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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Ethereum Prison Key

Quick Facts
  • Added in 2.0.1


Dropped by (49)Reward from (8)Objective of (2)Loot conditions (1)Opens (23)
Items with same icon (6)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Ethereal Scavenger64 - 70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 760%
Ethereal Crypt Raider64 - 70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1360%
Ethereal Spellbinder65 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 860%
Ethereal Sorcerer64 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1960%
Nexus Stalker65 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 560%
Ethereal Theurgist66 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 360%
Ethereal Priest64 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1860%
Ethereal Darkcaster65 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1260%
Zaxxis Raider67 - 68A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 2560%
Nexus Terror64 - 70A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 860%
Warp-Raider Nesaad69A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 160%
Zaxxis Stalker68A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 860%
Ethereal Crypt Raider (Heroic)70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1360%
Ethereal Darkcaster (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1260%
Ethereal Priest (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1860%
Ethereal Scavenger (Heroic)70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 760%
Ethereal Sorcerer (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1960%
Ethereal Spellbinder (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 860%
Ethereal Theurgist (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 360%
Nexus Stalker (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 560%
Nexus Terror (Heroic)70A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 860%
Ethereum Assassin68 - 69A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 660%
Ethereum Shocktrooper68 - 69A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 960%
Ethereum Researcher69 - 70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 460%
Ethereum Archon69 - 70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 860%
Ethereum Overlord69 - 70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 1060%
Ethereum Nexus-Stalker70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 1260%
Razaani Raider67 - 68A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1160%
Razaani Nexus Stalker67 - 68A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1060%
Razaani Spell-Thief67 - 68A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 360%
Captain Zovax70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 160%
Warden Icoshock70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 160%
Ethereum Gladiator70A HHumanoid 2.2.0 060%
Ethereum Slayer70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 460%
Ethereum Wave-Caster70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 260%
Ethereum Slayer (Heroic)70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 460%
Ethereum Wave-Caster (Heroic)70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 260%
Ethereum Life-Binder70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 260%
Bash'ir Raider70 - 71A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1160%
Bash'ir Spell-Thief70 - 71A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1260%
Bash'ir Arcanist71 - 72A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1860%
Unbound Ethereal70 - 71A HElementalBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1360%
Ethereum Life-Binder (Heroic)70A HHumanoid The Arcatraz2.2.0 260%
Ethereum Avenger69 - 70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 1560%
Ethereum Nullifier69 - 70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 3660%
Ethereum Jailor71A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.2.0 2160%
Bash'ir Surveyor72A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.2.0 1760%
Mana-Debt Slave70A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.1.0 1860%
Simon Unit70A HUnspecifiedBlade's Edge Mountains2.1.0 160%