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REALM: Felsong

  » Monthly Lottery
Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Sunday, March 01 2020, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 442

You don't have any characters on this account

Characters list
Aahanna (Felsong)
Absenthia (Felsong)
Afiona (Felsong)
Aint (Felsong)
Akrakillerr (Felsong)
Alamirh (Felsong)
Alavara (Felsong)
Aleanna (Felsong)
Ambu (Felsong)
Amze (Felsong)
Anomandariis (Felsong)
Anotherwipe (Felsong)
Anuita (Felsong)
Aquell (Felsong)
Arilani (Felsong)
Arthares (Felsong)
Asigoltiokad (Felsong)
Asolomon (Felsong)
Avake (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Avhelsing (Felsong)
Balthuzad (Felsong)
Banjerinos (Felsong)
Barbeiyey (Felsong)
Basonis (Felsong)
Behemothmatt (Felsong)
Bevadultbuxa (Felsong)
Bezea (Felsong)
Bimb (Felsong)
Bineinteles (Felsong)
Bireyadord (Felsong)
Bluelk (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Bonecrusher (Felsong)
Breakthenull (Felsong)
Bronjam (Felsong)
Brunoelrojo (Felsong)
Bubumax (Felsong)
Burekdzija (Felsong)
Caledris (Felsong)
Captncrunch (Felsong)
Cat (Felsong)
Chitanus (Felsong)
Chubbychibi (Felsong)
Costinzorr (Felsong)
Crystail (Felsong)
Cthullhu (Felsong)
Cyrilia (Felsong)
Dageid (Felsong)
Danblind (Felsong)
Darkstare (Felsong)
Datsue (Felsong)
Deadsparrow (Felsong)
Deamolution (Felsong)
Dearshamy (Felsong)
Deathsz (Felsong)
Deathwarlord (Felsong)
Demonitus (Felsong)
Desmonic (Felsong)
Destructionz (Felsong)
Dethklook (Felsong)
Djo (Felsong)
Dmglord (Felsong)
Douapunctep (Felsong)
Dragonasasin (Felsong)
Dreadvein (Felsong)
Dvinelight (Felsong)
Dwp (Felsong)
Edgyqueen (Felsong)
Eldestruct (Felsong)
Elfwater (Felsong)
Emisiqq (Felsong)
Eyeoflucifer (Felsong)
Ferisar (Felsong)
Fevre (Felsong)
Firefreak (Felsong)
Floroflores (Felsong)
Forsen (Felsong)
Fremont (Felsong)
Frosticus (Felsong)
Fueraru (Felsong)
Fuorllon (Felsong)
Fyrb (Felsong)
Gabetykkt (Felsong)
Gachipoppin (Felsong)
Gennzo (Felsong)
Geostigma (Felsong)
Gerocska (Felsong)
Getterfan (Felsong)
Goktu (Felsong)
Gorddon (Felsong)
Gosphell (Felsong)
Gravjs (Felsong)
Grueseh (Felsong)
Gurgut (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Hani (Felsong)
Hara (Felsong)
Hardboy (Felsong)
Hardstein (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Helionaro (Felsong)
Hellgate (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Higuni (Felsong)
Holmag (Felsong)
Holyshoker (Felsong)
Hrid (Felsong)
Hundrox (Felsong)
Hunteryi (Felsong)
Hurion (Felsong)
Iadultipa (Felsong)
Ibadeath (Felsong)
Ilmerovingio (Felsong)
Indomitable (Felsong)
Instela (Felsong)
Ioant (Felsong)
Ironmace (Felsong)
Ishapte (Felsong)
Itswexlolz (Felsong)
Jackfroster (Felsong)
Jettotus (Felsong)
Jigsawjr (Felsong)
Katoriu (Felsong)
Keeperoflove (Felsong)
Keillani (Felsong)
Kenimiska (Felsong)
Kenzell (Felsong)
Keynstus (Felsong)
Khraze (Felsong)
Kissmybutt (Felsong)
Kurvolqka (Felsong)
Lathouzalmal (Felsong)
Lauraline (Felsong)
Lechon (Felsong)
Leyi (Felsong)
Littleoarsjr (Felsong)
Lodn (Felsong)
Lolipride (Felsong)
Maar (Felsong)
Madboxy (Felsong)
Magestic (Felsong)
Mahdiipala (Felsong)
Maiev (Felsong)
Makbouta (Felsong)
Malilya (Felsong)
Mandian (Felsong)
Marroo (Felsong)
Massacrelord (Felsong)
Mavcis (Felsong)
Meatberry (Felsong)
Mentalshaman (Felsong)
Miauneldoi (Felsong)
Mind (Felsong)
Miniminguer (Felsong)
Moments (Felsong)
Monkter (Felsong)
Moredotz (Felsong)
Motanu (Felsong)
Moutaman (Felsong)
Mspotato (Felsong)
Mugivara (Felsong)
Murkinmindsz (Felsong)
Natasja (Felsong)
Natureli (Felsong)
Naturerage (Felsong)
Necroax (Felsong)
Neothai (Felsong)
Nickerey (Felsong)
Ninjjamaster (Felsong)
Nulla (Felsong)
Okultna (Felsong)
Oldman (Felsong)
Opscuritas (Felsong)
Orphay (Felsong)
Ottore (Felsong)
Owoknight (Felsong)
Palacateu (Felsong)
Palatheist (Felsong)
Panday (Felsong)
Panha (Felsong)
Pantal (Felsong)
Perfido (Felsong)
Pikun (Felsong)
Plagueatte (Felsong)
Polinkaa (Felsong)
Potatodin (Felsong)
Pytodh (Felsong)
Qomlayn (Felsong)
Qyntred (Felsong)
Ragok (Felsong)
Realglife (Felsong)
Reardt (Felsong)
Regozilla (Felsong)
Remadeloner (Felsong)
Repairbot (Felsong)
Rhantolk (Felsong)
Ridric (Felsong)
Rikaya (Felsong)
Robijas (Felsong)
Rogulescu (Felsong)
Roshan (Felsong)
Rukiakuchiki (Felsong)
Rynle (Felsong)
Salragath (Felsong)
Senja (Felsong)
Serithul (Felsong)
Sfa (Felsong)
Shainth (Felsong)
Shanama (Felsong)
Shikiakira (Felsong)
Silverpaaw (Felsong)
Soulmortal (Felsong)
Ss (Felsong)
Stayhot (Felsong)
Steicuminte (Felsong)
Stimulation (Felsong)
Sundriver (Felsong)
Supinatia (Felsong)
Sweetrage (Felsong)
Syldinegb (Felsong)
Synthyia (Felsong)
Sywa (Felsong)
Tachii (Felsong)
Tadiel (Felsong)
Talysra (Felsong)
Temajikato (Felsong)
Temuera (Felsong)
Tezzeu (Felsong)
Thandruil (Felsong)
Tharolius (Felsong)
Thundershock (Felsong)
Tiring (Felsong)
Tjewie (Felsong)
Trayline (Felsong)
Trixicle (Felsong)
Truthseeker (Felsong)
Trybu (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Unionjack (Felsong)
Valeriyaa (Felsong)
Vamguard (Felsong)
Varedin (Felsong)
Vinamilk (Felsong)
Vinmailen (Felsong)
Vordelion (Felsong)
Voronna (Felsong)
Walword (Felsong)
Warsay (Felsong)
Wazzei (Felsong)
Wilddruid (Felsong)
Wrongtarget (Felsong)
Wujustyleman (Felsong)
Wumon (Felsong)
Xborgz (Felsong)
Xgaudy (Felsong)
Yushido (Felsong)
Zarrin (Felsong)
Zashh (Felsong)
Zombozii (Felsong)
Ztorm (Felsong)
$Elizeon (Felsong)
Aarus (Felsong)
Abnormalized (Felsong)
Aiyetoro (Felsong)
Akagane (Felsong)
Allhopisgone (Felsong)
Alliancemonk (Felsong)
Alzarus (Felsong)
Androxius (Felsong)
Annathestic (Felsong)
Apfelsinchen (Felsong)
Ardhesia (Felsong)
Avonlea (Felsong)
Baltirian (Felsong)
Bigodus (Felsong)
Biiche (Felsong)
Birmal (Felsong)
Bloodrayne (Felsong)
Bloukaas (Felsong)
Capramagica (Felsong)
Carecadolife (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Chaosfusion (Felsong)
Chenhuangyin (Felsong)
Ciomby (Felsong)
Colapser (Felsong)
Conexnaut (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Daimonos (Felsong)
Dalila (Felsong)
Danariel (Felsong)
Dangquoi (Felsong)
Darkluigi (Felsong)
Dauptbitzi (Felsong)
Dauptcioca (Felsong)
Degge (Felsong)
Dethgyver (Felsong)
Diterror (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Dreadline (Felsong)
Durain (Felsong)
Durmon (Felsong)
Durvar (Felsong)
Easylol (Felsong)
Eatyourgreen (Felsong)
Elfelixo (Felsong)
Elfoxo (Felsong)
Ellord (Felsong)
Elloriya (Felsong)
Fayre (Felsong)
Forshacen (Felsong)
Frozenrose (Felsong)
Fulmetal (Felsong)
Gaant (Felsong)
Gabovnzla (Felsong)
Galladrielle (Felsong)
Goldsmith (Felsong)
Gosiengfam (Felsong)
Graydrake (Felsong)
Guadeloupe (Felsong)
Hallowsoul (Felsong)
Haoh (Felsong)
Hosseinhzz (Felsong)
Hp (Felsong)
Hyperfury (Felsong)
Icepal (Felsong)
Ilidaann (Felsong)
Inkvizitor (Felsong)
Itzyfrost (Felsong)
Ivanguard (Felsong)
Ivine (Felsong)
Jkrdemonh (Felsong)
Johndkbr (Felsong)
Johnyyx (Felsong)
Joket (Felsong)
Kailinn (Felsong)
Katarina (Felsong)
Kavorka (Felsong)
Kazoku (Felsong)
Khankrum (Felsong)
Koreanpistol (Felsong)
Kunglauo (Felsong)
Kuruoshiki (Felsong)
Kutterin (Felsong)
Kylorey (Felsong)
Lemyansus (Felsong)
Likeu (Felsong)
Lilgucci (Felsong)
Lilltramp (Felsong)
Linael (Felsong)
Loknath (Felsong)
Lumbajack (Felsong)
Lusher (Felsong)
Lyonnheart (Felsong)
Maeryn (Felsong)
Mardaj (Felsong)
Merudin (Felsong)
Morelf (Felsong)
Muganio (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Neferata (Felsong)
Nefrit (Felsong)
Nexpeditor (Felsong)
Nizory (Felsong)
Nycella (Felsong)
Nythrand (Felsong)
Obae (Felsong)
Ogri (Felsong)
Omie (Felsong)
Onka (Felsong)
Opiusdk (Felsong)
Orocimaruu (Felsong)
Palalyla (Felsong)
Palatina (Felsong)
Paliedd (Felsong)
Palyway (Felsong)
Parbat (Felsong)
Parman (Felsong)
Paxles (Felsong)
Perontos (Felsong)
Pinzimonio (Felsong)
Poonjabber (Felsong)
Quiet (Felsong)
Qwerpiczek (Felsong)
Rained (Felsong)
Rapeme (Felsong)
Rayel (Felsong)
Risque (Felsong)
Rixes (Felsong)
Romperabos (Felsong)
Rotnak (Felsong)
Sebick (Felsong)
Sellq (Felsong)
Ses (Felsong)
Sglife (Felsong)
Shaliwstar (Felsong)
Shlash (Felsong)
Sigar (Felsong)
Silverangels (Felsong)
Simplekeep (Felsong)
Sinofpride (Felsong)
Sjamaan (Felsong)
Skrytka (Felsong)
Slobabre (Felsong)
Solareclipse (Felsong)
Somnium (Felsong)
Soonii (Felsong)
Spykillerc (Felsong)
Stormowl (Felsong)
Stresmonster (Felsong)
Supereklasa (Felsong)
Surealny (Felsong)
Svarogg (Felsong)
Syntyia (Felsong)
Takagisan (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Tarol (Felsong)
Texy (Felsong)
Tombombadil (Felsong)
Trapnfap (Felsong)
Trhysha (Felsong)
Tribuana (Felsong)
Unbelieverr (Felsong)
Valkyrie (Felsong)
Vallerikka (Felsong)
Vissen (Felsong)
Vladiscovich (Felsong)
Wolby (Felsong)
Wrynnrooy (Felsong)
Wulfharth (Felsong)
Xanzer (Felsong)
Xashi (Felsong)
Yeiyen (Felsong)
Yerosrouge (Felsong)
Yrzen (Felsong)
Yumiko (Felsong)
Yuram (Felsong)
Yuuke (Felsong)
Zakistar (Felsong)
Zuxx (Felsong)