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REALM: Felsong   (change to )

Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Harvested Goods

  • Item Level 1
  • Binds when picked up
  • "Contains assorted herbs and fish from the Broken Isles. Looted by players with the Harvester enchantment."

There are 1 bug reports posted mentioning this item
- Shoulder enchant drops (Salvaged armor,Argunite Cluster etc...)

Quick Facts
  • Openable
  • Added in 7.0.3


Dropped by (185)Contains (12)Items with same icon (10) Comments (New!) (11) Screenshots (New!) (1)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Mortiferous112A HDemonAzsuna7.0.3 117.54%
Guardian Rurson112A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 115.52%
Guardian Gorroc112A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 115%
Dire Shaman111A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 1212.6%
Promenade Guard110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 1810.99%
Wyrmtongue Scavenger110A HDemon Cathedral of Eternal Night7.2.0 1610%
Grisly Trapper111A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 99.63%
Bishop110A HBeast Karazhan7.1.0 19.31%
Bonespeaker Soulbinder112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 88.91%
Foul Soulkeeper1A HDemon 7.2.0 08%
Nightborne Foehunter110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 57.25%
Kvaldir Spiritrender112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 257.15%
Masterless Faceless Corrupter110A HAberration 7.0.3 06.67%
Bo'lan the Marked112A HBeast The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 16.67%
Felsworn Chaos-Mage110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 76.54%
Corrupted Gatewarden111A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 36.53%
Ghostly Baker110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 46.51%
Dreadsoul Corruptor112A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 36.43%
Duskwatch Guard110A HHumanoid Court of Stars7.0.3 256.41%
Ghostly Chef110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 56.19%
Defiled Keeper111A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 26.17%
Resolute Courtesan112A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 25.68%
Kvaldir Reefcaller112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 155.68%
Queen110A HBeast Karazhan7.1.0 15.58%
Nobleborn Warpcaster111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 375.26%
Felsworn Shadowblade110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 65.25%
Deathroot Ancient111A HElemental The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 45.19%
Tamed Manasaber110A HBeastSuramar7.0.3 64.8%
Duskwatch Sentinel111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 614.6%
Midnight Siphoner112A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 34.57%
Skeletal Usher110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 124.53%
Phantom Guardsman110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 234.33%
Reformed Maiden110A HDemon Karazhan7.1.0 134.3%
Bishop110A HBeast Karazhan7.1.0 14.21%
Wholesome Hostess110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 124.2%
Knight110A HBeast Karazhan7.1.0 24.18%
Screeching Spiderling110A HBeast The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 24.16%
Screaming Felbat110A HDemon 7.0.3 04%
Witchmatron Magora1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 04%
Astral Farseer112A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 33.76%
Tyrande Whisperwind110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.1.0 43.76%
Lady Liadrin
<Blood Knight Matriarch>
110A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 13.76%
Shadowfeather110A HAberration The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 13.64%
Spectral Sentry110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 253.57%
Duskwatch Battle-Magus111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 573.22%
Phantom Guest110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 843.19%
Dreadsoul Defiler112A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 33.17%
Spectral Patron110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 543.08%
Spectral Journeyman110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 43%
Duskwatch Sentry110A HHumanoid Court of Stars7.0.3 72.99%
Nightmother110A HAberration The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 12.94%
Celestial Acolyte111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 242.88%
Spectral Attendant111A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 72.88%
Undying Servant110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 112.85%
Virtuous Lady110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 172.84%
Ghostly Understudy110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 182.8%
Taintheart Trickster111A HDemon The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 172.78%
Phantom Crew110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 12.78%
Kvaldir Tide Witch112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 52.67%
Ghostly Philanthropist111A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 142.5%
Spectral Patron110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 82.48%
Horrid Eagle111A HBeast The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 32.3%
Spectral Stable Hand110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 72.06%
Valiyaka the Stormbringer110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 12%
The Oracle102A HUndeadAzsuna7.0.3 12%
Flog the Captain-Eater102A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 12%
Wrath of Azshara??A HBoss Eye of Azshara7.0.3 12%
Blacksail Salvor
<Blacksail Crew>
110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 352%
Felbound Spirit103 - 110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 32%
Zuriwa the Hexxer111A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 12%
Stonefin Mudthrasher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 92%
Lady Ssathara1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 02%
Highguard Captain110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 32%
Vanguard Scout110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 22%
Talgathi Incinerator110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 172%
Helarjar Mistcaller111A HHumanoid Helmouth Cliffs7.0.3 41.95%
Lady Hatecoil??A HBoss Eye of Azshara7.0.3 11.94%
Dark Seraph112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 41.89%
Astral Defender111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 141.88%
Felsworn Myrmidon110A HHumanoid Vault of the Wardens7.0.3 41.86%
Tainted Bloodpetal112A HElemental The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 941.85%
Stormforged Sentinel110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 321.84%
Bitterbrine Saltcaster102A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 131.82%
Haunting Nightmare112A HDemon The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 91.82%
<Fel Covenant>
110A HDemon Court of Stars7.0.3 11.81%
Dresaron??A HBoss Darkheart Thicket7.0.3 10.9%
Mana Wyrm110A HBeast Court of Stars7.0.3 481.8%
Gelatinized Decay111A HAberration 7.0.3 01.78%
Felfin Terrorscale110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 71.78%
Eredar Conqueror110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 61.78%
Serpentrix??A HBoss Eye of Azshara7.0.3 11.76%
Guardian Construct110A HMechanical Court of Stars7.0.3 151.76%
Valarjar Thundercaller110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 691.72%
Helblaze Imp110A HDemon Cathedral of Eternal Night7.2.0 341.72%
Talgathi Executioner110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 361.72%
Spectral Apprentice110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 101.67%
Felsiege Doomcaller110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 201.58%
Coldmist Stalker110A HBeast 7.1.0 01.56%
Felfire Supplicant
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 91.56%
Shademistress110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 101.54%
Mana Saber110A HBeast Court of Stars7.0.3 131.53%
Voidscarred Krokul110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 401.52%
Nath'raxxan Pyroclast110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 121.52%
Fel Bat110A HDemon Karazhan7.1.0 201.51%
Abstract Nullifier111A HMechanical Karazhan7.1.0 11.51%
Nath'raxxan Doomshot110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 181.5%
Venomous Spiderling110A HBeast The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 111.48%
Shadowguard Phaseblade100 - 110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 91.46%
Felskorn Drakerider1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 01.44%
Felbound Scholar110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 71.44%
Vanguard Portal-Master110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 41.44%
Valarjar Champion110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 961.41%
Helhound112A HUndead Trial of Valor7.1.0 141.41%
Annihilan Fanatic110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 221.4%
Sael'orn??A HBoss Violet Hold7.0.3 11.38%
Skeletal Waiter111A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 81.37%
Devoted Occultist
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.2.0 111.36%
Felsiege Champion110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 131.36%
<The Ferryman>
??A HBoss Helmouth Cliffs7.0.3 11.22%
Felsiege Doomcaller110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 111.32%
Felsurge Defender1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 01.28%
Eredar Soulshaper110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 81.28%
Spectral Retainer111A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 41.27%
Burning Throne Felcaster110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 121.26%
Erudite Slayer111A HDemon Karazhan7.1.0 11.25%
Rook Spinner111A HBeast Black Rook Hold7.0.3 11.2%
Legion Cannoneer110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 51.2%
<Nightmare Guardian>
112A HDragonkin The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 11.19%
Highguard Warrior110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 81.18%
Risen Scout110A HUndead Black Rook Hold7.0.3 71.17%
<Father of the Glade>
??A HBoss Darkheart Thicket7.0.3 11.16%
Burning Throne Executioner110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 131.16%
Nath'raxxan Fleshcarver110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 151.14%
Withered Skulker111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 81.13%
Shivermaw??A HBoss Violet Hold7.0.3 11.12%
Mana Confluence111A HElemental Karazhan7.1.0 41.12%
Felrage Marauder110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 271.12%
Antoran Drudge110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 111.12%
Antoran Fiendmaster110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 271.12%
Archdruid Glaidalis??A HBoss Darkheart Thicket7.0.3 11.1%
Felskorn Zealot1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 01.1%
Felrage Slaver110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 131.1%
Antoran Despoiler110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 191.1%
Annihilan Warden110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 241.08%
Warlord Parjesh??A HBoss Eye of Azshara7.0.3 11.06%
Felscarred Destroyer110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 141.06%
Eredar Acolyte110A HDemonKrokuun7.3.0 291.06%
Eredar Soulflayer110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 151.06%
Arcanist Malrodi110A HHumanoid Court of Stars7.1.0 11.04%
Damaged Golem111A HMechanical Karazhan7.1.0 41.04%
Sidereal Familiar111A HElemental The Nighthold7.0.3 121.01%
Perrexx98 - 110A HDemonVal'sharah7.0.3 11%
Broodmother Lizax110A HDemon 7.0.3 01%
Bahagar102A HBeastVal'sharah7.0.3 11%
Felborne Punisher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 251%
King Deepbeard??A HBoss Eye of Azshara7.0.3 10.96%
Felbound Spirit110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 90.96%
Putrid Sludge110A HBeast The Nighthold7.0.3 100.95%
Ymiron, the Fallen King??A HBoss Helmouth Cliffs7.0.3 10.94%
Burning Chaplain110A HDemonSuramar7.0.3 20.94%
Volatile Scorpid111A HBeast The Nighthold7.0.3 20.94%
Deadwood Felcaster110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 250.94%
Eredar Soulbinder110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 310.94%
Nighthold Protector110A HMechanical The Nighthold7.0.3 100.93%
Acidmaw Scorpid111A HBeast The Nighthold7.0.3 40.91%
Neglected Bones98 - 110A HUndead Trial of Valor7.0.3 150.91%
Valarjar Mystic110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 470.9%
Shrieking Terror110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 60.9%
Felbound Spirit110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 50.9%
Talgathi Portal Keeper110A HDemonMac'Aree7.3.0 110.9%
Crystalline Scorpid111A HBeast The Nighthold7.0.3 190.89%
Sludgerax110A HBeast 7.0.3 00.89%
Blood-Princess Thal'ena??A HBoss Violet Hold7.0.3 10.88%
Cindern the Everburning1A HElemental 7.2.0 00.88%
Lady Velandras Ravencrest111A HUndead Black Rook Hold7.0.3 10.87%
Sea Giant Pillager1A HGiant 7.2.0 00.86%
Ghostly Councilor110A HUndead Black Rook Hold7.0.3 90.84%
Deepsurge Punisher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 40.84%
Summoner Xiv112A HDemon The Nighthold7.0.3 10.83%
Felfire Supplicant
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 80.82%
Dreadwing Terror100 - 110A HDemon 7.2.0 00.82%
Antoran Defender110A HDemonAntoran Wastes7.3.0 50.82%
<Darkgrove Keeper>
102A HDemonVal'sharah7.0.3 10.8%
Devoted Occultist
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.2.0 120.8%
Nighthuntress Lexera110A HDemonBroken Shore7.2.0 10.8%