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[Deprecated for 4.x]Magistrix Elosai
Quick Facts
  • Level: 27
  • Health: 2,265
  • Mana: 732
  • Armor: 160 (-28% dmg)
  • React: A H
  • Faction: Silvermoon City
  • Activates PvP
  • Damage: 50 - 75
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Quest giver
  • Added in 2.2.0

  • Screenshot


NPC isn't spawned anywhere

Comments (New!) (6) Screenshots (New!) (5)
By Nerizor on 24 Jul 2008 (Patch 2.4.3 )

This woman got me thinking..

Are blood elves one gendered, or are simply Blizzard to damn lazy to make a female wretched model?

She turns in to a -MALE- Wretched at the end of her quest line, -NOT- a Female one. (I don't even think there's a female Wretched model.)

By Xhii on 24 Jun 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )

They couldn't even put [him] in the same clothes.
By ChaoticMarin on 16 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix1 )

I believe this was actually intentional. The physical effects of the transformation turn elves into androgynous, hideous monsters that only get more and more terrifying as time goes on. Gender does not make a visual difference anymore, as women lose a lot of what makes them distinct in their new, incredibly unhealthy bodies. It's kinda all... -there- in lore, disturbingly, and probably the reason wretched hold themselves like undead. ...No comment on the clothes.

By Cydonian212 on 25 Jan 2011 (Patch 4.0.3 )

She can now be found dead in Freewind Post in her wretched form

By asjova on 08 Dec 2006 (Patch 2.0.1 )

This npc is in live as of 2.0.1 She is found at Freewind Post and has an interesting quest chain that nets you Silvermoon and Thunderbluff rep.

By Oll100 on 29 Aug 2008 (Patch 3.0.1 )

There is no use for female wretched models for now I think. But how did she reverse from wretched to Blood elf?

By HynaOwnsPeons on 16 Jun 2009 (Patch 3.1.3 )

Maybe the tonic/elixir was temporary?
By Mig64 on 26 Apr 2012 (Patch 4.3.4 )

Nope, her transformation was one-way. She spent the recent years at Freewind Post as a Wretched, and died as one when the Grimtotem tribe invaded it.

By Stigmata on 21 Jul 2009 (Patch 3.1.3 )

Poor thing did it all for nothing. A miserable way to end up, an opposite-gendered zombified elf.

By LoriO on 24 Jun 2009 (Patch 3.1.3 )

Is there a robe that is purchasable that looks like the one she is wearing?

By Valthoran on 18 Feb 2012 (Patch 4.3.2 )

Unfortunately no... many elven robes you see like this for example are unobtainable.
By Melilithia on 28 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Closest one I can think of is the Abjurer's Robe, but no... no exact match.