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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Yvonia's Spaulders

  • Item Level 28
  • Binds when picked up
  • Mail Shoulder
  • 14 Armor
  • +4 Agility / Intellect
  • +6 Stamina
    • Durability 65 / 65
    • Specs: Hunter: , Shaman:
    • Sell Price: 18 68

Players can win this item when selecting the following loot specializations:
  » Hunter: , ,
  » Shaman: , ,

Quick Facts
  • Cannot be disenchanted
  • Added in 7.0.3
3D Model

Reward from (1)Outfit of (4)Items with same icon (33)Item with same appearance (7)
QuestCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Schemin' That Sabotage (Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren Alliance, Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei)Stonetalon Mountains 20