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Blood-Queen Lana'thel (Mythic)
Quick Facts
  • Level: ??
  • Classification: Boss
  • Health: 9,617,209
  • Mana: 1,865,600
  • Armor: 416 (-30% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Damage: 26.6k - 39.8k
  • Type: Undead
  • Drops: ~32 50
  • Binds instance
  • Added in 3.3.0

  • Screenshot

NPC has more difficulty entries: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

Immunities: Default boss immunities
Icecrown Citadel

The Lower Spire
Lord Marrowgar
Lady Deathwhisper
Icecrown Gunship Battle
Deathbringer Saurfang

The Plagueworks
Professor Putricide

The Crimson Hall
Blood Council
Queen Lana'thel

The Frostwing Halls
Valithria Dreamwalker

The Frozen Throne
The Lich King

Icecrown Citadel (1, full)
(Total spawns: 1)

After killing this NPC you will gain:
- 250 reputation with The Ashen Verdict (stops at Exalted)

Loot (16)Texts (15)Condition for (2)Same model (3)Criteria of (14)
Criteria of tree (24)