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Use this script if you want to know where does an item drop, where is it bought from or from what
quest you get it as reward.
Data is read directly from the database and is 100% correct only for WoW Freakz server.
More info here


Charred Recipe

  • Item Level 90
  • Binds when picked up

Quick Facts
  • Added in 5.4.0

Dropped by (88)Items with same icon (554)See also (31)
CreatureLevelReactTypeZonePatchSpawnsDrop chance
Shaol'mara Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 04%
Shaol'mara Spearanger90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 03.03%
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.63%
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 02.04%
Scarlet Purifier (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Scarlet Monastery5.0.1 171.57%
Yeasty Brew Alemental (Heroic)90A HElemental Stormstout Brewery5.0.3 121.22%
Spirit-Bound Sentry90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 110.5%
Shan'ze Electrocutioner90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 180.46%
Shan'ze Bloodseeker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 110.45%
Sik'thik Bladedancer (Heroic)90A HHumanoid Siege of Niuzao Temple5.0.1 100.44%
Strongarm Ace84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 90.35%
Konk84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 10.3%
Strongarm Private84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 300.3%
Twinspire Taskmaster85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 260.25%
Stonebound Destroyer85A HElementalThe Jade Forest5.0.1 250.25%
Hozen Groundpounder84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 390.25%
Alliance Infiltrator85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 220.25%
Felstorm Warlock84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 130.25%
Felstorm Summoner84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 80.25%
Twinspire Deathguard84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 130.25%
Garrosh'ar Grunt84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 480.25%
Thunder Hold Infantryman84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 400.25%
Thunder Hold Mender84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 160.25%
Garrosh'ar Gear-Greaser85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 350.25%
Sha Harbinger84A HElementalThe Jade Forest5.0.3 240.25%
Sha Harbinger84A HElementalThe Jade Forest5.0.3 350.25%
Sha-Infested Prowler84A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.4 350.25%
Glittering Amberfly84A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 750.2%
Slingtail Stickypaw85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 330.2%
Slingtail Mudseer84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 270.2%
Grookin Reinforcement85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 230.2%
Orchard Wasp85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 380.2%
Wild Stalker85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 210.2%
Hozen Ravager84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 210.2%
Saltback Yearling87 - 88A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 270.2%
Slingtail Treeleaper84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 130.2%
Slingtail Treeleaper84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 270.2%
Slitherscale Eggdrinker90A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 260.2%
Windward Tiger90A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 220.2%
Spiteful Spirit88 - 89A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 90.2%
Gatrul'lon Flamecaller84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 130.2%
Twinspire Grunt84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 240.2%
Hatescale Ironface87A HHumanoidThe Veiled Stair5.0.1 90.16%
Greenwood Thief85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 140.15%
Tigerfly84A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 380.15%
Riverstride Jinyu85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 330.15%
Hungry Bloodtalon85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 380.15%
Pearly Tortoise84 - 85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 530.15%
Blueback Beaver85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 650.15%
Water Sprite84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.1 330.15%
Hozen Diver84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 10.15%
Bellandra Felstorm84A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.0.3 10.15%
Muck Snapper85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 280.1%
Jadeglow Wasp85A HBeastThe Jade Forest5.0.1 930.1%
Thieving Plainshawk86A HBeastValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 260.05%
Snagtooth Virmen86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 260.05%
Adolescent Mushan86A HBeastValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 150.05%
Wyrmhorn Turtle86A HBeastValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 400.05%
Snagtooth Hooligan86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 780.05%
Glade Hunter86A HBeastValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 400.05%
Kunzen Hunter90A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 250.05%
Kunzen Collector90A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.1 200.05%
Sik'thik Bladedancer89 - 90A HHumanoid Siege of Niuzao Temple5.0.1 100.05%
Shao-Tien Dominator90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 230.05%
Springtail Digger86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.0.3 400.05%
Animated Warrior90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 250.05%
Skunky Brew Alemental90A HElementalTimeless Isle5.4.0 100.05%
Cursed Hozen Swabby90A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 120.05%
Spectral Pirate90A HUndeadTimeless Isle5.4.0 70.05%
Manifestation of Pride90A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms5.4.0 400.05%
Windfeather Nestkeeper90A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 540.05%
Brilliant Windfeather90A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 320.05%
Great Turtle90A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 210.05%
Ancient Spineclaw91A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 180.05%
Jademist Dancer90A HElementalTimeless Isle5.4.0 160.05%
Gulp Frog91A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 490.05%
Primal Stalker91A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 180.05%
Crag Stalker91A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 700.05%
Death Adder91A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 130.05%
Ironfur Great Bull90A HBeastTimeless Isle5.4.0 290.05%
Ordon Candlekeeper91A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 600.05%
Ashleaf Sprite91A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 660.05%
Burning Berserker91A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 580.05%
Spectral Brewmaster90A HUndeadTimeless Isle5.4.0 110.05%
Spectral Windwalker90A HUndeadTimeless Isle5.4.0 90.05%
Spectral Mistweaver90A HUndeadTimeless Isle5.4.0 110.05%
Foreboding Flame90A HElementalTimeless Isle5.4.0 200.05%
Southsea Plunderer90A HHumanoidTimeless Isle5.4.0 60.05%