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REALM: Felsong

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Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Sunday, December 01 2019, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 360

You don't have any characters on this account

Characters list
Gorzul (Genesis)
Zuelk (Genesis)
Absenthia (Felsong)
Adulfhealerz (Felsong)
Aenarius (Felsong)
Aggromar (Felsong)
Akatzui (Felsong)
Allocer (Felsong)
Althuf (Felsong)
Ambu (Felsong)
Amothaes (Felsong)
Anathosmia (Felsong)
Angliea (Felsong)
Annaizobel (Felsong)
Aranthrok (Felsong)
Areathos (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Baelthuzad (Felsong)
Barkus (Felsong)
Beelzebubdh (Felsong)
Bergathol (Felsong)
Berslow (Felsong)
Bhaltairr (Felsong)
Bigfatmonk (Felsong)
Bizzarerogue (Felsong)
Blackbad (Felsong)
Blindeagle (Felsong)
Bloodsty (Felsong)
Bluehulky (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Bolgrom (Felsong)
Boquinha (Felsong)
Breik (Felsong)
Bubumax (Felsong)
Calanka (Felsong)
Caperblood (Felsong)
Captncrunch (Felsong)
Celestila (Felsong)
Chanted (Felsong)
Cielavuxs (Felsong)
Cyrilia (Felsong)
Cyvis (Felsong)
Daitolor (Felsong)
Dalnarda (Felsong)
Datsue (Felsong)
Dazdingerino (Felsong)
Deadcedk (Felsong)
Deadlyday (Felsong)
Deamolution (Felsong)
Deathsparta (Felsong)
Demonvampire (Felsong)
Deseria (Felsong)
Dilation (Felsong)
Disturbed (Felsong)
Djo (Felsong)
Donzo (Felsong)
Doomwraith (Felsong)
Dredgeline (Felsong)
Dromos (Felsong)
Duzz (Felsong)
Eiichrooda (Felsong)
Elaiza (Felsong)
Elucidatrice (Felsong)
Emarelmaster (Felsong)
Emisiqq (Felsong)
Emstrongest (Felsong)
Erfthund (Felsong)
Esha (Felsong)
Fealia (Felsong)
Felslasher (Felsong)
Firaga (Felsong)
Flingstone (Felsong)
Fowbx (Felsong)
Freakdead (Felsong)
Gavenia (Felsong)
Giandre (Felsong)
Gosphell (Felsong)
Gravjs (Felsong)
Greenjelly (Felsong)
Greenpeace (Felsong)
Grookan (Felsong)
Haarmuur (Felsong)
Habbixth (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Hara (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Hayleyw (Felsong)
Hellgate (Felsong)
Hellner (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Hershido (Felsong)
Hexenban (Felsong)
Hitokiri (Felsong)
Holymightt (Felsong)
Holystorm (Felsong)
Hompi (Felsong)
Illidanasa (Felsong)
Ioralei (Felsong)
Ipoopheals (Felsong)
Irondhunter (Felsong)
Ishkavel (Felsong)
Itswexlolz (Felsong)
Jirakh (Felsong)
Kabbala (Felsong)
Kacex (Felsong)
Kahryn (Felsong)
Kenimiska (Felsong)
Kerrykasteta (Felsong)
Khalar (Felsong)
Killdozer (Felsong)
Kjrdemonh (Felsong)
Kopaleto (Felsong)
Korruptor (Felsong)
Kromerz (Felsong)
Kuchky (Felsong)
Kurvolqka (Felsong)
Leyi (Felsong)
Lickmewet (Felsong)
Littlebeam (Felsong)
Lyina (Felsong)
Lyndsay (Felsong)
Madalyn (Felsong)
Madboxy (Felsong)
Madmaxymus (Felsong)
Mageblade (Felsong)
Magzam (Felsong)
Mahdiipala (Felsong)
Maldad (Felsong)
Manutao (Felsong)
Meemoomuu (Felsong)
Michiko (Felsong)
Miniminguer (Felsong)
Misskam (Felsong)
Morge (Felsong)
Motanu (Felsong)
Msdn (Felsong)
Muussixp (Felsong)
Nagisa (Felsong)
Nalali (Felsong)
Nelimwen (Felsong)
Neptunex (Felsong)
Nickerey (Felsong)
Niklauz (Felsong)
Nuhala (Felsong)
Olfis (Felsong)
Opscuritas (Felsong)
Oraa (Felsong)
Orite (Felsong)
Orphay (Felsong)
Otsotsuki (Felsong)
Overcash (Felsong)
Oxhorn (Felsong)
Palaios (Felsong)
Panda (Felsong)
Pedgrun (Felsong)
Pipebreeze (Felsong)
Ppainy (Felsong)
Prityface (Felsong)
Psychokillah (Felsong)
Pyto (Felsong)
Repulgue (Felsong)
Revengelight (Felsong)
Rikaya (Felsong)
Rizein (Felsong)
Robyy (Felsong)
Rogalach (Felsong)
Ryane (Felsong)
Sakie (Felsong)
Seraphymm (Felsong)
Serithul (Felsong)
Severe (Felsong)
Seyrenz (Felsong)
Sfa (Felsong)
Shadowsul (Felsong)
Shaphira (Felsong)
Silvinia (Felsong)
Sivilce (Felsong)
Skwal (Felsong)
Slowpops (Felsong)
Slutwhisperr (Felsong)
Smashcaked (Felsong)
Smuff (Felsong)
Spritbreaker (Felsong)
Stormrragge (Felsong)
Stormyswrath (Felsong)
Svatous (Felsong)
Swazyy (Felsong)
Tarakii (Felsong)
Tauries (Felsong)
Temporalflux (Felsong)
Tenmu (Felsong)
Thadevil (Felsong)
Thrillerr (Felsong)
Thundershock (Felsong)
Tiam (Felsong)
Timea (Felsong)
Toolhobo (Felsong)
Trayline (Felsong)
Trichome (Felsong)
Trixicle (Felsong)
Trove (Felsong)
Truniyn (Felsong)
Truxo (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Ukyosam (Felsong)
Valeriyaa (Felsong)
Verz (Felsong)
Vetropuro (Felsong)
Violoncelo (Felsong)
Vipernergy (Felsong)
Vulvawndlord (Felsong)
Wabwub (Felsong)
Wikiquem (Felsong)
Windshaper (Felsong)
Wobuster (Felsong)
Wuskhripa (Felsong)
Xul (Felsong)
Yermak (Felsong)
Yurimld (Felsong)
Zashh (Felsong)
Zbuc (Felsong)
Zlobor (Felsong)
Zofie (Felsong)
Zoom (Felsong)
Zormat (Felsong)
Zykron (Felsong)
Drakwarrior (Genesis)
Jskn (Genesis)
Shadowhawke (Genesis)
Zelestia (Genesis)
Abnormalized (Felsong)
Adyzon (Felsong)
Aequus (Felsong)
Altena (Felsong)
Antonb (Felsong)
Arrowdoomore (Felsong)
Aulikki (Felsong)
Axonix (Felsong)
Azraa (Felsong)
Bck (Felsong)
Betrial (Felsong)
Bettie (Felsong)
Biiche (Felsong)
Bloodrayne (Felsong)
Bloukaas (Felsong)
Boogddans (Felsong)
Bouquet (Felsong)
Brokeninside (Felsong)
Brutalix (Felsong)
Bubblexo (Felsong)
Capramagica (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Codyy (Felsong)
Colapser (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Danariel (Felsong)
Dangquoi (Felsong)
Darkkangel (Felsong)
Darkpressure (Felsong)
Davokill (Felsong)
Deniskofix (Felsong)
Dethgyver (Felsong)
Diablla (Felsong)
Dieds (Felsong)
Dmitrius (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Duruun (Felsong)
Elademiri (Felsong)
Engendro (Felsong)
Evenk (Felsong)
Eyecandy (Felsong)
Fayre (Felsong)
Frostery (Felsong)
Frostypepe (Felsong)
Ganger (Felsong)
Gordrin (Felsong)
Haedrian (Felsong)
Hammerboss (Felsong)
Hyeri (Felsong)
Illumiinate (Felsong)
Inkvizitor (Felsong)
Ironrose (Felsong)
Itzyfrost (Felsong)
Jaedyn (Felsong)
Jerica (Felsong)
Jinzaburo (Felsong)
Josephya (Felsong)
Kailinn (Felsong)
Kazzy (Felsong)
Khatara (Felsong)
Kidan (Felsong)
Kralstone (Felsong)
Kutterin (Felsong)
Liabestima (Felsong)
Lidakun (Felsong)
Lomu (Felsong)
Lonewanderer (Felsong)
Lusher (Felsong)
Machu (Felsong)
Manadarr (Felsong)
Mauder (Felsong)
Megansweets (Felsong)
Meissie (Felsong)
Melanj (Felsong)
Minatha (Felsong)
Miskoffyy (Felsong)
Mynameiswild (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Niphera (Felsong)
Nochegris (Felsong)
Omie (Felsong)
Parman (Felsong)
Patouxas (Felsong)
Pecunna (Felsong)
Psiana (Felsong)
Rained (Felsong)
Rainger (Felsong)
Rayel (Felsong)
Rogardh (Felsong)
Royalhunterw (Felsong)
Sabreena (Felsong)
Serebryanka (Felsong)
Shadowclaw (Felsong)
Shadowlord (Felsong)
Shamaco (Felsong)
Shasya (Felsong)
Shrey (Felsong)
Siigriid (Felsong)
Sliimcasher (Felsong)
Solareclipse (Felsong)
Suaveddz (Felsong)
Suito (Felsong)
Svarogg (Felsong)
Takagisan (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Talonne (Felsong)
Tarmalga (Felsong)
Tarol (Felsong)
Tezoras (Felsong)
Thiccdude (Felsong)
Thorstenson (Felsong)
Threepo (Felsong)
Toxique (Felsong)
Trypior (Felsong)
Tsuchinoko (Felsong)
Tybybba (Felsong)
Unbelieverr (Felsong)
Validol (Felsong)
Vanillasucks (Felsong)
Venatrix (Felsong)
Vhauri (Felsong)
Vissen (Felsong)
Vladn (Felsong)
Wolby (Felsong)
Worgenus (Felsong)
Wun (Felsong)
Ycate (Felsong)
Zambuba (Felsong)
Ziaan (Felsong)
Ziris (Felsong)