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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Design: Beaming Earthsiege Diamond

  • Item Level 80
  • Requires Jewelcrafting (420)
  • 1 Charge
  • "Teaches you how to cut a Beaming Earthsiege Diamond"
    • Sell Price: 8

Quick Facts
  • Requires Jewelcrafting (420)
  • Smart loot
  • Added in 3.0.8

Dropped by (37)Contained in (10)Items with same icon (844) Comments (New!) (6)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Frenzied Abomination (1)82A HUndead Icecrown Citadel3.3.0 113.51%
Twilight Shadowblade82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Corrupted Servitor81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 10.11%
Nature's Blade81A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 40.09%
Chamber Overseer82A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 30.06%
Forest Swarmer81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 400.04%
Molten Colossus82A HGiant Ulduar3.1.0 20.03%
Storm Tempered Keeper82A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 40.02%
Forge Construct82A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 40.02%
Winter Jormungar81A HBeast Ulduar3.1.0 100.02%
Plagued Bat80A HBeast Naxxramas1.11.1 380.01%
Crazed Water Spirit75 - 76A HElementalZul'Drak3.0.1 370.01%
Warlord Tartek77A HHumanoidSholazar Basin3.0.1 10.01%
Marauding Geist80A HUndead 3.0.2 00.01%
Infinite Corruptor82A HDragonkin 3.0.2 00.01%
Guardian Lasher81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 30.01%
Mangrove Ent81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Ironroot Lasher81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Dark Rune Thunderer82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Twilight Adherent82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Twilight Frost Mage82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 50.01%
Twilight Pyromancer82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 30.01%
Twilight Guardian82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Twilight Slayer82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 10.01%
Magma Rager82A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Champion of Hodir82A HGiant Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Winter Revenant81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Winter Rumbler81A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 60.01%
Hardened Iron Golem82A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Clockwork Sapper80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 60.01%
Rune Etched Sentry82A HElemental Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
Iron Mender82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Lightning Charged Iron Dwarf82A HHumanoid Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
Parts Recovery Technician80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 40.01%
XR-949 Salvagebot80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 10.01%
XD-175 Compactobot80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%
XB-488 Disposalbot80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 20.01%