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Quick Facts
  • Level: 93
  • Classification: Elite
  • Health: 25,786,350
  • Armor: 583 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 774 - 1.2k
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Binds instance
  • Added in 5.0.1

  • Screenshot

Immunities: Default boss immunities

Mogu'shan Vaults (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

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Energy Vortex
An active Energy Vortex transforms any player or creature who stands in it, granting a small taste of the Titan's true power. $[!5,6 In Heroic Difficulty, the Energy Vortex prevents targeting into or out of the Energy Vortex.$]
  Touch of the Titans - Contact with the Energy Vortex transforms the target into celestial form, increasing all damage done by 50% and healing received by 50%.
  Overcharged - The Energy Vortex periodically inflicts players with Overcharge, causing them to take 5% additional damage. This effect stacks.

Stage One: Entering Defensive Mode

Elegon activates the Energy Vortex, attacking with Celestial Breath and calling for Celestial Protectors to help defend the Engine of Nalak'sha. Stage One ends at 85% and 50% remaining health.
  Celestial Breath - Elegon's breath inflicts 6839 Arcane damage every 0.5 seconds for 1 second to players within a 100 yard long 60 degree cone.
  Materialize Protector - When Elegon has more than 50% remaining health, he summons a Celestial Protector to attack the players.
  Celestial Protector - A construct of pure energy, the Celestial Protector serves as primary defense for the Engine of Nalak'sha.
   Phasing - The Celestial Protector exists in a state of flux, held together by the immense power of the Energy Vortex. When the Protector has over 25% remaining health and exists outside the bounds of the Energy Vortex, players inflict 90% less damage to it.
    Arcing Energy - The Celestial Protector inflicts 10829 Arcane damage to two random players and applies Closed Circuit to each target.$[!2,4 In 25 player Difficulty, Arcing Energy targets five random players.$]$[!5 In 10 player Heroic Difficulty, Arcing Energy targets three random players.$]$[!6 In 25 player Heroic Difficulty, Arcing Energy targets seven random players.$]$[!7 In Looking for Raid Difficulty, Arcing Energy targets four random players.$]
     Closed Circuit - After being hit by the Arcing Energy, the Closed Circuit reduces the healing received by the target by -50% for 20 seconds.
    Stability Flux - Upon reaching 25% remaining health, the Celestial Protector begins to pulse energy and periodically inflicts 2564 Arcane damage on all players.
    Total Annihilation - Celestial Protectors explode when near death, inflicting 23399 Arcane damage to all players. $[!5 In Heroic Difficulty, Total Annihilation also applies Destabilizing Energies. In Heroic Difficulty, Total Annihilation will trigger Catastrophic Anomaly if it hits no targets.$]$[!6 In Heroic Difficulty, Total Annihilation also applies Destabilizing Energies. In 25 player Heroic Difficulty, Total Annihilation will trigger Catastrophic Anomaly if it hits fewer than three targets.$]
     Destabilizing Energies - Exposure to Total Annihilation causes lasting negative effects, stuns the enemy and inflicts 5400 Arcane damage every 2 seconds until the target is healed to 80% of max health.
      Destabilized - When struck by Total Annihilation, powerful waves of energy course through the victim, rendering them more susceptible to the harmful effects of Total Annihilation. Players instantly die if Total Annihilation inflicts additional damage to them.
     Catastrophic Anomaly - With no targets to absorb the excess energy of Total Annihilation, the Engine of Nalak'sha explodes, inflicting 108299 Arcane damage to the entire raid.
  Grasping Energy Tendrils - With no targets in melee range, Elegon grabs and pulls all enemies to him, inflicting 19949 Arcane damage.
  Radiating Energies - When Elegon reaches 50% remaining health, he becomes dangerously unstable. Elegon periodically inflicts 1994 Arcane damage to all players who are within the Energy Vortex, and 5699 Arcane damage to all players who are outside it.

Stage Two: Primary Power Offline

Elegon attempts to reactivate the Engine of Nalak'sha by creating Energy Charges to energize the Empyreal Focuses. If players destroy all Energy Charges in a wave, Elegon will continue to create more Energy Charges. The creation process permanently weakens his physical form. Stage Two ends once an Energy Charge leaves the Energy Vortex.
  Draw Power - Elegon attempts to restart the Engine of Nalak'sha by constructing six Energy Charges from his own body, permanently increasing all damage taken by 10%. This effect stacks.
  Energy Charge - A small part of Elegon himself, the Energy Charge contains enough Arcane energy to restart The Engine of Nalak'sha.
    High Energy - With each successive cast of Draw Power, the created Energy Charge gains an additional 20% movement speed. This effect stacks.
    Discharge - Upon reaching zero health, the Energy Charge explodes and inflicts 3846 Arcane damage to all players.

Stage Three: Power Draw Stable

Elegon has reactivated The Engine of Nalak'sha, disabling the Energy Vortex and activating all Empyreal Focuses. Elegon shields himself from all damage. Stage Three ends once players destroy all the Empyreal Focuses.
 Empyreal Focus - The Focuses activate whenever the Engine of Nalak'sha begins operation, venting energy into the surrounding platform. Damaging all six Empyreal Focuses temporarily disables the Engine of Nalak'sha.
   Energy Conduit - The Empyreal Focus vents excess energy, inflicting 22799 Arcane damage to all players touching the energy conduit every 0.5 sec.
   Overloaded - Upon reaching zero health, the Empyreal Focus deactivates and vents excess energy back to Elegon, increasing his damage inflicted by 20% and casting speed by 5%. This effect stacks.
   Linked Focuses - An Empyreal Focus will not deactivate until both it and the linked focus are brought to zero health.
  Unstable Energy - Elegon periodically inflicts 2051 Arcane damage to all players.
  Energy Cascade - Elegon fires a ball of Titan plasma at the location of random player, inflicting 19949 Arcane damage on impact to players within 5 yards and creating a Cosmic Spark.
  Cosmic Spark - Small pure energy constructs created by Elegon.