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Friday, April 05 2019, 14:05
Sisters of the Moon @ Tomb of Sargeras has been implemented on all modes, including Mythic.

Monday, April 01 2019, 00:00
Lottery for March has ended ! The winners are:
Genesis: Blyatpower, Madmaxymus, Eddiemaiden (Tyrael's Charger)
Felsong: Machinamax, Ommadawn, Serendipity (Warforged Nightmare)

Congratulations! The lottery for April has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Monday, March 18 2019, 13:58
The recent facebook lottery has ended. Below are the winners:

100$: Andrei Rares

50$: Fhd Usman, Arland Del Rosario

30$: Daniel Dmg, Sebastian Fey, Eduard Celestino Zaguirre

20$: Lucian Iacob, Gavin Shogun, Марин Йордано, Costy Dincă, Cris Poizan, Fertea Rares, Laura Helena Crepaldi Dos Santos, Edward Ledingham, Amir Boukrouma, Vasile Alexandru, Iman Disc, Emilyan Perimow, Lalbiakhlua Chawngthu, Flavius Nechitelea, Dragos Marian, Nebojsa Savic, Adad Dqwr, Santiago Flores, Grigor Georgiev, Gábor Gúth

10$: Andrei Temian, Catalin Ionut Tampu, Andrei Tănasă, Danni Punct, Alexandru Jucan, Stoicescu Teodor, Mārtiņš Krievs, Łukasz Gątaszewski, Ivan Tumulak, Mark Cardwell, Buta George, Laurentiu Covasa, Riccardo Di Fabio, Anup Munikar, Popa Elena, Janith Satharasinghe, Milan Milovanovic, Ionuț Guef, Jonas Guldborg, Burducea Alin, Deborah Mazzeschi, Miroslav Kral, Patryk Kowalczyk, Stoica Marian, Adrian Topala, Николай Арбал, Bojan Deratizacija, Ovidiu Ovi, Andrew Aza Transalp, Dragos Eusebiu, Jun Sotto, Lascu Octavian, Shastain Talbert, Stefan Denis Markovic, Leon Mihaila, Marian Victor, Khuleg, Costescu Denis, David Sikora, Robert Andrei Chirițoi

Congratulations and thank you everyone for participating in such high numbers. If you are a winner please click here and follow the info posted there CAREFULLY. If you are not a winner please DO NOT use that link. Don't worry, we'll have more lotteries in the future

Wednesday, March 06 2019, 20:40
CLASS MOUNTS have arrived to WoW Freakz with epic scripts. Check the trailer below and see for yourself.
All footage was filmed on our server. Don't believe your eyes? Join us and see for yourself

Guide here and bug report here.

We're also hosting a lottery with $$ ingame shop prizes which you can spend on anything you want. All you have to do is like and share this Facebook post (make sure you share it publicly). Prizes: 1x 50$, 3x 20$, 5x 10$, 20x 5$. We'll announce the winners Thursday on 14th March.

Monday, February 25 2019, 12:41
Drop it like it's hot! PvP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu is here this week!

Friday, February 15 2019, 14:40
UPDATE: Also live on Mythic mode

Mistress Sassz'ine @ Tomb of Sargeras has been implemented on Normal, Heroic and LFR. Mythic mode will be enabled after 1-2 weeks after we confirm the boss is ok.
(in LFR you will be teleported at Sisters of the Moon location so you have to go back down through the trash to Mistress since it's the only boss in this wing currently)

Wednesday, February 13 2019, 15:41
Winter just doesn't want to leave... this week's PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard !

Friday, February 08 2019, 17:13
Cathedral of Eternal Night has been implemented on all difficulties (including Mythic+)!

Saturday, February 02 2019, 13:41
Artifact Traits have been re-added to the WoW Shop, however max buyable in shop is 71 traits (51 normal traits + 20 Concordance traits. Please BE CAREFUL when you choose your traits, you can also get 50 normal + 21 concordance but we don't recommend that, you will lose a very important normal trait). After long and careful consideration we have decided 71 traits is the approximate maximum number of traits obtainable on 7.2.5 on our server, allowing more would cause unbalance.
All players who bought 54/54 traits on 7.1.5 have received 71/101 for free. Also, when we update to 7.3.5 you will receive the max traits amount for 7.3.5 for free too.

Monday, January 28 2019, 10:39
Pvp Brawls have been implemented. This week's brawl: GRAVITY LAPSE @ Eye of the Storm

Friday, January 18 2019, 21:33
UPDATE: you can now transfer donated relics from one artifact to another (on the same character) for a fee, check the Transfer / change relic shop option

UPDATE: relics are now upgradeable, you will be able to upgrade to the same or a new relic but only of the same type and only on the same artifact

The WoW Shop has been updated to 7.2.5, including free upgrade for 7.1.5 items to 7.2.5 items. Some info about it:
- to upgrade your gear go to the spend points page @ shop, but please CAREFULLY READ THE INFO POSTED THERE, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Don't forget you can change your random stats or change your tertiary stats or change your items over and over (for a fee)
- artifact power / traits are not available yet, we need to decide how much we should allow in the shop (we don't want to allow FULL traits since 7.2.5 full traits means TRILLIONS of artifact power, nobody reached full traits on retail either), we will decide in the following days
- Artifact Knowledge has been upgraded to 40 for everyone who bought AK 25 on 7.1.5
- Some 7.2.5 items are not scripted yet (for example trinkets), please have patience until we fix them (soon)
- the ingame shop now shows the actual item tooltips so you can see the stats/etc much better, especially for relics (you can see what traits get empowered, etc)