Players: 79 (Record: 4724)
Uptime: 1d, 10h, 15m, 46s
set realmlist mop.wow-freakz.com
Players: 3197 (Record: 5201)
Uptime: 4h, 58m, 24s
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Latest fixes from bug report:
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    » tier 19 bonus set (today)
    » Castable while moving channeled... (today)
    » Balanced blades (today)
    » Moon and Stars (today)
    » Heartstop Aura (today)
    » Feral Auto Attack (today)
Total players online: 3276 (Record: 5349)
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Sunday, January 14 2018, 21:52
Tonight we had another new record for online players count! 5300+ and counting! Thank you all for being part of this great server!

Friday, January 12 2018, 23:41
WoW Freakz staff team is expanding! Be a part of it by applying for a GameMaster position here

Tuesday, January 09 2018, 03:14
Garrosh Hellscream @ Siege of Orgrimmar has been implemented on all difficulties (on Genesis, MoP realm). Please post bugs here (also read info about pending heroic fixes). We also reset all raid binds for SoO raid for everyone.

Reminder: we're working on implementing the suggestions posted by our community here for the MoP realm (PvE difficulty downscaling to be doable with less players, etc)

P.S.: We can now proudly say we have ALL the MoP PvE content scripted (raids / dungeons)!

Friday, January 05 2018, 05:25
Krosus @ The Nighthold has been implemented on all difficulties!

Monday, January 01 2018, 00:30

Monday, January 01 2018, 00:00
Lottery for December has ended ! Winners are:
Genesis: Falks, Bilka, Arveenn (Tyrael's Charger)
Felsong: Zerostyle, Kognar, Micmysm (Grove Warden)

Congratulations! The lottery for January has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Friday, December 29 2017, 06:38

Spellblade Aluriel & High Botanist Tel'arn @ The Nighthold have been implemented on all difficulties.

Star Augur Etraeus & Krosus (and LFR) will hopefully be implemented in max 2 weeks.

Monday, December 25 2017, 18:16
WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be sure to check the Christmas trees on 25th December morning in major cities for some cool rewards!

UPDATE: We have also implemented a custom Christmas quest with even more rewards, be sure to get Release the Christmas! from Emissary Auldbridge in Dalaran! Quest is daily so be sure to start farming!

We're also having 30% DISCOUNTS in the WoW Shop during 24-31 December!
These will probably be the last discounts for the following period, so be sure to get what you've always wanted until it's too late!

Tuesday, December 19 2017, 22:05
The recent facebook lottery with more than 1000$ ingame shop prizes has ended. We had thousands of participants again and we thank you for that! However, we have to select some winners (we did that randomly). Don't worry if you're not among the winners, as the high interest in such lotteries remain, we will surely make more lotteries soon. To see the winners list check this post

If you are a winner and want to claim your reward, login with your wow facebook account here and read the instructions

Sunday, December 17 2017, 03:52
We have implemented free gear upgrade (895 => 925) for donated items in shop (see GEAR UPGRADE section).
Legendary items and equipped relics have been upgraded automatically for everyone.

Sunday, December 10 2017, 20:27

The Nighthold is here, including item level increases! See below for more info

- Currently we released the first wing (3 bosses) on all modes. More bosses are scripted and will be released soon
- World Quests item level cap increased from 840 to 855
- Mythic+ max reward increased from 870 (Mythic 12) to 885 (Mythic 15)
- Honor gear (random bg drop) increased from 810-840 to 825-855
- PvP Arena weekly quest gear increased from 840-885 to 855-900
- Legendary items item level increased from 910 to 940. If you already have a 910 legendary take [Touch of a Titan] quest from Dalaran to upgrade it (they drop from Nighthold bosses, Weekly Mythic Keystone caches, Emissary Bags [only new bags], PvP Weekly Quests)

Other info:
- WoW Shop will be updated next week (new items and donated gear upgrade for free)
- Some Nighthold items might not be fully working yet, just open bug reports and we will fix them (Tier sets already fixed)
- There may still be some crashes / instability, we will fix the crashes immediately after they appear
- Please don't forget to report exploits. If you report them you will get rewards, if you abuse them you will get banned
- We plan on implementing LFR on Legion too very soon

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