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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Juicycrunch Carrot

  • Item Level 85
    • Sell Price: 3

Quick Facts
  • Added in 5.0.1


Dropped by (151)Contained in (1)Obtained from (Script) (1)Reward from (1)Objective of (3)
Reagent for (7)Items with same icon (1) Comments (New!) (17) Screenshots (New!) (5)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Sunwalker Scout86A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.0.1 134%
Zandalari Dinomancer90A HHumanoidIsle of Giants5.2.0 4627%
Shieldwall Vindicator90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 2021.2%
Zeb'tula Alchemist90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 020%
Scholomance Acolyte (1)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 115.85%
Zandalari Boneworker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1010%
Zandalari Execution Guard90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 29.09%
Boneweaver (1)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 38.4%
Master Archer (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 87.5%
Scarlet Scourge Hewer (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 67%
Scarlet Pupil (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 127%
Scarlet Centurion (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 66.78%
Spiritbinder Pa'chek90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 16.67%
Kresh the Ripper90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 06.67%
Scarlet Evoker (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 26.5%
Scarlet Treasurer (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 86.5%
Scarlet Scholar (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 26.5%
Arcanital Tula'chek90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 06.25%
Amani Raptor-Handler
<Zandalari Invaders>
87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 126.14%
Scarlet Myrmidon (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 46%
Scarlet Evangelist (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 56%
Zandalari Commoner90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 175.88%
Zandalari Conscript90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 365.88%
Arcanital Mara'kah90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 05.88%
Blackmane Brigand88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 155.62%
Beastcaller Pakutesh90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 05.56%
Candlestick Mage (1)
<Illusionist Apprentice>
89 - 92A HHumanoid 5.0.1 05.44%
Shaol'mara Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 05.26%
Gurubashi Hexxer
<Zandalari Invaders>
87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 155%
Drakkari Frostweaver
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.3 125%
Spiritbinder Tec'uat90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 15%
Zandalari Spiritweaver
<Harbinger of the Loa>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 15%
Vigilant Watchman (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 85%
Spiritbinder Cha'lat90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 14.76%
Arcanital Ra'kul90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 14.76%
Captain Halu'kal92A HHumanoid 5.2.0 04.76%
<The Hunt Master>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 14.76%
Spiritbinder Tu'chek90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 14.55%
Scarlet Zealot (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 124.36%
Zandalari Spirit-Twister90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 04.35%
Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 24.17%
Zeb'tula Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 04%
Scarlet Cannoneer (1)90A HHumanoid 5.0.1 04%
Zeb'tula Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.85%
Zeb'tula Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.7%
Arcweaver Jor'guva90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 13.7%
Shaol'mara Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.7%
Zandalari Speaker
<Harbinger of the Loa>
91A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 23.57%
Zandalari Arcanital
<Harbinger of the Loa>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 23.57%
Beastmaster Horaki90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.57%
Scarlet Flamethrower (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 33.48%
Shaol'mara Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.45%
Wascally Wirmen87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 72.9%
Zeb'tula Spearanger90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.78%
Shaol'mara Spearanger90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.63%
Amani Behemoth
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 52.5%
Zandalari Acolyte90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 22.5%
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.44%
Amani Skullbreaker
<Zandalari Invaders>
87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 232.4%
Zandalari Arcweaver90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 22.38%
Blackmane Pillager88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 112.31%
Sunreaver Magus90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 272.25%
Silvermoon Spellbreaker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 282.25%
Scarlet Purifier (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 172.23%
Scarlet Initiate (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 62.23%
Snagtooth Hooligan86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 782.2%
Silver Covenant Spellblade90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 332.2%
Shaol'mara Alchemist90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.15%
Zandalari Haruspex90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 12.13%
Twinspire Taskmaster85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 262%
Snagtooth Virmen86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 262%
Alliance Infiltrator85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 222%
Zandalari Warrior87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 82%
Jack Arrow
<Alliance Captain>
85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 12%
Gurubashi Worshipper
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 72%
Strongarm Private84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 302%
Strongarm Medic84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 32%
Corporal Jackson Silver84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 12%
Strongarm Lieutenant84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 132%
Strongarm Ace84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 92%
Gatrul'lon Curseweaver84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.4 142%
Gatrul'lon Flamecaller84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 132%
Twinspire Grunt84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 242%
Felstorm Warlock84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 132%
Felstorm Summoner84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 82%
Twinspire Deathguard84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 132%
Twinspire Demolitionist84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 92%
Dalgan84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 12%
Garrosh'ar Grunt84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 482%
Thunder Hold Infantryman84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 402%
Thunder Hold Mender84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 162%
Garrosh'ar Gear-Greaser85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 352%
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 01.92%
Snagtooth Troublemaker86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 161.9%
Snagtooth Tool-Grabber86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 71.85%
Springtail Warren-Mother90A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 11.75%
Gurubashi Witch Doctor
<Zandalari Invaders>
87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 111.75%
Gurubashi Headsplitter
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 201.75%
Springtail Gnasher86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 81.7%
Springtail Digger86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.3 401.7%
Twitchheel Sleepyhead86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.3 91.7%
Krastinovian Carver41A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 161.65%
Master Caller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 51.65%
Krastinovian Carver (1)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 161.65%
Springtail Burrower90A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 51.55%
Bored Student41A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 211.55%
Bored Student (1)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 211.55%
Amani Skirmisher
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.3 121.5%
Frenzyhop86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 11.4%
<Twitchheel Warren-Mother>
86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 11.4%
Aiyu the Skillet86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 11.35%
Springtail Trapper90A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 111.35%
Springtail Thumper86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.3 31.3%
Mischievous Virmen86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 221.25%
Scholomance Neophyte (1)89 - 92A HHumanoid Scholomance5.0.1 61.25%
Jinanya the Clawblade86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 11.2%
Blackmane Tracker88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 91.1%
Silver Covenant Ranger90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 251.03%
Battleworn Paratrooper85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 281%
Battleworn Paratrooper85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 241%
Master Engineer Cogswing84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.4 11%
Gyro-Mechanic Lavenderp84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.4 11%
Captain Doren85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 11%
Thunder Hold Lieutenant84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.4 121%
Bilgewater Sapper90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 210.9%
Shieldwall Engineer90A HHumanoid 5.1.0 00.9%
Vigilant Watchman30A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 80.85%
Shieldwall Rifleman90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 460.85%
Shieldwall Footman90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 560.85%
Shieldwall Huntress90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 100.85%
Loa Speaker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 30.84%
Scarlet Judicator (1)??A HBoss Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 200.82%
Scarlet Hall Guardian (1)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Halls5.0.1 40.81%
Zandalari Shadow-Hunter87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 40.8%
Shieldwall Engineer90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 120.8%
Drakkari God-Hulk90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 60.78%
Zandalari Beastlord90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 50.68%
Zandalari Prospect90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 60.6%
Zandalari Beastcaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 60.59%
Zandalari Saurcaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 90.56%
Zandalari Soultwister90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 30.55%
Primal Devilsaur91A HBeastIsle of Giants5.2.0 30.55%
Zandalari Fetish-Binder90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 40.52%
Zandalari Beastcaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 120.49%
Zandalari Spiritbinder90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 120.48%
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 170.47%
Zandalari Bloodguard90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 70.47%
Zandalari Jaguar Warrior90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 60.45%
Captain Ripflesh88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 10.41%
Zandalari Nomad87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.1 10.33%
Farraki Assassin
<Zandalari Invaders>
88A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.0.3 40.3%