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Friday, February 24 2017, 15:30:35
by Shocker  
Don't forget, WoW Freakz is HIRING paid PvE / AI developers, if you think you got what it needs, read here

Wednesday, February 22 2017, 14:32:48
by Shocker  
Since the Legion realm is getting closer and closer, we decided to involve the community in choosing the name of the live realm. Please post your ideas of realm names in this topic. You should post only 1 which you consider the best. After 1 week we will close the topic and select up to 5 names we like the most, then open a public poll with those 5 names and the community will vote which one is the best.
- 100 Vote Points to those who qualify in the final poll
- 300 Vote points + 300 Premium Vote Points to the winner of the poll

Please keep in mind that we might add some of our own ideas in the final poll.

Tuesday, February 21 2017, 16:13:46
by Shocker  
Update on the upcoming Legion realm: we will start closed PTR testing later this week, inviting various players to help us test various mechanics. Our staff will select the players based on their previous activity on our servers

This means that you still won't be able to connect if you haven't been invited to help us test

We're also having a live Q&A this Sunday with the devs about Legion development, more info

Friday, February 10 2017, 20:19:49
by Shocker  
Legendary cloaks part @ Chapter V is now scripted !

P.S. The hype is real:

Thursday, February 09 2017, 18:43:35
by Shocker  
Sign-ups for best in class PvP events are open! Click on your class below to sign up:

Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest,
Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, Monk

Monday, February 06 2017, 21:35:53
by Shocker  
LEGION CLIENT DOWNLOAD ! You can start downloading the Legion client. Read here for more info ! Please read everything on that page carefully so you don't install / update to a wrong client version !

Also, keep in mind that the Legion realm is still closed, only accessible for devs, info about release date

Monday, February 06 2017, 11:40:13
by Shocker  
The WoW Freakz 7 years anniversary lottery has ended ! Thank you everyone for participating. Here are the lucky winners:

- 1x legendary cloak (at your choice): Priestimba
- 7x Enchanted Fey Dragon: Laserfeet, Violcustil, Ignem, Ensabahnur, Nysza, Zergg, Pixsie
- 7x Winged Guardian: Dadomir, Quintrixx, Dronp, Saintnis, Skiby, Donpredator, Thorzur
- 7x Tabard of the Achiever: Kabutops, Detra, Amellandra, Orushy, Firstalpha, Zathrea, Noverix
- 7x 77k gold: Scarlhet, Ltudk, Bloodycream, Forondil, Robijasica, Ormar, Hammster
- 7x Titles (at your choice): Arthashand, Paingp, Molan, Pisinca, Kalisia, Crexxcent, Vrednavajci
- 7x Race/Faction changes: Spaminyodots, Blackwarloc, Crimsonpetal, Magatone, Garizon, Ashilda, Edwado

Please keep in mind that the winners were selected FULLY RANDOMLY by our automated scripts.

The mounts were automatically added to the winners and the gold was already sent to them since those rewards are account wide. For the rest of rewards please open an ingame ticket (press ESC => Help => Open ticket) mentioning the character you want your reward on (you can choose any character from your account).

Wednesday, February 01 2017, 22:35:31
by Shocker  
The lottery for the legion is coming announcement has ended. Thank you everyone for participating in such a big number. Here are the winners:
1x 100$: Pogan Toni
2x 50$: Will Hood, Alex Birsan
3x 30$: Mateusz Matt Serafin, Andrei Pitigoi, Matei Muresan
5x 20$: Fabi Fitt, Terchila Marian, Christian Gabriel, Cioby Adrian, Alexandru Badea
10x 10$: Bear Johnson, Denis Vornicu, Sabari Bala Krishnan, NXero David, Denis Buta, Hein Tay Za, Horatiu Notar, Liviu Jianu, Donovan Clark, Oni Ionut

If you're a winner, please contact us on the server's facebook page by clicking the MESSAGE button on the page (as you can see in this picture) and mention on what ingame account you want the money

If you're not among the winners don't worry, we have more lotteries running (and will have more in the future) !

Wednesday, February 01 2017, 00:00:07
by Shocker  
Lottery for January has ended ! Winners are: Genowar, Viktorria, Baietumagie
Each of them received Enchanted Fey Dragon, congratulations !

The lottery for February has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Sunday, January 29 2017, 11:50:30
by Shocker  
SEVEN! 7! WoW Freakz has grown up, 7 years ! Thank you everyone for being part of this great community.

We're having a lottery with 7 ingame prize types:

- 1x legendary cloak (at your choice)
- 7x Enchanted Fey Dragon
- 7x Winged Guardian
- 7x Tabard of the Achiever
- 7x 77k gold
- 7x Titles (at your choice)
- 7x Race/Faction changes
In order to participate to this lottery you need vote on our poll regarding Legion char data transfer here (if you already voted it's ok, you're participating). Lottery will end in 7 days (5 February at midnight)

Saturday, January 28 2017, 17:29:40
by Shocker  
Spoiler of the day from our upcoming Legion realm: MYTHIC DUNGEONS
(more info about Legion realm here)

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