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Tsul'Kalu <The Earth Spirit>
Quick Facts
  • Level: 28
  • Classification: Rare
  • Health: 4,766
  • Mana: 1,512
  • Armor: 164 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 51 - 77
  • Family: Gorilla (Tameable)
  • Type: Beast
  • Added in 4.0.6

  • Screenshot


Stranglethorn Vale (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

Loot (60)Skinning (4)Abilities (2)Tamed abilities (1)Linked quest items (1)
Same model (1)Same family (30) Comments (New!) (33) Screenshots (New!) (14)
1 1100%
1 120%
27Wrists (Mail)18%
28Waist (Mail)18%
28Legs (Mail)18%
28Feet (Leather)18%
28Hands (Leather)18%
28Back (Cloth)18%
28Legs (Leather)18%
27Back (Cloth)16%
28Hands (Mail)16%
28Shoulders (Mail)16%
27Waist (Leather)16%
27Wrists (Leather)16%
28Feet (Cloth)16%
28Wrists (Cloth)16%
27Shoulders (Cloth)16%
28Legs (Cloth)16%
27Hands (Leather)16%
27Shoulders (Leather)16%
28Chest (Leather)16%
29Wrists (Leather)16%
30Legs (Leather)14%
29Shoulders (Leather)14%
29Back (Cloth)14%
1Quest Item12.65%
30Waist (Cloth)12%
29Feet (Mail)12%
29Chest (Mail)12%
30Chest (Leather)12%
29Waist (Cloth)12%
29Hands (Cloth)12%
30Shoulders (Cloth)12%
30Back (Cloth)12%
30Back (Cloth)12%
29Chest (Cloth)12%
30Wrists (Cloth)12%
30Waist (Leather)12%
29Back (Cloth)12%
30Wrists (Mail)12%
29Back (Cloth)12%
31Wrists (Leather)11.72%
31Waist (Cloth)11.56%
31Waist (Mail)11.52%
31Back (Cloth)11.42%
31Hands (Cloth)11.42%
31Head (Cloth)11.36%
31Hands (Mail)11.32%
31Hands (Leather)11.26%
31Wrists (Cloth)11.22%
31Feet (Leather)11.06%
31Feet (Cloth)10.76%
28Two-Hand Sword10.75%
31Wrists (Mail)10.66%
27Feet (Mail)10.65%
26Feet (Leather)10.65%
30Waist (Cloth)10.65%
28Two-Hand Sword10.36%