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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Northern Ivory

Quick Facts
  • Requires Jewelcrafting (375)
  • Smart loot
  • Added in 3.0.1

Dropped by (23)Linked quest creatures (24)Items with same icon (16) Comments (New!) (24)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Shoveltusk68A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 262100%
Shoveltusk Stag69A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 183100%
Wooly Mammoth69A HBeastBorean Tundra3.0.1 54100%
Island Shoveltusk70 - 71A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 12100%
Shoveltusk Calf68A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 248100%
Scourged Mammoth70 - 71A HUndeadBorean Tundra3.0.1 55100%
Wooly Mammoth Bull70A HBeastBorean Tundra3.0.1 17100%
Emaciated Mammoth Bull73A HBeastDragonblight3.0.1 16100%
Emaciated Mammoth71A HBeastDragonblight3.0.1 17100%
Emaciated Mammoth Calf70A HBeastDragonblight3.0.1 31100%
Longhoof Grazer73 - 74A HBeastGrizzly Hills3.0.1 36100%
Phantasmal Mammoth79 - 81A HBeast 3.0.1 0100%
Shattertusk Mammoth76 - 77A HBeastSholazar Basin3.0.1 25100%
Shattertusk Bull76 - 77A HBeastSholazar Basin3.0.1 19100%
Shattertusk Calf76A HBeastSholazar Basin3.0.1 4100%
Enraged Mammoth76 - 77A HBeastZul'Drak3.0.1 12100%
Ironwool Mammoth77 - 78A HBeastThe Storm Peaks3.0.1 23100%
Shoveltusk Forager69A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 167100%
Tamed Shoveltusk69A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 12100%
Wild Shoveltusk68A HBeastHowling Fjord3.0.1 20100%
Stoic Mammoth77 - 78A HBeastThe Storm Peaks3.0.2 12100%
Plains Mammoth77 - 78A HBeastThe Storm Peaks3.0.2 11100%
Tukemuth73A HBeastDragonblight3.0.2 8100%