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Junior Fisher
Quick Facts
  • Level: 85
  • Health: 26,268
  • React: A H
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Added in 5.0.1

  • Screenshot


The Jade Forest (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Same model (32) Screenshots (New!) (1)
Scared Pandaren Cub85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 10
Lifelike Jade Statue1A HHumanoid 5.4.2 0
Lifelike Jade Statue85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 1
Jade Statue85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 12
Jade Statue85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 10
Mesmerized Child5 - 6A HHumanoidThe Wandering Isle5.0.1 12
Young Dawn Watcher85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 4
Cai2A HHumanoidThe Wandering Isle5.0.1 1
Mei-lin1A HHumanoid 5.4.2 0
Kong2A HHumanoidThe Wandering Isle5.0.1 1
Jie2A HHumanoidThe Wandering Isle5.0.1 1
Cai1A HHumanoid 5.4.2 0
Makkie87A HHumanoidThe Veiled Stair5.0.1 1
Bratty Liu90A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 1
Curious Cub85A HHumanoid 5.0.1 0
Toortle Wider85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 1
Eli90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1
Connor90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1
Jong Jun-Keet90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1
Jong Wik-Wung90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1
Ty5A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 1
Duyi Edgewater8A HUnspecifiedKrasarang Wilds5.0.1 1
Little Tib
<Stable Cub>
86A HHumanoidStormwind City5.0.3 3
Captive Pandaren Cub8 - 11A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 19
Maximo5A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.2.0 1
Jae-Sun Di Fo8A HUnspecifiedKrasarang Wilds5.3.0 1
Tom Wat8A HUnspecifiedKrasarang Wilds5.3.0 1
Eli90A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 1
Junior Trainee10A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit7.0.3 4
Jie1A HHumanoid 7.1.0 0
Kong1A HHumanoid 7.1.0 0
Junior Trainee10A HHumanoidThe Wandering Isle7.0.3 3