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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Essence of the Executioner

Quick Facts
  • Smart loot
  • Added in 7.0.3


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By Esinar on 24 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

Greetings all. I received the starter item for this appearance, Grimoire of the First Necrolyte, today after reaching Artifact Knowledge level 5. After speaking to several others that have obtained it also, I can confirm this is the only requirement. My screenshot of the drop can be found here: http://i.imgur.com/mT99FBq.jpg

This Grimoire can drop from any eredar mob on the Broken Isles, as people have found them all over the Broken Isles - from Highmountain to Azsuna. A lot of people have had luck by killing the eredar in Highmountain whilst also looking for the Demonology hidden skin, which is where I found mine. There is also a theory that the higher HP eredar mobs have a higher chance of dropping the item (such as the ones in Highmountain), but this is just speculation at this time.

The Grimoire starts a quest to obtain 13 skulls from 'powerful humanoid champions'. This is the info I've gathered on how to obtain the skulls:
- The skulls cannot be obtained by simply killing an enemy in the open world
- It drops as a bonus loot item from the world quest reward, meaning you need to be on the world quest and complete it to receive the skull
- The world quest has to be for an individual rare elite (the ones that generally require a group) and not the smaller rare mobs
- It doesn't strictly need to be a humanoid rare elite, as I have received them from demon and undead mobs
- Given that these world quests seem to only pop up every few days, it's going to take a few weeks to get the hidden appearance

Here is a screenshot of my first skull drop: http://i.imgur.com/JQ6ZU8i.jpg . As you can see it comes as bonus loot, not the mob itself.

After collecting the 13 skulls, you take them to an alter in the crypts under Karazhan. Here, the spirit of Sataiel will appear and you must kill her to loot the appearance. Here is myself obtaining it: http://i.imgur.com/rKmWnSO.jpg

Good luck all.

By ekrietlow on 10 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

I've read reports of people requiring artifact knowledge level 5.
By jratt85 on 21 Nov 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

my question is "do you have to be in that spec to loot it or will it pop up in any spec as long as you have your weapon with you"?
By kain78 on 21 Nov 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

I wanted to add, if your like me and were worried, clearing all the mythic's isn't some hidden part of making the book drop, never did maw or court
By kain78 on 19 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

I just finished it today and wanted to add, skulls aren't rng just very very specific, Danger humanoids WQ, ghost, beast, elemental and demonic demons dont count, demon mobs that have human form count, Epic wq dont count.
By chrisgatton on 01 Sep 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

The Grimoire just dropped for me in Argus. Figure I would let everyone know.

By gilike05 on 29 Nov 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

Here's a list with all the World Quest you can get a Skull of the Executed from, after you looted the Grimoire of the First Necrolyte from any eredar mob on the Broken Isles which starts the The Grimoire of the First Necrolyte quest.
You have to be at least Artifact Knowledge Level 5 in order to loot the grimoire.

Important: you won't get Skull of the Executed if you are in a raid group.

To avoid these situations, if you leave the raid group before the kill, you will get one, otherwise just kill these mobs in party or solo.

For those who use TomTom here are the coordinates:
/way Stormheim 66 50 Fjorlag
/way Stormheim 73.7 39.3 Portal to Helheim
/way Helheim 68.2 19.3 Captain Dargun
/way Stormheim 83 9 Rulf Bonesnapper
/way Stormheim 62 73 Lagertha
/way Stormheim 77 9 Runeseer Sigvid
/way Azsuna 40 44 Mortiferous
/way Highmountain 52 58 Ormagrogg
/way Highmountain 43.4 75.4 Durguth
/way Suramar 49 79 Magistrix Vilessa
/way Suramar 57 67 Auditor Esiel
/way Suramar 81 62 Az'jatar
/way Val'sharah 46 84 Kathaw
/way Val'sharah 43 75 Malisandra
/way Val'sharah 62 43 Ealdis
/way Val'sharah 69 57 Rabxach
/way Val'sharah 52 40 Shalas'aman
You have to create 3 macro for these, because of the character limits.
If you want to create 1 single macro for waypoints, use Macro Toolkit addon. You can extend the character limit to 1024 there.
I will update this list if any new source(s) discovered.

By pjrulez on 23 Jan 2017 (Patch 7.2.0 )

Are Rare Elite mobs from world quests there also when there's no world quest for them? or is the only way to obtain skulls by waiting for DANGER world quests to appear?
By Mayia on 08 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

Oubdod Da Smasher yielded a skull also.
By Thatsoureric on 29 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I received a skull from DANGER: Sea King Tidross
By Xirador on 31 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I just received one from DANGER: Sorallus. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=44122/danger-sorallus
By xsirenxcrusnikx on 15 Sep 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Just got one from Danger: Aodh Witherpetal in Val'sharah.

By Mafan on 24 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

You can use this macro to track your progress for the other colour variants of the hidden skin:

/run local _,_,_,a, b = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11152,1) local _,_,_,c, d = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11153,1) local _,_,_,e, f = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11154,1) print("Dungeons: "..a.."/"..b) print("WQs: "..c.."/"..d) print("Kills: "..e.."/"..f)
You need to complete 100 dungeons, finish 200 world-quests and kill 1000 enemy players with the skin equipped.

By hotchrisbfries on 23 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

It should be noted that the "100 dungeons" are Legion only. Soloing old world dungeons does not count towards the unlock. Also the 1,000 players dont have to be honorable, you can gank lowbies or kill allies in PvE that are mind controlled and it will count towards the total.

By ZIGMER on 28 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

For those that already have the hidden appearance, Here's how to track your hidden artifact appearance color variants through achievement progress:

/run AddTrackedAchievement(11152) - Complete 30 dungeons using a hidden artifact appearance. (This achievement does not display correctly)
/run AddTrackedAchievement(11153) - Complete 200 world quests using a hidden artifact appearance.
/run AddTrackedAchievement(11154) - Kill 1,000 players using a hidden artifact appearance.

Check all your hidden artifact appearance progress using this script

/run local q,x,_,a,b = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo,0 for i=1,11 do _,_,_,a,b = q(11152,i) x=a end local _,_,_,c,d = q(11153,1) local _,_,_,e,f = q(11154,1) print("Dungeons: "..x.."/"..b) print("WQs: "..c.."/"..d) print("Kills: "..e.."/"..f)
Note: Completing any of these achievements will complete them for all your other specializations on that character, regardless of having unlocked the consumable items for your other specs.
The correct achievement ID's were shared by hamza1306 on the WoW subreddit - sourceThe script was shared by MMOSimca on the same topic on WoW's subreddit - source

By Alirana on 10 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Does this drop for a warlock NOT in affliction specialization? Or if one didn't have affliction as loot specialization?

By Sanzoo on 04 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

I can confirm this DOES drop while not in Affliction specialization. I got this while i farmed for demonology hidden artifact. I was in demo spec and demo specialization

By scylenara on 11 Feb 2017 (Patch 7.2.0 )

Tricks for farming this quickly:
  • Don't bother with the Eredar Supplicants. There's a small Legion ship with six Eredar Navigator spawns packed into one room. Fly to Illidari Perch (NOT Illidari Stand) in Azsuna. From here, follow the path west as it leads up a gently sloping hill. On your left will be a green portal (26.8 , 48.9).
  • Find another warlock who also wants to farm for this, or the Demo appearance! The spawn rate DOUBLES with a second person in the room.
  • Gotta farm solo? Use Group Finder to hop servers for fresh spawns. Premade Groups > Questing. Find groups for Azsuna World Quests. (As a matter of principle, I only sign up for groups that don't actually need my help. Avoid group quests. "Magic of Flight" parties are my favourite.)

By Lake8888 on 03 Sep 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Dropped for me on Argus. I don't even when it dropped, I just noticed it in my inventory are killing a ton of eredar there while questing.

By Grksinner on 03 Nov 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

RNG heavy hidden.
Getting the tome
Getting Danger WQ
Getting bosses that are not beast
Getting the low drop chance of skulls from bosses.

Took me for ever but finally got it 11/1/2016

Favorite current hidden. Very much worth it. Now if they would fix Affliction or be able to xmog other artifacts on top of artifacts would be great.

By Dissectional on 06 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

I made a custom tracker in the Rarity addon, As at 6/Jan/2017, there are 83 NPCs on Wowhead that have confirmed drops of the Grimoire which starts the quest chain, I've added them all to this tracker.
I've set the estimated number of kills at 1000, based on what appears to be about a 0.1% drop chance across all mobs (considering the numbers presented will include non-Warlocks and Warlocks who have already acquired the skin).
It unfortunately cannot do retroactive tracking to see how many mobs you've killed before importing this.

Here's what it looks like in game.

Here is the export string if you'd like it to import it yourself.

Edit: After 7 hours farming, I discovered I already had the quest in my quest log, I don't know when I acquired it but I think it was before I created the tracker so I am unfortunately unable to attest to it's efficacy. If you do use this tracker and have success with it, please do post your results.

By Krolorr on 03 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

So I decided to farm this as affliction, and after 20 minutes I ended up stopping and logged for the night. Came back and switched to destruction (my primary spec) and it dropped from an Eredar Supplicant on my first kill of the day. So you don't need to be affliction for this to drop.

By jjanchan on 18 Aug 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Essence of the Executioner is the item that unlocks the Affliction Warlock hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance (Fate's End).

If this appearance follows the pattern of other Hidden Appearances that have shown up in game, you DO NOT need to be Affliction spec to loot it. Obviously this is not 100% confirmed yet.

Check out the spoiler tag for the method to obtaining it:

  1. First, you need to get your hands on Grimoire of the First Necrolyte, which is a drop from Eredar Supplicants in Faronaar, Azsuna (west of Illidari Stand).
  2. Next, you can begin the quest – The Grimoire of the First Necrolyte. This quest requires that you obtain 13 Skull of the Executed from “powerful champions” in the Broken Isles – namely the mobs that you kill for the Rare Elite World Quests (marked with a Blue Dragon on your Order Hall map). These elites typically require 3-5+ people to kill.
  3. Once you have obtained the 13 skulls, which may take a number of days, you use them at the Executioners Altar in Deadwind Pass to summon Sataiel. She drops Essence of the Executioner when defeated.

By FoxNMM on 04 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Is it known if the grimoire is able to be obtained before level 110?
By mbensasi on 10 Jan 2017 (Patch 7.1.5 )

It cannot be obtained before 110, as you need artifact knowledge level 5 to obtain it.

By dirtcheap83 on 02 Aug 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Found a little tidbit. Though this submission is based on Beta and subject to change.

"The Grimoire of the First Necrolyte" is a drop in Azsuna that begins a quest. The only known report of it dropping came from an Eredar Supplicant, which can be found in Faronaar. The quest requires you to gather thirteen "Skull of the Executed", which seem to drop from the elite rare spawns that can be found throughout the Broken Isles. Generally the Wardens will target one or two each day as a world quest. It's unknown what happens after thirteen are found and the quest is completed, but the quest log certainly indicates that the Ulthalesh hidden skin is the ultimate reward.

By Duodenum on 17 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Has anyone seen this drop since the game has gone live? most comments comfirming the drop are from the beta/alpha

By sperandiostroph on 29 Nov 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

You can do the whole thing using another spec, including killing Sataiel.
Also, unlocking color variations of a hidden appearence will unlock the respective color variation for other artifacts hidden appearences, except for the original color.

By Kurtcaine on 03 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

It appears as though the "rare" or boss world quests during the 7.2 invasions do NOT drop the skulls.
In saying that, I have only tested this on 3 bosses so far.

By kaeg on 11 Dec 2017 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Witchdoctor Grgl-Brgl counts as well.

By Mortarkar on 24 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

Someone at the warlock discord just posted a screenshot confirming a drop for Grimoire of the First Necrolyte to start the quest line. He was farming Eredars in western Highmountain near Felbane Camp Flightpoint for the Demonology hidden artifact skin. Trigger seems to be Artifact Knowledge 5.

By JoshUAgov on 25 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

Got Grimoire of the First Necrolyte today(25.09) from Eredar Supplicant, accepted quest and started farming those skulls, but after completing 2 local quests (Blue elite ones for rares - one in Azsuna, that i can't remeber, and Lytheron) did not get any of the Skull of the Executed, what's the problem behind this?
upd: Does Skull of the Executed drop only from Humanoid Rare Elites?

By LyssaWoW on 15 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )

They only drop from humanoid shaped rares (i.e. things that stand upright, have a head and legs, like giants, undead Vry'kul kings, harpies, etc), and a couple of others like the huge Marrowgar lookalike in Stormheim. Not just from bosses classified as Humanoid. They don't drop from dragons, elementals or anything of that sort. They also only drop from World Quests that start with "DANGER: ". It's definitely not bugged as a lot of people are claiming, I'm on 9/13 at the moment. It's just very infrequent that the correct quest appears.

By Thatsoureric on 29 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I can confirm that World bosses and WANTED quests do NOT give skulls.

By Wizairde on 17 May 2018 (Patch 8.0.1 )

Greater Invasion Point: Mistress Alluradel didn't count in case you may be wondering.

By Vegedock on 16 Oct 2016 (Patch 7.1.0 )


Video showing what do to with the skin!

By salfredo on 09 May 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Unlocks an appearance for this artifact