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Hagara the Stormbinder
Quick Facts
  • Level: ??
  • Classification: Boss
  • Health: 12,717,500
  • Mana: 2,046,400
  • Armor: 437 (-30% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 100k - 150k
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Drops: ~50
  • Binds instance
  • Added in 4.3.0

  • Screenshot

NPC has more difficulty entries: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

Immunities: Default boss immunities
Dragon Soul

The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple
Warlord Zon'ozz
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

Fall of Deathwing
Warmaster Blackhorn
Spine of Deathwing
Madness of Deathwing

Dragon Soul (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Loot (23)Pickpocketing (1)Dungeon Journal (1)Auras (2)Texts (29)
Outfit (4)Same model (7)See also (1)Criteria of (5)Criteria of tree (11)