effects, and causing them to shock nearby allies for 3158 Nature damage. This shock damage effect jumps to nearby allies, causing them to also pulse with electricity. They are stunned until another player pulls them out of the storm. If they die while under the effect of Lightning Storm, then Arcing Lightning will zap a random player.
   Windstorm - Quet'zal pulls all players into the eye of a rushing windstorm. Players suffer 5849 Nature damage every 2 sec until they are able to exit the storm. Damage, healing, and absorption effects cast while inside the windstorm are decreased by -80%. Once the storm is over, some rushing winds will linger.
    Rushing Winds - Rushing winds attract players into the storm, inflicting 137654 Nature damage every 0 sec to those who stand within.
   Strike Spear: Storm Cloud - Quet'zal calls lightning down on Iron Qon's spear, causing a rolling storm cloud that electrifies players for 11699 Nature damage. This effect stacks, and players who receive 3 stacks become fully electrified and are stunned for 20 seconds.
   Breaking the Ice: Dam'ren - In Heroic difficulty, Dam'ren attacks players alongside Quet'zal. He freezes and shatters random players from above.
    Frost Spike - Dam'ren commands frost spikes from the ground beneath random players, inflicting 17549 Frost damage and knocking enemy targets within 4 yards into the air.
 Dam'ren, the Frozen Sage - $[!5, 6 In Heroic difficulty, the Iron Qon's Quilen flee at 25% Health. $]
   Dead Zone - Dam'ren directionally shields himself. Players standing within the Dead Zone created by this shield cause all incoming and outgoing attacks to miss.
   Frozen Resilience - Dam'ren is protected with a sheen of ice which reflects 10% of damage taken back at the attacker.
   Frozen Resilience - Dam'ren is protected with a sheen of ice which reflects 2% of damage taken back at the attacker.
   Freeze - Dam'ren freezes a random player. After 1-5 sec, Dam'ren will then Shatter them, inflicting 11231 Frost damage to all enemies.
   Freeze Spear: Frozen Blood - Dam'ren strikes Iron Qon's spear with ice, freezing the ground around it. Coming into contact with the frozen ground inflicts 11699 Frost damage instantly and slows the player's movement, melee, ranged, and casting speeds by -25%. This effect stacks while standing within the area of frozen blood.
   Spark of the Molten Flare: Ro'shak - In Heroic difficulty, Ro'shak attacks players alongside Dam'ren. He casts Unleashed Flame on the largest clump of enemies he can find. If he cannot find a clump of enemies, he instead casts it on a random target.

Iron Qon's Last Stand

Having lost his prime quilen mounts, Iron Qon faces you himself. In addition to his previous attacks, he gains new abilities.
  Fist Smash - Having no spear in hand, Iron Qon smashes the ground violently, inflicting 2924 Physical damage to all players every 0.75 sec for 7 seconds.
  Rising Anger - Iron Qon becomes increasingly angry, increasing damage done by 10% per stack.
  Ignite Cyclone - Iron Qon ignites a random cyclone, causing it to burn all players for 2219 Fire damage every 2 sec.
  Freeze Cyclone - Iron Qon freezes a random cyclone, causing it to entomb players in ice on contact. The player will take damage equal to 5% of their maximum health every 2 sec.