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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Geodesic Fragments

  • Item Level 1
    • Sell Price: 22 50

Quick Facts
  • Added in 3.0.1

Dropped by (25)Skinned from (24)Items with same icon (13) Comments (New!) (6)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
<Servant of Loken>
80A HGiantThe Storm Peaks3.0.2 1100%
Icebound Revenant78 - 80A HElemental 3.0.2 026.68%
Drakkari Golem (Heroic)80 - 81A HMechanical Gundrak3.0.2 319.5%
Drakkari Golem77 - 81A HMechanical Gundrak3.0.2 317.5%
Iron Rune Golem70A HElementalHowling Fjord3.0.1 2412%
Storm Tempered Keeper (Heroic)82A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 48%
Storm Tempered Keeper (Heroic)82A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 48%
Forge Construct (Heroic)82A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 48%
Arachnopod Destroyer (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 48%
Trash (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 168%
Clockwork Sapper (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 68%
Parts Recovery Technician (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 48%
XR-949 Salvagebot (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 18%
XD-175 Compactobot (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 28%
XB-488 Disposalbot (Heroic)80A HMechanical Ulduar3.1.0 28%
Perch Guardian77 - 78A HElementalSholazar Basin3.0.1 90.5%
Icebound Revenant78 - 80A HElementalThe Storm Peaks3.0.2 120.5%
Stone Giant70A HGiantHowling Fjord3.0.1 50.25%
Runic Battle Golem73 - 74A HElementalGrizzly Hills3.0.1 190.25%
Crystalline Ice Elemental73 - 74A HElementalDragonblight3.0.1 230.25%
Runic War Golem74 - 75A HElementalGrizzly Hills3.0.1 170.25%
Sholazar Guardian77 - 78A HElementalSholazar Basin3.0.1 60.25%
Stormwatcher80A HElementalSholazar Basin3.0.1 40.25%
Icetouched Earthrager74 - 75A HElementalZul'Drak3.0.1 330.25%
Brittle Revenant80A HElementalThe Storm Peaks3.0.2 70.25%