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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
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Unseen Bindings

  • Item Level 369
  • Binds when picked up
  • Plate Wrists
  • 32 Armor
  • "These bindings mark the hopeless struggle of the paladin Elund."

Players can win this item when selecting the following loot specializations:
  » Paladin: , ,
  » Death Knight: , ,
  » Warrior: , ,

Quick Facts
  • Cannot be disenchanted
  • Added in 7.0.3
3D Model

Dropped by (100)Contained in (163)Items with same icon (303)Item with same appearance (7) Comments (New!) (2)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Dire Shaman111A HHumanoid The Emerald Nightmare7.0.3 123.37%
Kvaldir Spiritrender112A HHumanoid Trial of Valor7.1.0 251.39%
Duskwatch Battle-Magus111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 571.15%
Sashj'tar Siren110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 131%
Queen110A HBeast Karazhan7.1.0 10.93%
Shadowguard Riftstalker110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 40.9%
Reformed Maiden110A HDemon Karazhan7.1.0 130.88%
Felbound Spirit110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 80.75%
Spectral Journeyman110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 40.61%
Astral Defender111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 140.59%
Valiyaka the Stormbringer110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 10.55%
Phantom Guest110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 840.48%
Spectral Patron110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 540.36%
Promenade Guard110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 180.35%
Shadowguard Siphoner100 - 110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 240.35%
Deepsurge Tidesinger110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 90.3%
Helblaze Imp110A HDemon Cathedral of Eternal Night7.2.0 340.3%
Ghostly Understudy110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 180.29%
Nobleborn Warpcaster111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 370.25%
Spectral Apprentice110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 100.25%
Kvaldir Cursewalker110A HHumanoidHelheim7.0.3 150.24%
Stormforged Sentinel110 - 111A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 310.23%
Valarjar Champion110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 960.21%
Skeletal Usher110A HUndead Karazhan7.1.0 120.2%
Deepsurge Punisher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 40.2%
Felfin Cursecaller110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 10.2%
Hatecoil Enchantress102A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 200.18%
Greywatch Saboteur
<Gilneas Brigade>
110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 70.18%
Smolderhide Chanter110A HHumanoidVal'sharah7.0.3 50.17%
Valarjar Thundercaller110A HHumanoid Halls of Valor7.0.3 690.16%
Sashj'tar Sandcrusher110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 100.15%
Salteye Spearwaver102A HHumanoid 7.0.3 00.13%
Stoneblood Elderwitch98 - 110A HHumanoidVal'sharah7.0.3 110.1%
Devoted Occultist
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.2.0 120.1%
Devoted Occultist
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.2.0 110.1%
Felbound Spirit110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 60.1%
Felrage Skrog110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 130.1%
Felfin Terrorscale110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 70.1%
Voidscarred Krokul110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 400.1%
Shadow-Touched Krokul110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 120.1%
Bilgefin Tideseer100 - 110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 140.09%
Duskwatch Sentinel111A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 610.09%
Hatecoil Slavemaster99 - 110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 350.08%
Feltotem Bloodbinder101 - 110A HHumanoidHighmountain7.0.3 160.08%
Golza the Iron Fin1A HHumanoid 7.0.3 00.07%
Forsaken Deathstalker98 - 110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 70.07%
Bilgefin Invader110A HHumanoid 7.0.3 00.07%
Felskorn Raider98 - 110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 70.06%
Hatecoil Raider102A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 250.05%
Felsworn Myrmidon110A HHumanoid Vault of the Wardens7.0.3 40.05%
Scathing Felbeast1A HDemon 7.1.0 00.05%
Felborne Marauder1A HHumanoid 7.1.0 00.05%
Felbound Spirit107 - 110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 120.05%
Felrage Marauder110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 270.05%
Felrage Enchantress110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 130.05%
Felskorn Runecaster1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 00.05%
Felfire Supplicant
<Cult of the Green Flame>
110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 50.05%
Sea Giant Pillager1A HGiant 7.2.0 00.05%
Felborne Punisher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 250.05%
Deepsurge Defender110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 120.05%
Deadwood Felcaster110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 250.05%
Deadwood Featherblade110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 240.05%
Felborne Abjurer100 - 110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 230.05%
Zuriwa the Hexxer111A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 10.05%
Witchmatron Magora1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 00.05%
Stonefin Mudthrasher110A HHumanoidBroken Shore7.2.0 90.05%
Felsurge Defender1A HHumanoid 7.2.0 00.05%
Shadowguard Phaseblade100 - 110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 90.05%
Tormented Krokul110A HHumanoidAntoran Wastes7.3.0 140.05%
Hatecoil Fathom-Stalker98 - 110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 290.04%
Crawliac Skywitch99 - 110A HHumanoidHighmountain7.0.3 150.04%
Felskorn Raider110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 310.04%
Mightstone Savage98 - 110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 70.04%
Screeching Hag-Sister110A HHumanoidSuramar7.0.3 350.04%
Bonespeaker Carver110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 150.03%
Bonespeaker Runeaxe110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 340.02%
Helarjar Mistcaller110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 130.02%
Nightfallen Hungerer98 - 110A HHumanoidAzsuna7.0.3 230.02%
Priestess of Eyir100 - 110A HHumanoidStormheim7.0.3 130.01%
Drogbar Wormhook98 - 110A HHumanoidHighmountain7.0.3 210.01%
Shal'dorei Archmage110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 140.01%
Duskwatch Weaver110A HHumanoid The Nighthold7.0.3 90.01%
Famished Broken110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 450.01%
Sapped Voidlord110A HElemental The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 70.01%
Shadowguard Trickster110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 80.01%
Shadowguard Champion110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 130.01%
Shadowguard Voidbender110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 180.01%
Shadowguard Conjurer110A HHumanoidMac'Aree7.3.0 90.01%
Warp Stalker110A HAberration The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 30.01%
Shadow Stalker110A HBeast The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 140.01%
Skyfin110A HBeast The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 140.01%
Shadowguard Riftstalker110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 150.01%
Umbral War-Adept111A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 60.01%
Grand Shadow-Weaver111A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 10.01%
Void Discharge110A HAberration The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 760.01%
Shadowguard Subjugator110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 350.01%
Void Flayer110A HAberration The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 70.01%
Lashing Voidling110A HAberration The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 120.01%
Rift Warden111A HAberration The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 20.01%
Void-Blade Zedaat110A HHumanoid The Seat of the Triumvirate7.3.0 10.01%