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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Deficient Eredar Head

  • Item Level 100
  • Binds when picked up

Quick Facts
  • Smart loot
  • Added in 7.0.3

Dropped by (37)Items with same icon (5) Comments (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (1)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Talgathi Executioner110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 361.9%
Talgathi Portal Keeper110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 111.2%
Eredar Conqueror110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 60.95%
Eredar Soulshaper110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 80.95%
Felsiege Champion110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 130.8%
Felscarred Destroyer110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 140.8%
Talgathi Incinerator110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 170.75%
Eredar Acolyte110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 290.7%
Nath'raxxan Doomshot110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 180.65%
Shademistress110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 100.6%
Annihilan Fanatic110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 220.55%
Nath'raxxan Fleshcarver110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 150.55%
Felsiege Doomcaller110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 200.5%
Nath'raxxan Pyroclast110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 120.5%
Annihilan Warden110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 240.45%
Antoran Soulshaper110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 60.45%
Antoran Fiendmaster110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 270.3%
Eredar Chaosbringer110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 190.3%
Felsiege Doomcaller110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 110.25%
Eredar Bonebreaker111A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 60.25%
Eredar Navigator110A HDemonAzsuna7.0.3 70.2%
Antoran Drudge110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 110.2%
Highguard Warrior110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 80.15%
Antoran Despoiler110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 190.15%
Eredar Overseer110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 200.15%
Eredar Souleater110A HDemonAzsuna7.0.3 40.1%
Felbound Scholar110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 70.1%
Highguard Captain110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 30.1%
Antoran Defender110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 50.1%
Felsworn Myrmidon110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 320.1%
Eredar War-Mind110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 290.1%
Eredar Tormentor102A HDemonHighmountain7.0.3 30.05%
Eredar Soulmage110A HDemonAzsuna7.0.3 120.05%
Felsworn Excavator110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 130.05%
Eredar Soulflayer110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 150.05%
Nether Acolyte110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 190.05%
Eredar Soulbinder110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 310.05%