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REALM: Felsong

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Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Monday, June 01 2020, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 718

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Characters list
$Dedari (Felsong)
Aahanna (Felsong)
Abbysola (Felsong)
Absenthia (Felsong)
Aeneronn (Felsong)
Akanu (Felsong)
Allaway (Felsong)
Allnamegirl (Felsong)
Allocer (Felsong)
Allrocker (Felsong)
Allyh (Felsong)
Alyssabee (Felsong)
Alzwaz (Felsong)
Ambu (Felsong)
Amothaes (Felsong)
Andher (Felsong)
Andinax (Felsong)
Androgena (Felsong)
Angelxz (Felsong)
Apocalyptorc (Felsong)
Aquello (Felsong)
Archdread (Felsong)
Arilani (Felsong)
Arkali (Felsong)
Arrana (Felsong)
Arukk (Felsong)
Asathorr (Felsong)
Assissin (Felsong)
Aucukmup (Felsong)
Autistaaxd (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Avhelsing (Felsong)
Babajag (Felsong)
Bachella (Felsong)
Balthuzad (Felsong)
Banjerinos (Felsong)
Barklover (Felsong)
Behemothmatt (Felsong)
Belkros (Felsong)
Bellabu (Felsong)
Bengan (Felsong)
Berlinale (Felsong)
Beybey (Felsong)
Bglia (Felsong)
Bigblackduck (Felsong)
Biometrix (Felsong)
Bisturiufive (Felsong)
Blackstinger (Felsong)
Bladezs (Felsong)
Blazefists (Felsong)
Bloddyflame (Felsong)
Bloodfurry (Felsong)
Bloodhors (Felsong)
Bluemonkey (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Boaca (Felsong)
Bowexpert (Felsong)
Brewsllee (Felsong)
Brunoblanco (Felsong)
Bsetaure (Felsong)
Bubumax (Felsong)
Budgetgenji (Felsong)
Bullshock (Felsong)
Burotarn (Felsong)
Burviss (Felsong)
Cakre (Felsong)
Calasein (Felsong)
Captncrunch (Felsong)
Cassiopeiia (Felsong)
Catacrocker (Felsong)
Celsa (Felsong)
Celyra (Felsong)
Chitumai (Felsong)
Chosmix (Felsong)
Christene (Felsong)
Cielavuxs (Felsong)
Ciez (Felsong)
Cindery (Felsong)
Cirian (Felsong)
Clawdee (Felsong)
Cleva (Felsong)
Codrila (Felsong)
Cokorola (Felsong)
Crispypata (Felsong)
Cthullhu (Felsong)
Cusherosyn (Felsong)
Cynferrer (Felsong)
Cyrilia (Felsong)
Czechboi (Felsong)
Czyk (Felsong)
Dalfry (Felsong)
Damael (Felsong)
Damrok (Felsong)
Dannidk (Felsong)
Daphne (Felsong)
Deadlycious (Felsong)
Deatheaterxx (Felsong)
Deathsythe (Felsong)
Dedark (Felsong)
Deemonyca (Felsong)
Dete (Felsong)
Devangel (Felsong)
Dextinger (Felsong)
Dilibogyo (Felsong)
Dindrayne (Felsong)
Djele (Felsong)
Djo (Felsong)
Doandon (Felsong)
Dodge (Felsong)
Donzo (Felsong)
Doregard (Felsong)
Draeharis (Felsong)
Dragonasasin (Felsong)
Dragons (Felsong)
Dranok (Felsong)
Dreadvein (Felsong)
Dufie (Felsong)
Durodan (Felsong)
Duvlinar (Felsong)
Elbocas (Felsong)
Ellinari (Felsong)
Elprimoluka (Felsong)
Elsealice (Felsong)
Emisiqq (Felsong)
Emm (Felsong)
Emstrongest (Felsong)
Endovelico (Felsong)
Enhshamkis (Felsong)
Erewen (Felsong)
Evilchick (Felsong)
Exfrost (Felsong)
Exorcisma (Felsong)
Extaczy (Felsong)
Exttraa (Felsong)
Fafmer (Felsong)
Feleana (Felsong)
Fileez (Felsong)
Flshes (Felsong)
Forsen (Felsong)
Foxor (Felsong)
Frainbreez (Felsong)
Freidhelm (Felsong)
Frozenstorm (Felsong)
Fullfel (Felsong)
Fullstop (Felsong)
Ganex (Felsong)
Garua (Felsong)
Gaspachuelo (Felsong)
Gerse (Felsong)
Ghozted (Felsong)
Goosebottle (Felsong)
Grimhealer (Felsong)
Grimrow (Felsong)
Gromowladny (Felsong)
Gruzgrim (Felsong)
Guenh (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Haliaax (Felsong)
Hara (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Hatzjhon (Felsong)
Heavydee (Felsong)
Heerdia (Felsong)
Hellblast (Felsong)
Helldoom (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Hellscreaam (Felsong)
Holydivine (Felsong)
Horvy (Felsong)
Hurion (Felsong)
Hydraulic (Felsong)
Iffy (Felsong)
Imagic (Felsong)
Ingri (Felsong)
Irisveil (Felsong)
Israzut (Felsong)
Isulwyn (Felsong)
Iuhrtguihegt (Felsong)
Iura (Felsong)
Jackfroster (Felsong)
Jbwkz (Felsong)
Jenkstill (Felsong)
Jinzul (Felsong)
Kaaronte (Felsong)
Kabbala (Felsong)
Kaizerkai (Felsong)
Kalanth (Felsong)
Kalpacca (Felsong)
Kaoroz (Felsong)
Karathorne (Felsong)
Katapiksae (Felsong)
Katoriu (Felsong)
Katyenne (Felsong)
Kazeb (Felsong)
Kazrag (Felsong)
Keithh (Felsong)
Keksdemon (Felsong)
Kelsius (Felsong)
Kendall (Felsong)
Kenzell (Felsong)
Keyaelin (Felsong)
Khalakazulu (Felsong)
Khalthraks (Felsong)
Khasto (Felsong)
Khaty (Felsong)
Kirashimy (Felsong)
Kiti (Felsong)
Knott (Felsong)
Knucklesy (Felsong)
Kosty (Felsong)
Krundzi (Felsong)
Kryssthanel (Felsong)
Kukywuky (Felsong)
Kunhlun (Felsong)
Kuntilanak (Felsong)
Kurwa (Felsong)
Laiev (Felsong)
Lendis (Felsong)
Leyi (Felsong)
Lhuminhe (Felsong)
Liuwkang (Felsong)
Lodrok (Felsong)
Lordy (Felsong)
Lurys (Felsong)
Lykamsh (Felsong)
Lyllyy (Felsong)
Madboxy (Felsong)
Mahdiipala (Felsong)
Maiev (Felsong)
Makslee (Felsong)
Malferius (Felsong)
Manko (Felsong)
Masokista (Felsong)
Masseh (Felsong)
Maximia (Felsong)
Mcdugal (Felsong)
Mcnewbie (Felsong)
Meeturdaddy (Felsong)
Meldina (Felsong)
Mellisza (Felsong)
Memeguy (Felsong)
Menoptis (Felsong)
Mentari (Felsong)
Merenwenn (Felsong)
Meruchan (Felsong)
Mesafella (Felsong)
Mgau (Felsong)
Miguelespino (Felsong)
Mikai (Felsong)
Mikakunin (Felsong)
Milfhunterd (Felsong)
Minaly (Felsong)
Miraibell (Felsong)
Mochisuchi (Felsong)
Mokorghar (Felsong)
Monkeystyle (Felsong)
Morgork (Felsong)
Mortys (Felsong)
Motanu (Felsong)
Mybalzich (Felsong)
Mysudh (Felsong)
Nailz (Felsong)
Nebulack (Felsong)
Necrozt (Felsong)
Neerve (Felsong)
Nesimtitu (Felsong)
Neverdeadx (Felsong)
Nexusp (Felsong)
Neyks (Felsong)
Nickerey (Felsong)
Nidalo (Felsong)
Niple (Felsong)
Nixze (Felsong)
Nobitachan (Felsong)
Nyxar (Felsong)
Odjxo (Felsong)
Oldman (Felsong)
Oltron (Felsong)
Ooster (Felsong)
Opscuritas (Felsong)
Oraa (Felsong)
Owoknight (Felsong)
Padurarul (Felsong)
Pallystrike (Felsong)
Pamplemousse (Felsong)
Panha (Felsong)
Panpolicjant (Felsong)
Patran (Felsong)
Pawelhuntard (Felsong)
Payla (Felsong)
Pedara (Felsong)
Perfido (Felsong)
Phudu (Felsong)
Pikazarus (Felsong)
Popelichbane (Felsong)
Potpourri (Felsong)
Pytotkd (Felsong)
Qjfan (Felsong)
Radzinsky (Felsong)
Ragemq (Felsong)
Raicaa (Felsong)
Rayshin (Felsong)
Redcronos (Felsong)
Rekshak (Felsong)
Remenyii (Felsong)
Reshirom (Felsong)
Rhazakjin (Felsong)
Rikaya (Felsong)
Roudda (Felsong)
Ruchko (Felsong)
Ruripe (Felsong)
Rydenn (Felsong)
Sabaoth (Felsong)
Saboon (Felsong)
Sadakko (Felsong)
Sakerson (Felsong)
Salragath (Felsong)
Sarkain (Felsong)
Sayss (Felsong)
Sciepacz (Felsong)
Scusami (Felsong)
Seismic (Felsong)
Septh (Felsong)
Shagratus (Felsong)
Shambaws (Felsong)
Shamuo (Felsong)
Sharoman (Felsong)
Sheelaa (Felsong)
Shelbyy (Felsong)
Shinjiluis (Felsong)
Shrekingyou (Felsong)
Shyena (Felsong)
Sibiuu (Felsong)
Sicarrius (Felsong)
Siccbunny (Felsong)
Skilio (Felsong)
Skivo (Felsong)
Slavenka (Felsong)
Slyver (Felsong)
Snoox (Felsong)
Sombru (Felsong)
Spellfire (Felsong)
Spiniosis (Felsong)
Spiritomb (Felsong)
Sporcavagina (Felsong)
Srbinlol (Felsong)
Srempire (Felsong)
Stayhot (Felsong)
Steshdoi (Felsong)
Stormrrage (Felsong)
Stupraqt (Felsong)
Sylf (Felsong)
Sylverias (Felsong)
Szokink (Felsong)
Tababa (Felsong)
Tankybeef (Felsong)
Targosh (Felsong)
Tawkyapertot (Felsong)
Terokkar (Felsong)
Tetracampeon (Felsong)
Tezzeu (Felsong)
Thalborie (Felsong)
Thandruil (Felsong)
Thehero (Felsong)
Thewizard (Felsong)
Thorrjack (Felsong)
Thunderdeath (Felsong)
Thunderjack (Felsong)
Tiger (Felsong)
Tigerfuryy (Felsong)
Tovaritch (Felsong)
Tracklord (Felsong)
Trapsapd (Felsong)
Traxx (Felsong)
Trayline (Felsong)
Trollmix (Felsong)
Truedamagex (Felsong)
Trymzgodx (Felsong)
Tsekk (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Uralion (Felsong)
Urosdh (Felsong)
Usami (Felsong)
Venaturana (Felsong)
Vennora (Felsong)
Vernumis (Felsong)
Verzal (Felsong)
Vinmailen (Felsong)
Vixionn (Felsong)
Volttedge (Felsong)
Vulvonic (Felsong)
Vurgundy (Felsong)
Vurlic (Felsong)
Warikap (Felsong)
Warlyboi (Felsong)
Warsay (Felsong)
Weiskopf (Felsong)
Wilnil (Felsong)
Windfuhrery (Felsong)
Wiped (Felsong)
Xan (Felsong)
Xandaar (Felsong)
Xbajheeraz (Felsong)
Xborgz (Felsong)
Xcy (Felsong)
Xerf (Felsong)
Xow (Felsong)
Xtreamer (Felsong)
Xtremwarrior (Felsong)
Xul (Felsong)
Yesmer (Felsong)
Yhsaerie (Felsong)
Yig (Felsong)
Yumeria (Felsong)
Zachii (Felsong)
Zaxira (Felsong)
Zborn (Felsong)
Zbuc (Felsong)
Zdravkopowa (Felsong)
Zedana (Felsong)
Zhaitann (Felsong)
Zikwar (Felsong)
Zilna (Felsong)
Zoom (Felsong)
Zormat (Felsong)
Zorroo (Felsong)
$Necrolette (Felsong)
Aartus (Felsong)
Abigaiil (Felsong)
Abnormalized (Felsong)
Achiilus (Felsong)
Adrieans (Felsong)
Agonize (Felsong)
Ainne (Felsong)
Akagane (Felsong)
Alakyn (Felsong)
Alpacinoo (Felsong)
Altena (Felsong)
Ameeka (Felsong)
Amellya (Felsong)
Amortisx (Felsong)
Andelo (Felsong)
Antonb (Felsong)
Anyone (Felsong)
Apokaliptik (Felsong)
Archillon (Felsong)
Arioman (Felsong)
Arthursida (Felsong)
Arwinky (Felsong)
Asalai (Felsong)
Auntdonald (Felsong)
Auralintia (Felsong)
Ayasama (Felsong)
Azazeldow (Felsong)
Badspell (Felsong)
Bahjawi (Felsong)
Baltirian (Felsong)
Bawglij (Felsong)
Bdn (Felsong)
Belanna (Felsong)
Bentony (Felsong)
Blackandbald (Felsong)
Bloodrayne (Felsong)
Bluekitten (Felsong)
Borincis (Felsong)
Bragapopot (Felsong)
Brodd (Felsong)
Brusko (Felsong)
Brutalbeast (Felsong)
Canplayall (Felsong)
Carecadolife (Felsong)
Carmesi (Felsong)
Cassius (Felsong)
Cdefgabc (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Cezarwolf (Felsong)
Chonps (Felsong)
Conexnaut (Felsong)
Crazybolt (Felsong)
Crisano (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Dagui (Felsong)
Danariel (Felsong)
Daylightro (Felsong)
Deimos (Felsong)
Demonbane (Felsong)
Demonplebisk (Felsong)
Demonsin (Felsong)
Devastate (Felsong)
Dexteram (Felsong)
Diceroll (Felsong)
Diehppy (Felsong)
Diterror (Felsong)
Doonky (Felsong)
Draig (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Drgnknght (Felsong)
Dryn (Felsong)
Dupre (Felsong)
Durvar (Felsong)
Dwarftism (Felsong)
Earthern (Felsong)
Eemi (Felsong)
Ehda (Felsong)
Elcorazon (Felsong)
Elfelixo (Felsong)
Emotharion (Felsong)
Endelyn (Felsong)
Eucharist (Felsong)
Evenk (Felsong)
Fanasu (Felsong)
Fdmrr (Felsong)
Felinutza (Felsong)
Fellann (Felsong)
Felort (Felsong)
Fierya (Felsong)
Fippy (Felsong)
Frostfeather (Felsong)
Fulcanneli (Felsong)
Gaant (Felsong)
Gawein (Felsong)
Gelarion (Felsong)
Gladiusx (Felsong)
Graydrake (Felsong)
Grayzon (Felsong)
Gumy (Felsong)
Halbert (Felsong)
Haoh (Felsong)
Hessam (Felsong)
Hoofitup (Felsong)
Hornjob (Felsong)
Hp (Felsong)
Huntardo (Felsong)
Huntenore (Felsong)
Hunterjoyce (Felsong)
Icepal (Felsong)
Illidandolfi (Felsong)
Ilovewow (Felsong)
Incomingpain (Felsong)
Invinciblee (Felsong)
Isolde (Felsong)
Itzyfrost (Felsong)
Jahmolk (Felsong)
Janjane (Felsong)
Johndkbr (Felsong)
Jozdk (Felsong)
Kacangpolong (Felsong)
Kanya (Felsong)
Kaysser (Felsong)
Kedaar (Felsong)
Kimonia (Felsong)
Kinzolock (Felsong)
Kromspamtt (Felsong)
Kryxon (Felsong)
Kuplung (Felsong)
Kyrionna (Felsong)
Kyter (Felsong)
Lars (Felsong)
Lavalily (Felsong)
Lecunn (Felsong)
Lefrog (Felsong)
Lesien (Felsong)
Lichlordqt (Felsong)
Lightporos (Felsong)
Lirieh (Felsong)
Lmoudir (Felsong)
Loafer (Felsong)
Loknath (Felsong)
Lomito (Felsong)
Lorthien (Felsong)
Luelan (Felsong)
Lycy (Felsong)
Machibana (Felsong)
Maieevv (Felsong)
Maieve (Felsong)
Mamadan (Felsong)
Marijuana (Felsong)
Markavenger (Felsong)
Mazari (Felsong)
Melene (Felsong)
Mercaba (Felsong)
Merudin (Felsong)
Mikumo (Felsong)
Moonpaws (Felsong)
Morelf (Felsong)
Morgyn (Felsong)
Mrbean (Felsong)
Nancy (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Ncristi (Felsong)
Necrocatalin (Felsong)
Neegathuama (Felsong)
Neojin (Felsong)
Nepherim (Felsong)
Nestx (Felsong)
Nhed (Felsong)
Ninjamonkey (Felsong)
Ninjark (Felsong)
Nitelox (Felsong)
Nixia (Felsong)
Norissis (Felsong)
Ohmbryn (Felsong)
Omie (Felsong)
Opretri (Felsong)
Ostrarura (Felsong)
Pacupac (Felsong)
Paliedd (Felsong)
Pallyoreo (Felsong)
Palyway (Felsong)
Phoenix (Felsong)
Plaguewood (Felsong)
Plugia (Felsong)
Prayr (Felsong)
Purrsephone (Felsong)
Pysi (Felsong)
Pytha (Felsong)
Quiet (Felsong)
Rageinacan (Felsong)
Rained (Felsong)
Rankor (Felsong)
Rayel (Felsong)
Razorpro (Felsong)
Rcadine (Felsong)
Reaperxz (Felsong)
Redish (Felsong)
Richardcraft (Felsong)
Riryoku (Felsong)
Risque (Felsong)
Rockn (Felsong)
Rtas (Felsong)
Runiel (Felsong)
Sabbat (Felsong)
Sabrielle (Felsong)
Saiya (Felsong)
Sanyax (Felsong)
Saphiry (Felsong)
Sarahsnow (Felsong)
Sarmaro (Felsong)
Sator (Felsong)
Saucynuggy (Felsong)
Sauvagee (Felsong)
Saxon (Felsong)
Secco (Felsong)
Secila (Felsong)
Selie (Felsong)
Selybria (Felsong)
Serefin (Felsong)
Ses (Felsong)
Sfdaniel (Felsong)
Shachoman (Felsong)
Shadowclaw (Felsong)
Shanchan (Felsong)
Sheelah (Felsong)
Shrey (Felsong)
Shurademon (Felsong)
Sicknessro (Felsong)
Siere (Felsong)
Sifting (Felsong)
Sigar (Felsong)
Siigmar (Felsong)
Simplekeep (Felsong)
Smirnov (Felsong)
Socketlol (Felsong)
Solareclipse (Felsong)
Soonii (Felsong)
Svetagora (Felsong)
Tagidan (Felsong)
Tajkun (Felsong)
Takagisan (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Takitodhuevo (Felsong)
Tampico (Felsong)
Tauchyc (Felsong)
Teacups (Felsong)
Thiccmidget (Felsong)
Tjpaladin (Felsong)
Trudina (Felsong)
Tsuchinoko (Felsong)
Tukangpijit (Felsong)
Tyakara (Felsong)
Tzeposs (Felsong)
Ultrazion (Felsong)
Unbelieverr (Felsong)
Vagveng (Felsong)
Vahshixx (Felsong)
Valanorn (Felsong)
Validol (Felsong)
Varrah (Felsong)
Varrianwrynn (Felsong)
Velunaa (Felsong)
Versatille (Felsong)
Vissen (Felsong)
Vladmunteanu (Felsong)
Voiddragon (Felsong)
Voltyp (Felsong)
Vrasese (Felsong)
Vshiva (Felsong)
Wildhominid (Felsong)
Willynoth (Felsong)
Witherer (Felsong)
Wrynnrooy (Felsong)
Wun (Felsong)
Xartak (Felsong)
Xerathi (Felsong)
Xight (Felsong)
Yanderechan (Felsong)
Yeeah (Felsong)
Yettmaa (Felsong)
Yggsdrasil (Felsong)
Yotunhein (Felsong)
Yrzen (Felsong)
Yungdope (Felsong)
Zellarex (Felsong)
Zenoir (Felsong)
Zephyrot (Felsong)
Zerofeel (Felsong)