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Swift Windsteed

Quick Facts
  • Can't be disenchanted
  • Added in 5.1.0


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By nonsurat on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Just bought this mount. For those saying "What the hell is it?" It's a Kirin, AKA "Chinese Unicorn".

Good things about it:

-High rez model. The armor actually moves and settles against the windsteed itself and they fixed the stiff whisker bug. It's ears and tail bounce with movement. Overall, it's very well animated.
-Unique running animation. The Kirin is a chimeric creature largely based on deer, so it makes sense that its ground run is more of a hopping bound than a smooth gallop. This animation is kind of "bouncy" like raptors and cranes though, which may make some players seasick.
-Unique mountspecial. It rears up and twirls around while flailing its hooves.
-Obviously modernized but otherwise fairly accurate depiction of a traditional Kirin.


-The mount has been accused of being "derpy" looking and I think this is because of the thick armor/bridle on its face. It hides the long muzzle and the red nose on white fur from the front view makes it look like a monkey.
-It's small, though this may be a pro or con depending on who you ask. It's definitely not flashy and probably won't stand out in a crowd.
-Personal opinion, but white is this model's worst color. The green, red and especially black ones all were much prettier than the dull white they went with and the other color's noses didn't contrast as much.

Basically this is the closest thing possible to a graphically updated talbuk or non-druid deer mount around. People who like that will enjoy this mount. Those who want a big, flashy e-peen stroker though will probably want to stick with something else.

By Contay on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Kirin is an alternate spelling of Qilin. And these are what "Qilin" (or further-vowel injected "Quilen") are supposed to look like: horse-like chimeric creatures with hooves, horns and scales typically. The Quilen in the game presently are actually Foo Dogs, and were actually named that on MoP's development notes. Why they decided to switch it to an incorrect name is completely unknown.
By Grehan on 05 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

In response to Karsciyin, this was fixed in patch 5.2. The whole mount looks great now, no weird quirks anymore. Yay.
By Kaylagosa on 24 Sep 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Why they decided to switch to an incorrect name? Well probably the same reason they switched to an incorrect name many many years before this when they called a Manticore a Wyvern.
By Alendrathril on 14 Mar 2015 (Patch 6.1.2 )

The mount is perhaps the finest looking in terms of sheer texture quality and animation, but it does have some unfortunate flaws. First, the mount aligns drastically with whatever angle the terrain is. You'll see what I mean when you're running along the side of a hill, etc. Second: the mount doesn't have a great flying animation. Otherwise, a gorgeous mount!
By Ruenzi on 12 Feb 2017 (Patch 7.2.0 )

I don't understand what is derpy about it. Love kirins, finest looking mount to me and that beautiful white fur is a perfect fit. As for terrain alignment, first met this problem riding Prestigious Bronze Courser which is animated exactly like Swift Windsteed and yes it's really annoying. Obsidian Nightwing has the same issue, fortunately since the model is wider it is less prominent.

By Skaturas on 26 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

This is the new Blizzard Store mount.
It is available to anyone (if you're willing to pay for it.)
The costs are the same as every other store mount. ($25, €20)

Current Blizzard Store mounts:

Celestial Steed
Winged Guardian
Heart of the Aspects
Swift Windsteed
Armored Bloodwing
Enchanted Fey Dragon
Iron Skyreaver
Warforged Nightmare
Grinning Reaver
Mystic Runesaber

By kallekaj on 23 Dec 2012 (Patch 5.1.0A )

So... 5.2 comming soon and havn't seen the shadow of this mount?
By Hoochie on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

It's out as of today
By Illconceived on 15 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

the armored bloodwing is now new to the store mounts. But i wanna know if that has ground mount behavior, and if this windsteed has any groundmount behaviors too. Heart of aspects is kinda lame because of the lack of a ground mount behavior. thanks
By ayeee on 09 May 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

From the creators of Trash comes Swift Windsteed. Both of them have names that describe exactly what they are.

By perculia on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

This is now available to be puchased for $25 or 20 Euros from the Blizzard Store (US / EU).

Charging from the clouds like a bolt from the blue, the Swift Windsteed gallops high over the battlefield, carrying you to the time and place of your next victory. Sky-goat cavalry, mount up!

Once activated, this in-game flying mount key applies to all present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single North American Battle.net account.

Mount Features: After you purchase the Swift Windsteed, you'll receive a code that can then be redeemed on any North American Battle.net Account via Battle.net Account Management. North American licenses include realms serving players in United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. This mount code can be emailed to a friend as a gift, or—if you would rather redeem the mount code yourself—automatically filled in for you in Battle.net Account Management. Once activated, this World of Warcraft in-game mount code applies to all present and future characters on a single North American Battle.net Account.

By avatarofshadow on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

I have bought all of the mounts and pets so far, but I won't be buying this one. I liked the fact that the store-bought mounts were shared by every toon on the account, and that was worth me paying real-world money for them. Now that almost all mounts are account-bound, a mount would have to be pretty dang awesome and not the ugliest thing I've ever seen if Blizz wants an extra 25 bucks... Just like the new book battle pet, when you can run off to Dalaran crater and catch a book pet that looks almost exactly the same.

By Myrrmi on 19 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

MMO champion has datamined a (yet) untextured model. It seems to be based on the talbuk skeleton and chineese/japaneese mythical kirin beast

By Valle on 25 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

For those that are unfamiliar with the kirin/qilin, it's fantastic beast from Asian mythology. Its appearance varies widely, but it's usually depicted as a deerlike, hooved, horned, scaled animal. The only consistent part of its depiction is that it's chimerical, or made up of parts from many animals. The kirin/qilin is often compared to the unicorn of Western myth, for it's said to be a peaceful and just being. (WoW features 'quilen' already, but 'quilen' is a misnomer, as those are actually based off another mythical beast, variously known as a guardian lion, shisa, or foo dog.)
By TheDeralte on 27 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

Asian mythology, why you so awesome?
By Nerizor on 28 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

Fun fact, this is what they mean when people say that North Korea's birth of their "glorious leader" included something about a Korean Unicorn and riding it. Also what they mean when North Korea said in 2012 that they have found a "lair of an ancient unicorn".

By Nilyna on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

It's been mailed by Mei Francis (after redeeming the code) with the following notice:


It should come as no surprise that the mist-shrouded lands of Pandaria are host to a wild array of exotic beasts, a rare few of them suitable as mounts.

Behold, one of the very rarest and most Majestic...

Mei Francis
Exotic Mounts

By Roseblood on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Dear Blizzard,

Why must you find new ways for me to spend my hard earned money?

An Addict

By Midgetpower on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

/mountspecial will cause the mount to rear up on it's hind legs and do a 360. Very good animation with this. (Must be on ground for this to work)

By Meloric on 26 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

A kirin! Could it be? These are my favourite middle eastern mythical beasts!

By Pootie on 07 Dec 2012 (Patch 5.1.0A )

It actually looks like Qilin. Just with a harness and more fur. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bronze_Qilin_statue.JPG
By odrok on 22 Dec 2012 (Patch 5.1.0A )

That's what he said.
By kainwalker on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

^ Qilin is another way of saying Kirin, but in both cases the name is referring to a mythical creature of eastern asian (chinese) culture, not middle eastern. just thought i should clarify on that

By furymask on 11 Jun 2015 (Patch 6.2.0 )

This mount may very well have the best detail out of all the store mounts, but because the mount is on the smallish size it gets overlooked. If you want a nicely detailed "kirin" or "Quillen" chinese mount, or just like a mount with great detail that doesn't suck up a quarter of the screen, this might be the mount for you.

By Jornak on 27 Sep 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

I'd like to mention that it looks good on a male Worgen, who often have problems with kissing mount-necks because of their protruded heads.
Not on the windsteed - which makes me very happy, since most of my chars are Worgen
Submitted a screenshot, too, so you can judge for yourself.

By jamesoliff on 12 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Arceus makes his entrance

By TOPACE31 on 18 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

I dont see why that comment got so downrated, it does look like Arceus. Intentional or otherwise.
By Nerizor on 28 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

No it does not. Arceus looks like a Kirin, not the other way around. It's intentional - that the Arceus looks like a Kirin.

By Stok3d on 29 Nov 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

This Mount is now available for purchase from the Blizzard Store. All characters on a single account will have access to this if purchased.

Blizzard Store Mounts (Buy Here)
Feel free to review the updated status of all 350+ mounts in the game in Mount Collecting: The Completionist Guide

By Khayos on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

This mount is now*

By Aceries on 11 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

The Crimson Chin's mount.

By DurHandler on 14 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Another thing that should be taken into consideration before purchasing this mount. It snorts. All the time. Like a wild stallion. This is a pretty neat effect when it's running along but when you're standing at idle it can be mildly atrocious, like the constant crackling flame effect from the BM hunter Corehound pets.

By Shoadowolf on 12 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )


By unholydriver on 31 Dec 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

It's still funny no matter how many times I see it.

By MABGamer6407 on 16 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

The creature seems to be based off of the actual Qilin. (not the Warcraft Creature who are more based on Foo Dogs or Chinese guardian lions, or shishi) Very unique model, looks to be a sort of Talbuck at first glance.


By kinigit on 14 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

I like this mount. Not so much on ground but it is a pretty good flying mount.

Makes more sense for a Pandaren monk to be flying around on this than the vast majority of the other mounts in the game.

This mount really does grow on you so don't just go by the photos.

By unholydriver on 28 Dec 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

When faced with obstacles on the ground, it tends to stand at some strange and entertaining angles.

By beezischillin on 14 Feb 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

It's an astrogoat!

By lilich on 02 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

best mount ever!

By Marilana on 08 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

I can't say for sure but I believe Blizzard may have fixed an animation bug with this mount very sneakily. When i first bought it (back when it came out) the Swift Windsteed would rock back and forth in an almost comical manner when mounted and running on the ground.

As of logging in today on my Paladin Draenei and mounting up, I was surprised to find that the animation for it seems to have improved for when you're mounted on the ground with it. It's back and forth rocking is far less extreme and your character no longer flies back and forth like they're riding a bucking bull.

By baradiel on 12 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Mounts sold by Blizzard Entertainment

Wrath of the Lich King

Celestial Steed <-- World of Warcraft (Celestial Steed) Available For $25
Also, Celestial Steed Video by MMO Champion,
Celestial Steed.


Winged Guardian <-- World of Warcraft (Winged Guardian) Available For $25
Also, Winged Guardian Video by MMO Champion,
Winged Guardian.

Heart of the Aspects <-- World of Warcraft (Heart of the Aspects) Available for $25
Also, Heart of the Aspects Video by MMO Champion,
Heart of the Aspects.

Mist of Pandaria

Swift Windsteed <-- World of Warcraft (Swift Windsteed) Available for $25
Also Swift Windsteed Video by MMO Champion,
Swift Windsteed

Armored Bloodwing <-- World of Warcraft (Armored Bloodwing) Available for $25
Also Armored Bloodwing Video by MMO Champion,
Armored Bloodwing Video

By SammeZhao on 11 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

When I was doing daily at Brunnhildar Village in Storm Peaks of Northrend, I had a good laugh when I mounted on this windsteed.
The fact is that after doing a series of questline, you are transformed into a female fighter like everyone else in the village. However I believe Blizzard hasn't really considered for this location, and when you mount, the windsteed appear so small under your legs, as if you are going to crush it in seconds. Look at the screenshot.

By drewbster on 15 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

They look like that on all mounts to some extent, even drakes. The flying carpets look like bath mats xD

By thomaswrocks on 06 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Hey guys so as of Patch 5.2 these are the mounts sold by and in the Blizzard Entertainment store :

Wrath of the Lich King :

Cataclysm :Mists of Pandaria :

By kkqj27 on 11 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

This is an amazing mount. I really like it alot. Its hard for some players to get some epic mounts. It is very nice for blizzard to be doing this.

By jojopojo64 on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

To those wondering what kind of "ugly" mount this is, it's a stylized Kirin or Qilin from Chinese mythology, known to bring good luck and fortune and is often compared to the unicorn in western culture.

Personally, been waiting for a mount like this in an Asian-stylized expansion, though kinda wish it wasn't a Blizz store mount (but not entirely unsurprised, especially when it popped up in the last PTR). Still, again I say to you folks who think it's ugly or shouldn't be in the Blizzard Store - Don't buy it then. Save your hot air for whatever else will rattle your cages in 5.2, because I know there'll be plenty.

On an offnote, since this creature was supposed to give good luck, maybe it'll boost your luck when using those damn Elder Charms for loot...?

By GuerrillaDawg on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Finally, a flying goat.

By pangel on 28 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

After buying a stardust pegasus, a flaming winged lion and a golden dragon i think a jumping armored talbuk falls a little short of my expectations.
On the other hand the RaF program mounts keep getting more excithing with every new specimen: a zebra, a rocket, a nightwing, what´s next?

By Reignac on 24 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

I want it.
I don't care how you get it.
I must have it.

By Syio on 23 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

Well thank goodness there's a slightly more accurate depiction of a quilin in WoW. Always bothered me why 'quilen' referred to stone lions.

By vindurza on 24 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

the term you are looking for is kirin thats what this mount represents

By vindurza on 25 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

finally a blizz store mount that doesn't look like it belongs to a paladin * why down vote it looks good with shamans/druids*

By dixiecz on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

it's a hunter mount
By ArtelQuessir on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

You mean it's a Hunter weapon?

By NightmareMJ on 04 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

This mount is one of the few mounts with special emote animations(this one has /eat).

By firehawk2324 on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

/eat just makes my character do the eating animation.
By Azaram on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Yeah, same here. All the ones I tried were just the same as normal, although /dance did not actually show me dancing.

By dexor123 on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

A dragon goat that flies on a cloud...

By taurenmoo812 on 25 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Oh yes, very nice in the high texture rendering blizzard...

.. to bad you only ever design these mounts (the same as they do any armor they make now) with human male model as a reference point for the rider.

Have you see what this looks like with other races? The spikes in the side jut right though there knees... jesus...

By Kithkin on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

Just some info: While flying, this mount appears to run on a cloud. Unlike Tyrael's Charger, as an example, it does not float and bob side to side, but runs in slow motion. That being said, if you strife while on this mount, the mount does not have an animation for strife, he simply runs in place while moving left or right. Also, not only is the /mountspecial look cool, but this mount has a very gruff sounding "growl". If you adjust your volume or turn off the music you may notice that while flying and moving, this mount grunts!

By Keahilani on 24 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

Blizzard updated their facebook with a screenshot of a new gorgeous mount, and the tagline "Across the land or in the sky, the Swift Windsteed can soon be your ride." With the Cinder Kitten unveiled on the PTR a few weeks ago, it makes sense that we'd also be getting a Blizzard Store mount soon.

Get your wallets and purses ready.

By Darluncar on 25 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

What an ugly mount, it looks like Santa Claus' handicapped reindeer or something...
WG is much cooler.

By mychatposts on 08 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

LIttle shield thing in front bugs me

By Exizter on 23 Feb 2015 (Patch 6.1.0 )

Hey, Swift Windsteed is easly one of the uglyest mounts ingame,
it is a must have if ur into buying mounts from the eshop xD...

got a video of it that shows it in live action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMcmkP3UCYQ

By AlexLucas on 10 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

I'm on a goat.

By Soojagoddess on 28 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

With the fairly obvious throwback to He-man in Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger, I can't help but feel that this mount is surely a nod to She-Ra also! Her mount was "Swift Wind"... And then the choice of coloring for both the mount and the blood elf fem's hair in the intro pic...

By mimee21 on 27 Dec 2012 (Patch 5.1.0A )

IF there was a "Which is the ugliest mount ever" I think this would take the prize...... My lord this thing is horrible.

By Glodwin on 11 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

TRH 4.0.

By taggme on 23 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

25 bucks to purchase a chimera made up of each of the great pandaria gods, Ox, Tiger, Dragon and Crane. Enjoy!

By soterios on 25 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

I thought it was supposed to look more like a Kirin than anything.

By jstrahan on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

For $25! I don't think so. $5, maybe $10 at the most. (I am not such an addict as others. Only slightly. )
Down-voted for complaining about the cost? In my opinion, an inappropriate use of the 'down arrow'.
(Update) So, I should be happy to pay an outrageous sum for this? (2nd update) I guess I should never complain or tell my honest opinion.

By Electrazim on 24 Oct 2012 (Patch 5.0.5b )

I have to say, I'll buy this.

Better than that retarded flying lion.

By bojan112 on 09 Jan 2013 (Patch 5.1.0A )

invincible version for babys