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Madam Goya <Leader of the Black Market>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 90
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 1,969,704
  • Mana: 1
  • React: A H
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Black Market
  • Added in 5.0.1

  • Screenshot

The Veiled Stair (1, full), Shadowfang Keep (1, full)
(Total spawns: 2)

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ItemTypeSellerMin bid
Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud SerpentMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud SerpentMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud SerpentMountMei Francis50000
Son of Galleon's SaddleMountMei Francis50000
Wooly White RhinoMountMei Francis50000
Swift Razzashi RaptorMountMei Francis50000
Swift Zulian TigerMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Plagued Proto-DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Rusted Proto-DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud SerpentMountMei Francis50000
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREMEMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Blue DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Raven LordMountMei Francis50000
Clutch of Ji-KunMountMei Francis50000
Fiery Warhorse's ReinsMountMei Francis50000
Invincible's ReinsMountMei Francis50000
Kor'kron JuggernautMountMei Francis50000
Life-Binder's HandmaidenMountMei Francis50000
Mimiron's HeadMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Astral Cloud SerpentMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Azure DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Experiment 12-BMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Onyxian DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the White Polar BearMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Vitreous Stone DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Drake of the South WindMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Drake of the North WindMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Green Proto-DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Blue Proto-DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Reins of the Blazing DrakeMountMei Francis50000
Swift White HawkstriderMountMei Francis50000
Smoldering Egg of MillagazorMountMei Francis50000
Ashes of Al'arMountMei Francis50000
Deathcharger's ReinsMountMei Francis50000
Flametalon of AlysrazorMountMei Francis50000
Shimmering WyrmlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
Mulgore HatchlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
Hippogryph HatchlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
Tirisfal BatlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
Durotar ScorpionCompanion rareBreanni20000
Enchanted BroomCompanion rareBreanni20000
Teldrassil SproutlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
MechanopeepCompanion rareBreanni20000
Ammen Vale LashlingCompanion rareBreanni20000
Dun Morogh CubCompanion rareBreanni20000
Sen'jin FetishCompanion rareBreanni20000
Emerald WhelplingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Giant Sewer RatCompanion commonBreanni10000
Cat Carrier (Bombay)Companion commonBreanni10000
Proto-Drake WhelpCompanion commonBreanni10000
Phoenix HatchlingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Azure WhelplingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Tiny SporebatCompanion commonBreanni10000
Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)Companion commonBreanni10000
Captured FireflyCompanion commonBreanni10000
Obsidian HatchlingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Dark WhelplingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Cat Carrier (Siamese)Companion commonBreanni10000
Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw)Companion commonBreanni10000
Disgusting OozelingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Gundrak HatchlingCompanion commonBreanni10000
Dreamwalker GirdleTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Dreamwalker HandguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Dreamwalker BootsTransmogDran Droffers30000
Dreamwalker SpauldersTransmogJasper Fel30000
Dreamwalker HeadpieceTransmogJasper Fel30000
Dreamwalker WristguardsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Frostfire RobeTransmogJasper Fel30000
Frostfire LeggingsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Frostfire CircletTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Frostfire ShoulderpadsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Frostfire SandalsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Frostfire GlovesTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Frostfire BeltTransmogJasper Fel30000
Frostfire BindingsTransmogDran Droffers30000
Dreamwalker LegguardsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Dreamwalker TunicTransmogDran Droffers30000
Dreadnaught BracersTransmogDran Droffers30000
Cryptstalker TunicTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Cryptstalker LegguardsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Cryptstalker HeadpieceTransmogJasper Fel30000
Cryptstalker SpauldersTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Cryptstalker BootsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Cryptstalker HandguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Cryptstalker GirdleTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Cryptstalker WristguardsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Dreadnaught BreastplateTransmogJasper Fel30000
Dreadnaught LegplatesTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Dreadnaught HelmetTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Dreadnaught PauldronsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Dreadnaught SabatonsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Dreadnaught WaistguardTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Bonescythe BracersTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Plagueheart RobeTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Plagueheart LeggingsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Earthshatter LegguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Earthshatter HeadpieceTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Earthshatter SpauldersTransmogDran Droffers30000
Earthshatter BootsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Earthshatter HandguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Earthshatter GirdleTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Earthshatter WristguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Robe of FaithTransmogDran Droffers30000
Leggings of FaithTransmogJasper Fel30000
Circlet of FaithTransmogDran Droffers30000
Shoulderpads of FaithTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Sandals of FaithTransmogJasper Fel30000
Gloves of FaithTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Belt of FaithTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Earthshatter TunicTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Lurker's GirdleTransmogDran Droffers30000
Plagueheart CircletTransmogJasper Fel30000
Plagueheart ShoulderpadsTransmogDran Droffers30000
Plagueheart SandalsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Plagueheart GlovesTransmogDran Droffers30000
Grasp of the DeadTransmogJasper Fel30000
Plagueheart BeltTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Plagueheart BindingsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Redemption WristguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Redemption HandguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Redemption LegguardsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Redemption HeadpieceTransmogDran Droffers30000
Redemption SpauldersTransmogJasper Fel30000
Redemption BootsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Redemption GirdleTransmogJasper Fel30000
Bindings of FaithTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Bonescythe WaistguardTransmogDran Droffers30000
Bonescythe GauntletsTransmogQuincy Cutler30000
Redemption TunicTransmogDran Droffers30000
Dreadnaught GauntletsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Bonescythe BreastplateTransmogJasper Fel30000
Bonescythe LegplatesTransmogJasper Fel30000
Bonescythe HelmetTransmogDran Droffers30000
Zierhut's Lost TreadsTransmogDran Droffers30000
Bonescythe SabatonsTransmogMalton Droffers30000
Bonescythe PauldronsTransmogJasper Fel30000
Arcanite RipperTransmog epicBergrisst100000
Sun-Lute of the Phoenix KingTransmog epicSig Nicious100000
Flintlocke's BlasthammerTransmog epicFargo Flintlocke30000
Legbreaker GreatcloakHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Stormwake MistcloakHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Hisek's Chrysanthemum CapeHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Drape of Gathering CloudsHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Patroller's Girdle of Endless SpringHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Mender's Girdle of Endless SpringHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Protector's Girdle of Endless SpringHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Cloak of Overwhelming CorruptionHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Stalker's Cord of Eternal AutumnHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Weaver's Cord of Eternal AutumnHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Dread Shadow RingHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Belt of Malleable AmberHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Healer's Belt of Final WinterHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Sorcerer's Belt of Final WinterHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Ranger's Chain of Unending SummerHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Waistplate of Overwhelming AssaultHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Binder's Chain of Unending SummerHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Belt of Embodied TerrorHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Cloak of Raining BladesHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Daybreak DrapeHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Attenuating BracersHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Painful Thorned RingHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Seal of the ProfaneHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Regail's Band of the EndlessHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Invoker's Belt of Final WinterHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Watersoul SignetHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Choker of the Unleashed StormHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Kaolan's Withering NecklaceHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Shackle of EversparksHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Korven's Amber-Sealed BeetleHeroic gearPeripatetic Chou Li10000
Necklace of Congealed WeaknessesHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Ring of the Shattered ShellHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Ring of the Bladed TempestHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Bracers of Tempestuous FuryHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Pearlescent Butterfly WristbandsHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Smooth Beetle WristbandsHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Cuffs of the Corrupted WatersHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Luminescent Firefly WristguardsHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Plated Locust BracersHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Shining Cicada BracersHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Darting Damselfly CuffsHeroic gearFour-Fingered Fong10000
Vizier's Ruby SignetHeroic gearShu the Inscrutable10000
Fragment of Fear Made FleshHeroic gearZunji the Knife10000
Plans: Breastplate of Ancient SteelRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Gloves of Earthen HarmonyRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Gloves of CreationRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Fists of LightningRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Chestguard of NemesesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Chestguard of Earthen HarmonyRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Plans: Gauntlets of Ancient SteelRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Plans: Living Steel BreastplateRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Royal SatchelRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Greyshadow ChestguardRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Greyshadow GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Lifekeeper's GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Wildblood VestRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Wildblood GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Stormbreaker ChestguardRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Spelltwister's Grand RobeRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Spelltwister's GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Robes of CreationRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Raven Lord's GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Raiment of Blood and BoneRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Nightfire RobeRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Lifekeeper's RobeRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Liferuned Leather GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Plans: Living Steel GauntletsRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Pattern: Murderer's GlovesRecipeTrade Prince Gallywix10000
Tabard of FrostTCGLandro Longshot50000
Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-BTCGLandro Longshot10000
Tabard of FlameTCGLandro Longshot50000
Picnic BasketTCGLandro Longshot10000
Goblin Gumbo KettleTCGLandro Longshot10000
Paper Flying Machine KitTCGLandro Longshot10000
Fishing ChairTCGLandro Longshot10000
Dragon KiteTCGLandro Longshot10000
Imp in a BallTCGLandro Longshot10000
Banana CharmTCGLandro Longshot10000
Riding TurtleTCGLandro Longshot10000
Foam Sword RackTCGLandro Longshot10000
The Flag of OwnershipTCGLandro Longshot10000
Tabard of the VoidTCGLandro Longshot50000
Tabard of FuryTCGLandro Longshot50000
Tabard of NatureTCGLandro Longshot50000
Tabard of the DefenderTCGLandro Longshot50000
Tabard of the ArcaneTCGLandro Longshot50000
Rocket ChickenTCGLandro Longshot10000
Tabard of BrillianceTCGLandro Longshot50000