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Saturday, March 25 2017, 19:47:01
UPDATE: As expected, various crashes occur. We're fixing them as soon as they appear.

UPDATE: Login should be working now

UPDATE: Login is currently overwhelmed with hundreds of connections, working on fixing it

UPDATE: Test realm is open


To avoid chaos we will be testing only some mechanics at a time, not everything at once, which means some zones/instances/etc will be closed during first days of testing. Please use the Bug report forum for reporting bugs. Do not make tickets ingame, we will not reply to tickets on test realm.

You will receive level 90 for now, later 100 and later 110 directly. What to test currently:
- Hacks/WPE - You can test hacks/WPE, your account will not be banned
- World Legendaries drop
- Legion Class Halls - missions, followers, etc
- WoD / Legion leveling zones - We expect some zones to be somewhat working (Shadowmoon Valley / Frostfire Ridge / Gorgrond / Marduum / Azsuna / Val'shran) and some others partially working (we're still doing fixes on some)
- World Quests
- Bonus quests objectives
- Professions
- Looting / questing / killing mobs / random leveling mechanics
- NPC/objects spawns - Some of them might be spawned incorrectly / in air / etc
- Battle Pets
- Shared Loot tagging - Multiple players looting same NPC without party
- Honor system - Talents, honor levels, Prestige
- Arenas / BGs - When you reach level 110, including arena/bg rewards
- PvP scaling / stats templates in arenas/bgs
- Item appearances
- Flight masters
- World Scaling - Legion npcs scaling level with player
- Premade group finder
- Dungeon Finder at level 100+ - Test only Neltharion's Lair and Darkheart Thicket for now

What to ignore for now:
- Artifacts
- Mythic dungeons
- Pre-WoD / Legion zones
- Raids
- WoD Garrisons - Just test the Legion Class Halls(Garrisons) system

Additional info:
- You have some starter gear vendors at start zone
- Name reservations are active (if you reserved your name)
- Use the
database finders, but be sure to SELECT REALM => PTR LEGION from the top left realm selection

Thursday, March 23 2017, 19:54:33
The Legion public test realm will open Saturday at 8 PM (GMT+2).
We will post info about what to test and what not to test briefly before the launch

- The Legion public test realm is extremely close, we're doing final preparations. An exact launch day/hour will be announced tomorrow evening, it will most likely be Friday or at most Saturday evening! To get you all hyped up, below you can see a list of SPELL FIXES done in the past period for the Legion realm. We DID NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER FIXES IN THIS LIST, JUST SPELLS. There are thousands more other fixes, we will post a more complete changelog at a later time.
General Honor Talents
- Adaptation: Fixed spell
- Defender of the Weak: Fixed haste bonus
- Vim and Vigor: Fixed spell
- Relentless Assault: Fixed spell
- Hardiness: Fixed damage reduction
- Sparring: Fixed spell
- Solitude: Fixed spell
- Softened Blows: Fixed spell
- Initiation: Fixed crit bonus
- Inner Renewal: Fixed mana refund
Demon Hunter
- Havoc
- Chaos Strike: Fixed critical strikes not refunding Fury
- Consume Magic: Fixed Fury gain upon successful interrupt
- Darkness: Fixed damage reduction
- Eye Beam: Fixed visual and damage
- Fel Rush: Fixed damage and mid-air dash
- Glide: Now properly knocks you forward in the air and lets you steer while slowfalling
- Metamorphosis: Fixed stun and damage
- Double Jump: You are able to jump again while near the apex of your first jump
- Shattered Souls: Now correctly spawns Soul Fragments when killing a target
- Fel Mastery: Fixed Fury generation
- Felblade: Fixed damage and charge. Also fixed proc from Demon's Bite / Shear
- Blind Fury: Now correctly increases the duration of Eye Beam
- Prepared: Fixed Fury generation
- Demonic Appetite: Fixed Chaos Strike not creating Soul Fragments. Now all Soul Fragments energize you with 35 Fury
- First Blood: Now correctly increases the damage of Blade Dance's first strike
- Bloodlet: Fix bleed damage
- Desperate Instincts: Now correctly triggers Blur when falling below 35% hp
- Momentum: Correctly grants increased damage
- Fel Eruption: Fixed stun and damage
- Nemesis: Fixed spell
- Master of the Glaive: Fixed Throw Glaive not applying slow
- Chaos Blades: Fixed bonus Chaos Damage
- Fel Barrage: Fixed damage in function of charges spent
- Demonic: Now correctly triggers metamorphosis
- Awaken the Demon Within: Fixed spell
- Glimpse: Fixed spell
- Reverse Magic: Fixed spell
- Eye of Leotheras: Fixed damage of the lances
- Mana Break: Fixed spell
- Rain from Above: Fixed spell
- Demon Speed: Fixed spell
- Deceiver's Fury: Fixed proc
- Anguish of the Deceiver: Fixed damage
- Fury of the Illidari: Fixed damage and visual
- Inner Demons: Fixed damage and visual
- Balanced Blades: Fixed bonus damage
- Rage of the Illidari: Fixed spell
- Overwhelming Power: Fixed proc
- Cover of Darkness: Fixed spell
- Demonic Origins: Fixed spell
- Mana Rift: Fixed damage and manaburn
- Vengeance
- Demon Spikes: Fixed damage reduction
- Fiery Brand: Fixed damage reduction from the target
- Immolation Aura: Fixed damage and Pain generation
- Shattered Souls: Fixed spawning Soul Fragments
- Shear: Fixed proc not spawning Lesser Soul Fragment
- Sigil of Flame: Fixed animation and damage
- Soul Cleave: Fixed damage and heal in function of Pain spent
- Sigil of Silence: Fix animation and silence
- Sigil of Misery: Fixed animation and fear
- Razor Spikes: Fixed slow
- Feast of Souls: Fixed healing done
- Fallout: Fixed chance for creating a Lesser Soul Fragment.4
- Burning Alive: Fixed DoT spreading
- Flame Crash: Fixed spell
- Feed the Demon: Fixed spell
- Fracture: Fixed shattering Soul Fragments
- Sigil of Chains: Fixed spell
- Fel Devastation: Fixed animation and damage
- Blade Turning: Fixed proc
- Spirit Bomb: Fixed damage based on available Soul Fragments
- Last Resort: Fixed proc on fatal damage
- Demonic Infusion: Fixed spell
- Soul Barrier: Fixed spell
- Cleansed by Flame: Fixed proc
- Rain of Chaos: Fixed spell
- Jagged Spikes: Fixed damage returned
- Tormentor: Fixed spell
- Soul Carver: Fixed spell not shattering Lesser Soul Fragments
- Painbringer: Fixed damage reduction
- Devour Souls: Fixed healing bonus
- Charred Warblades: Fixed healing
- Fueled by Pain: Fixed proc
- Shatter the Souls: Fixed proc chance
- Fiery Demise: Fixed proc
- Demonic Trample: Fixed spell
Death Knight
- Blood
- Death and Decay: Heart Strike now hits three additional targets
- Death's Caress: Fixed spell
- Marrowrend: Fixed spells related to Bone Shield
- Bloodworms: Fixed proc
- Heartbreaker: Fixed Runic Power generation
- Blooddrinker: Fixed damage

Monday, March 13 2017, 02:13:06
The Prideful Gladiator PvP Season 1 has ended ! You can view the final ladders here

The new
Prideful Gladiator PvP Season 2 has started, it will last 4 months !

More info about both seasons

Sunday, March 12 2017, 18:01:45
We are changing hosts for our websites, both this site and the forum site, which means there will be some downtimes / errors every now and then in the following days. Thank you for understanding.

Thursday, March 09 2017, 19:40:34
Update on the upcoming Legion realm: As you may have seen our initial estimations for the public test realm were a bit off, we thought we will be ready with a PTR at the end of February, however due to various circumstances (mostly devs coming and going), we are behid schedule and we are sorry for that.

This time we are going to offer you an exact deadline: whatever happens in the following period, we will launch the PTR in maximum 2 weeks starting from now.

Thank you for your patience and for understanding. Don't forget, realm is going to be legendary, it's worth waiting! Also, dont forget to
download the Legion client as soon as possible

UPDATE: We have created a torrent for the Legion client, you can download it here. Download might be slow at first until more users download and seed it

Thursday, March 02 2017, 18:15:37
The Legion realm name contest has ended, we picked 5 names from over one thousand suggestions:
Unity, Felsong, Novus, Sanctus, Mardum

Please cast your vote here

Thursday, March 02 2017, 15:04:49
The current Prideful Gladiator PvP Season will end on 12th March (Sunday night).
After that we will start another Prideful season. More info and rewards

Wednesday, March 01 2017, 00:00:07
Lottery for February has ended ! Winners are: Pwinces, Planetaria, Swipe
Each of them received Iron Skyreaver, congratulations !

The lottery for March has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Tuesday, February 28 2017, 13:10:11
The staff / devs Q&A / interview we were talking about here was a success, hundreds of players and questions.
In case you've missed it we posted a transcript
here with most questions.


Q: Will you make an anticheat / anti WPE system ?
A: We already did, hacks/wpe are not possible anymore

Friday, February 24 2017, 15:30:35
Don't forget, WoW Freakz is HIRING paid PvE / AI developers, if you think you got what it needs, read here

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