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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Cloak of Rich Anger

  • Item Level 325
  • Binds when equipped
  • Cloth Back
  • 10 Armor
  • +16 Strength
  • +24 Stamina
  • +11 Haste
  • +11 Mastery

Players can win this item when selecting the following loot specializations:
  » Paladin: ,
  » Death Knight: , ,
  » Warrior: , ,

Quick Facts
  • Cannot be disenchanted
  • Added in 4.0.3
3D Model

Dropped by (166)Contained in (1)Contained in (1)Created by (1)Items with same icon (17)
Item with same appearance (15) Comments (New!) (5) Screenshots (New!) (2)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Crown Technician83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.6 751%
Obsidium Punisher85A HElementalMolten Front4.2.0 11%
Flame Terror85A HElementalMount Hyjal4.2.0 601%
Cinderweb Creeper85A HBeastMolten Front4.1.0 31%
Fire Hawk85A HElementalMolten Front4.2.0 101%
Flamewaker Sentinel85A HHumanoidMolten Front4.2.0 81%
Flamewaker Shaman85A HHumanoidMolten Front4.2.0 51%
Emberspit Scorpion85A HBeastMolten Front4.2.0 111%
Time-Twisted Geist85A HUndead End Time4.3.0 211%
Flamewaker Trainee85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 10.61%
Needlerock Mystic83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.3 310.5%
Twilight Abductor85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 150.5%
Flamewaker Forward Guard85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 20.41%
Giant Fire Scorpion85A HBeast Firelands4.2.0 50.41%
Molten Surger85A HElemental Firelands4.2.0 50.37%
Fire Scorpion85A HBeast Firelands4.2.0 290.36%
Ancient Water Lord85A HElemental Dragon Soul4.3.0 110.35%
Flamewaker Overseer85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 10.34%
Eye of Go'rath85A HAberration Dragon Soul4.3.0 30.34%
Molten Lord85A HGiant Firelands4.2.0 30.29%
Flamewaker Subjugator85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 20.28%
Flamewaker Cauterizer85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 40.27%
Fungal Behemoth83A HGiantDeepholm4.0.1 690.25%
Jaspertip Swarmer83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.1 600.25%
Stone Bat83A HBeastDeepholm4.0.1 2020.25%
Gorged Gyreworm83A HElementalDeepholm4.0.1 100.25%
Twilight Soulreaper83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.3 10.25%
Twilight Duskwarden83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.1 240.25%
Gorgonite83A HBeastDeepholm4.0.1 20.25%
Verlok Grubthumper83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.1 1100.25%
Fungalmancer Glop83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.1 10.25%
Muddied Water Elemental84A HElementalTwilight Highlands4.0.1 340.25%
Gyreworm83A HElementalDeepholm4.0.1 540.25%
Gorged Gyreworm83A HElementalDeepholm4.0.1 300.25%
Twilight Crusher83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.0.1 90.25%
Diamond-Blade Shredder84A HMechanicalTwilight Highlands4.0.1 300.25%
Axebite Grunt83A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 30.25%
Sand Pygmy83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 560.25%
Mangy Hyena83A HBeastUldum4.0.1 320.25%
Twilight Bonebreaker84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 330.25%
Bloodsnarl Hyena82 - 83A HBeastUldum4.0.1 380.25%
Bound Fleshburner84A HElementalTwilight Highlands4.0.1 220.25%
Twilight Captivator84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 220.25%
Scion of Al'Akir83A HElementalUldum4.0.1 290.25%
Venomblood Scorpid83A HBeastUldum4.0.1 330.25%
Indentured Protector83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 100.25%
Blackscale Mistress84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 390.25%
Obsidian Pyrewing85A HDragonkinTwilight Highlands4.0.1 1500.25%
Highland Worg84A HBeastTwilight Highlands4.0.1 770.25%
Twilight Vindicator85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 350.25%
Citadel Veteran85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 270.25%
Dragonmaw Marauder84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 70.25%
Neferset Scalehunter83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 250.25%
Wildhammer Warbrand84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 70.25%
Thundermar Gryphon Rider84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 130.25%
Shaman of the Black84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 160.25%
Enslaved Tempest85A HElementalTwilight Highlands4.0.1 10.25%
Enslaved Waterspout85A HElementalTwilight Highlands4.0.1 220.25%
Blindeye the Guardian85A HGiantTwilight Highlands4.0.1 30.25%
Darkwood Lurker85A HBeastTol Barad Peninsula4.0.1 560.25%
Twilight Miner84 - 85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 20.25%
Depths Overseer85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 10.25%
Shipwrecked Sailor85A HUndeadTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 190.25%
Twilight Miner84 - 85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 40.25%
Restless Infantry85A HUndeadTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 300.25%
Highland Elk84A HBeastTwilight Highlands4.0.1 50.25%
Schnottz Air Trooper83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 210.25%
Twilight Trapper84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 40.25%
Schnottz Air Officer83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.3 110.25%
Overlook Spirit85A HUndeadTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 130.25%
Overlook Spectre85A HUndeadTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 120.25%
Ghastly Worker85A HUndeadTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 110.25%
Shaggy Desert Coyote83A HBeastUldum4.0.1 320.25%
Eternal Protector83A HUndeadUldum4.0.1 900.25%
Angered Spirit85A HUndead 4.0.3 00.25%
Neferset Sentinel83A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 140.25%
Twilight Spearwarder85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 40.25%
Twilight Spearwarder85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 270.25%
Cellblock Ooze85A HElementalTol Barad4.0.3 160.25%
Jailed Wrathguard85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 10.25%
Imprisoned Imp85A HDemonTol Barad4.0.3 280.25%
Exiled Mage85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 550.25%
Warden Guard85A HHumanoidTol Barad4.0.3 20.25%
Problim85A HGiantTol Barad4.0.1 50.25%
Suspicious Villager85A HHumanoidTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 520.25%
Apprehensive Worker85A HHumanoidTol Barad Peninsula4.0.3 450.25%
Twilight Windwarper85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 120.25%
Glopgut Pounder85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.1 160.25%
Obsidian Viletongue85A HDragonkinTwilight Highlands4.0.1 310.25%
Obsidian Charscale85A HDragonkinTwilight Highlands4.0.1 390.25%
Scarderis85A HDragonkinTwilight Highlands4.0.3 10.25%
Captain Kronkh84A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 10.25%
Captain Margun84A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 10.25%
Schnottz Sea Trooper84A HHumanoidUldum4.0.1 150.25%
Dragonmaw Skyclaw84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 280.25%
Glopgut Basher84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 110.25%
Schnottz Elite Trooper85A HHumanoidUldum4.0.3 280.25%
Axebite Infantry84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 560.25%
Highbank Prison Guard84A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 70.25%
Wild Camel84A HBeastUldum4.0.3 600.25%
Flamewaker Cauterizer85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 10.19%
Hell Hound85A HElemental Firelands4.2.0 130.15%
Unbound Smoldering Elemental85A HElemental Firelands4.2.0 120.15%
Flamewaker Pathfinder85A HHumanoid Firelands4.2.0 10.11%
Twilight Phase-Twister85A HHumanoid 4.0.3 00.08%
Twilight Phase-Twister (1)85A HHumanoid 4.0.3 00.08%
Crazed Mage80 - 85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 20.06%
Crazed Mage (1)85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 20.06%
Spatial Anomaly85A HElemental Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.06%
Temple Fireshaper85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.3 30.06%
Spatial Anomaly (1)85A HElemental Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.06%
Temple Fireshaper (1)85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.3 30.06%
Lesser Gargoyle85A HUndead 1.12.1 00.05%
Blistering Scarab85A HBeast Halls of Origination4.0.3 40.05%
Lifewarden Nymph85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.05%
Temple Swiftstalker85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 30.05%
Temple Shadowlancer85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 50.05%
Blistering Scarab (1)85A HBeast Halls of Origination4.0.3 40.05%
Lifewarden Nymph (1)85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.05%
Temple Swiftstalker (1)85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 30.05%
Temple Shadowlancer (1)85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 50.05%
Flamewaker Hunter85A HHumanoidMolten Front4.2.0 50.05%
Cinderweb Drone85A HBeast 4.2.0 00.05%
Twilight Thug85A HHumanoid Hour of Twilight4.3.0 50.05%
Lesser Gargoyle85A HUndead 1.12.1 00.05%
Sun-Touched Speaker85A HElemental Halls of Origination4.0.3 10.04%
Twilight Flame Caller80 - 85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 60.04%
Twilight Flame Caller (1)85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 60.04%
Sun-Touched Speaker (1)85A HElemental Halls of Origination4.0.3 10.04%
Schnottz Overseer84A HHumanoidUldum4.0.6 140.04%
Twilight Element Warden80 - 85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 60.03%
Twilight Element Warden (1)85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 60.03%
Dustbone Tormentor85A HUndead Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.03%
Dustbone Horror85A HUndead Halls of Origination4.0.3 40.03%
Temple Runecaster85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 40.03%
Dustbone Tormentor (1)85A HUndead Halls of Origination4.0.3 20.03%
Dustbone Horror (1)85A HUndead Halls of Origination4.0.3 40.03%
Temple Runecaster (1)85A HHumanoid Halls of Origination4.0.1 40.03%
Longstrider Gazelle83 - 84A HBeastUldum4.0.6 620.03%
Venomous Skitterer85A HBeast Halls of Origination4.0.3 30.02%
Twilight Torturer80 - 85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 100.02%
Twilight Torturer (1)85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 100.02%
Venomous Skitterer (1)85A HBeast Halls of Origination4.0.3 30.02%
Naz'jar Invader80 - 85A HHumanoid Throne of the Tides4.0.3 60.01%
Twilight Zealot80 - 85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 230.01%
Twilight Zealot (1)85A HHumanoid Blackrock Caverns4.0.3 230.01%
Oathsworn Axemaster84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 60.01%
Oathsworn Myrmidon84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 50.01%
Oathsworn Pathfinder84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 30.01%
Neferset Plaguebringer84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 20.01%
Oathsworn Skinner84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 100.01%
Enslaved Bandit85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 60.01%
Oathsworn Captain84 - 85A HHumanoid Lost City of the Tol'vir4.0.1 20.01%
Naz'jar Invader (1)85A HHumanoid Throne of the Tides4.0.3 60.01%
Oathsworn Axemaster (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Oathsworn Myrmidon (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Oathsworn Pathfinder (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Neferset Plaguebringer (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Oathsworn Skinner (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Oathsworn Captain (1)85A HHumanoid  00.01%
Venomscale Spitter83 - 84A HBeastUldum4.0.6 940.01%
Oasis Crocolisk83 - 84A HBeastUldum4.0.6 880.01%
Gurubashi Berserker85A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub4.1.0 30.01%
Hakkari Witch Doctor85A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub4.1.0 40.01%
Fiery Behemoth85A HGiantMount Hyjal4.2.0 90.01%
Gurubashi Blood Drinker85A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub4.1.0 120.01%