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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Theradric Crystal Carving

  • Item Level 1

Quick Facts
  • Multi drop
  • Added in 1.11.1

Dropped by (34)Objective of (1)Linked quest creatures (32)Items with same icon (6)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Cursed Centaur35A HHumanoidDesolace1.11.1 2100%
Putridus Satyr33A HDemon Maraudon1.11.1 16100%
Putridus Trickster34A HDemon Maraudon1.11.1 22100%
Putridus Shadowstalker33 - 34A HDemon Maraudon1.11.1 7100%
Celebrian Dryad36A HHumanoid Maraudon1.11.1 6100%
Sister of Celebras36A HHumanoid Maraudon1.11.1 12100%
Princess Theradras39A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Landslide39A HGiant Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Primordial Behemoth38A HGiant Maraudon1.11.1 16100%
Thessala Hydra37 - 38A HBeast Maraudon1.11.1 11100%
Poison Sprite33A HDemon Maraudon1.11.1 34100%
Vile Larva35A HBeast Maraudon1.11.1 56100%
Barbed Lasher36A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 18100%
Constrictor Vine35 - 36A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 54100%
Noxious Slime34 - 35A HAberration Maraudon1.11.1 27100%
Creeping Sludge34 - 35A HAberration Maraudon1.11.1 24100%
Cavern Lurker35 - 36A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 8100%
Cavern Shambler36A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 3100%
Lord Vyletongue35A HDemon Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Meshlok the Harvester37A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Spirit of Gelk
<The Second Khan>
33A HUndeadDesolace1.11.1 1100%
Spirit of Kolk
<The First Khan>
34A HUndeadDesolace1.11.1 1100%
Spirit of Magra
<The Third Khan>
34A HUndeadDesolace1.11.1 1100%
Spirit of Maraudos
<The Fourth Khan>
35A HUndead Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Spirit of Veng
<The Fifth Khan>
35A HUndead Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Noxxion37A HElemental Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Tinkerer Gizlock35A HHumanoid Maraudon1.11.1 1100%
Noxxious Scion44A HElemental 1.11.1 0100%
The Nameless Prophet35A HHumanoidDesolace1.11.1 1100%
<The Fifth Khan>
47A HUndead 1.11.1 0100%
<The Fourth Khan>
46A HUndead 1.11.1 0100%
<The Third Khan>
43A HUndead 1.11.1 0100%
<The Second Khan>
42A HUndead 1.11.1 0100%
<The First Khan>
43A HUndead 1.11.1 0100%