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REALM: Warsong

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Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 01 2022, 00:00:00
Realms: , Warsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 12

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Characters list
Demoniyx (Warsong)
Harricane (Warsong)
Killhannah (Warsong)
Kosti (Warsong)
Maizto (Warsong)
Psycho (Warsong)
Ranugol (Warsong)
Rippo (Warsong)
Slyver (Warsong)
Kryxon (Warsong)
Linainverse (Warsong)
Sorkhpust (Warsong)