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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Chestguard of the Solicitious Pandaren

  • Item Level 442
  • Binds when equipped
  • Leather Chest
  • 33 Armor
  • +33 Intelect
  • +50 Stamina
  • +21 Mastery
  • +23 Haste

Players can win this item when selecting the following loot specializations:
  » Druid: , , ,
  » Rogue: , ,
  » Monk: , ,
  » Demon Hunter: ,

Quick Facts
  • Disenchantable (550)
  • Added in 5.0.1
3D Model

Dropped by (62)Disenchanting (1)Outfit of (1)Items with same icon (30)Item with same appearance (7)
Comments (New!) (2) Screenshots (New!) (1)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Zandalari Beast Handler90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 51.16%
Sik'thik Builder (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Siege of Niuzao Temple5.0.3 41.12%
Sik'thik Bladedancer (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Siege of Niuzao Temple5.0.1 100.87%
Zandalari Soultwister90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 30.55%
Skumblade Fleshripper90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 160.51%
Slitherscale Ripper90A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 380.5%
Scarlet Evangelist (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 50.5%
Zandalari Bloodguard90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 70.47%
Shan'ze Bloodseeker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 110.45%
Krik'thik Wind Shaper (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Gate of the Setting Sun5.0.1 110.44%
Osul Mist-Shaman89A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 380.4%
Windward Tiger90A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 220.4%
Sik'thik Vess-Guard88A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 310.35%
Stout Shaghorn90A HBeastValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 200.3%
Scarlet Judicator (Heroic)??A HBoss Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 200.17%
Adjunct Tzikzi
<Hand of Shek'zeer>
90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 10.12%
Sea Monarch89A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 410.1%
Frenzied Spirit (Heroic)90A HUndead Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 180.1%
Muckscale Ripper90A HHumanoid 5.0.1 00.06%
Shao-Tien Marauder90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 370.05%
Ancient Mogu Spirit90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 520.05%
Shao-Tien Antiquator90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 220.05%
Knucklethump Jibstabber88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 170.05%
Bored Student41A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 210.05%
Blackmane Brigand88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 150.05%
Sik'thik Bladedancer89 - 90A HHumanoid Siege of Niuzao Temple5.0.1 100.05%
Muckscale Skinflayer90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.3 10.05%
Mogu Statue90A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 80.05%
Shao-Tien Sorcerer90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 280.05%
Shao-Tien Fist90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 470.05%
Spiritbound Brutalizer90A HUndeadKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 80.05%
Zandalari Dinomancer90A HHumanoidIsle of Giants5.2.0 460.05%
Primal Direhorn Hatchling90A HBeastIsle of Giants5.2.0 100.05%
Primal Direhorn Hatchling90A HBeastIsle of Giants5.2.0 40.05%
Primal Direhorn Hatchling90A HBeastIsle of Giants5.2.0 40.05%
Great Turtle90A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 210.05%
Foreboding Flame90A HElementalTimeless Isle5.4.0 200.05%
Bored Student (Heroic)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 210.05%
Ik'thik Warrior90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 1140.04%
Greatback Mushan90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 570.03%
Kor'thik Chitinel90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 360.03%
Ik'thik Harvester90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 210.03%
Agitated Seedstealer88A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 180.02%
Mistblade Ripper90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 510.02%
Coldbite Crocolisk90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 480.02%
Dread Lurker90A HElementalDread Wastes5.0.1 150.02%
Ruby Venomtail90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 630.02%
Ik'thik Amberstinger90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 220.02%
Dread Kunchong90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 130.02%
Shek'zeer Manipulator90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 570.02%
Zan'thik Impaler90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 810.02%
Zan'thik Manipulator90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 1180.02%
Ashweb Weaver90A HBeastVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 10.01%
Shao-Tien Surveyor90A HHumanoid 5.0.1 00.01%
Kafa-Crazed Yeti88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 320.01%
Shek'zeer Bladesworn90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 830.01%
Briny Clacker90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 310.01%
Rockshell Snapclaw90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 130.01%
Longfin Thresher90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 70.01%
Shek'zeer Needler90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 290.01%
Thought-Bound Miner90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 430.01%
Kypari Crawler90A HElementalDread Wastes5.0.1 880.01%