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REALM: Felsong

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Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Saturday, June 01 2019, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 374

You don't have any characters on this account

Characters list
Felerast (Genesis)
Longschllong (Genesis)
Madmaxymus (Genesis)
Sindorei (Genesis)
Ssnek (Genesis)
Achilles (Felsong)
Aelvina (Felsong)
Aguacatee (Felsong)
Aiiz (Felsong)
Alettam (Felsong)
Ambu (Felsong)
Amothaes (Felsong)
Andreeyy (Felsong)
Annequin (Felsong)
Apxuctpater (Felsong)
Aranthrok (Felsong)
Armageddonb (Felsong)
Arrowproof (Felsong)
Asdal (Felsong)
Attreid (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Aviathor (Felsong)
Azaello (Felsong)
Azgalords (Felsong)
Balute (Felsong)
Bamboozling (Felsong)
Barbiche (Felsong)
Bawbawbaw (Felsong)
Bestnameever (Felsong)
Blindeagle (Felsong)
Bloddyholy (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Bonecrusher (Felsong)
Boohus (Felsong)
Boomix (Felsong)
Boquinha (Felsong)
Bravalys (Felsong)
Browo (Felsong)
Bubumax (Felsong)
Calenara (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Ceroga (Felsong)
Chaotics (Felsong)
Chimenea (Felsong)
Clickuu (Felsong)
Cosmi (Felsong)
Crispyduck (Felsong)
Cyvis (Felsong)
Darkarlo (Felsong)
Deadlystorm (Felsong)
Deadstripe (Felsong)
Deathzone (Felsong)
Deceiving (Felsong)
Demex (Felsong)
Demondante (Felsong)
Devriel (Felsong)
Dhrash (Felsong)
Duwkica (Felsong)
Eccehomo (Felsong)
Elfwater (Felsong)
Ellinna (Felsong)
Emisiqq (Felsong)
Execro (Felsong)
Flakax (Felsong)
Fn (Felsong)
Freakdead (Felsong)
Freipe (Felsong)
Froggie (Felsong)
Frostwind (Felsong)
Fullga (Felsong)
Gadis (Felsong)
Galaxxhor (Felsong)
Garonolth (Felsong)
Genbu (Felsong)
Goldinos (Felsong)
Gramati (Felsong)
Greenpeace (Felsong)
Grueseh (Felsong)
Guenh (Felsong)
Haardza (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Hardboy (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Headliner (Felsong)
Hefestu (Felsong)
Helionaro (Felsong)
Hellgate (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Hercegnoo (Felsong)
Himbmb (Felsong)
Hitdelulo (Felsong)
Hodzinakci (Felsong)
Holystorm (Felsong)
Hominid (Felsong)
Hordeblade (Felsong)
Hroghtarr (Felsong)
Ibunnydud (Felsong)
Ikaru (Felsong)
Imund (Felsong)
Irudda (Felsong)
Jaepardize (Felsong)
Jenkstill (Felsong)
Jessabel (Felsong)
Joska (Felsong)
Kaerftsohg (Felsong)
Kagor (Felsong)
Keksdemon (Felsong)
Kelshas (Felsong)
Kenimiska (Felsong)
Khoren (Felsong)
Killdozer (Felsong)
Kiti (Felsong)
Kittytiffy (Felsong)
Kofe (Felsong)
Kolorijo (Felsong)
Kordapyo (Felsong)
Korruptor (Felsong)
Kotis (Felsong)
Kuhnibeart (Felsong)
Kurvolqka (Felsong)
Leafburner (Felsong)
Lerroy (Felsong)
Lightblast (Felsong)
Lindrel (Felsong)
Littlebeam (Felsong)
Lizguz (Felsong)
Lofk (Felsong)
Lois (Felsong)
Luam (Felsong)
Magikuself (Felsong)
Mannon (Felsong)
Mariosnk (Felsong)
Marroncito (Felsong)
Marshaallko (Felsong)
Merovingian (Felsong)
Metalbane (Felsong)
Mihaitzza (Felsong)
Mindwalk (Felsong)
Mingen (Felsong)
Mirceavali (Felsong)
Misandey (Felsong)
Monwa (Felsong)
Motanu (Felsong)
Nobitachan (Felsong)
Norbuc (Felsong)
Nymff (Felsong)
Oraa (Felsong)
Paarthonox (Felsong)
Pajczens (Felsong)
Peenie (Felsong)
Pempa (Felsong)
Pieterpiel (Felsong)
Pokpokpok (Felsong)
Prochynek (Felsong)
Pulsor (Felsong)
Putony (Felsong)
Qli (Felsong)
Rammstein (Felsong)
Rapek (Felsong)
Rastta (Felsong)
Ravend (Felsong)
Ravendor (Felsong)
Raxiel (Felsong)
Raxlock (Felsong)
Recklessly (Felsong)
Repulgue (Felsong)
Roipnol (Felsong)
Rostein (Felsong)
Ruchko (Felsong)
Rukiakuchiki (Felsong)
Rumtumtugger (Felsong)
Satir (Felsong)
Sayss (Felsong)
Scarletdawn (Felsong)
Senjux (Felsong)
Severridan (Felsong)
Sharpage (Felsong)
Sheehnan (Felsong)
Shiriin (Felsong)
Shyena (Felsong)
Shys (Felsong)
Silvinia (Felsong)
Sitrina (Felsong)
Skilled (Felsong)
Skimmer (Felsong)
Slayer (Felsong)
Smokedtoes (Felsong)
Snoox (Felsong)
Snowflame (Felsong)
Somay (Felsong)
Somniaa (Felsong)
Sonicr (Felsong)
Sophurus (Felsong)
Sorrakaa (Felsong)
Stilgar (Felsong)
Strangermagi (Felsong)
Stygas (Felsong)
Sugarelf (Felsong)
Superpooper (Felsong)
Szmuljebany (Felsong)
Taarnus (Felsong)
Tababa (Felsong)
Taytsohn (Felsong)
Thilisea (Felsong)
Torche (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Ucinkgerink (Felsong)
Unholy (Felsong)
Valindra (Felsong)
Vampex (Felsong)
Venetzia (Felsong)
Wikvaya (Felsong)
Wingz (Felsong)
Wolowitzer (Felsong)
Wrongtarget (Felsong)
Xuen (Felsong)
Yliya (Felsong)
Yumeria (Felsong)
Yumraj (Felsong)
Zadarkside (Felsong)
Zaelandre (Felsong)
Zannrath (Felsong)
Zapatillo (Felsong)
Zeenkay (Felsong)
Zefgtt (Felsong)
Zerem (Felsong)
Zhaouyn (Felsong)
Zian (Felsong)
Zoria (Felsong)
Zormat (Felsong)
Zuwus (Felsong)
Drakwarrior (Genesis)
Dyonysus (Genesis)
Jskn (Genesis)
$Cunnus (Felsong)
Andromaede (Felsong)
Andrreas (Felsong)
Anejo (Felsong)
Anlie (Felsong)
Aphobis (Felsong)
Arongold (Felsong)
Aropalon (Felsong)
Asnarnia (Felsong)
Bigulin (Felsong)
Binxi (Felsong)
Blackstarr (Felsong)
Bloukaas (Felsong)
Brunga (Felsong)
Bullydudu (Felsong)
Capramagica (Felsong)
Colapser (Felsong)
Cordell (Felsong)
Crrissti (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Dangquoi (Felsong)
Dannish (Felsong)
Degge (Felsong)
Demonist (Felsong)
Dokobg (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Driadda (Felsong)
Duruun (Felsong)
Effine (Felsong)
Elloriya (Felsong)
Esial (Felsong)
Eyecandy (Felsong)
Falri (Felsong)
Feuerfrei (Felsong)
Freehbo (Felsong)
Gadriel (Felsong)
Gazsula (Felsong)
Giampo (Felsong)
Gicaxx (Felsong)
Goblood (Felsong)
Grefta (Felsong)
Grovoryle (Felsong)
Gryloid (Felsong)
Hiakymaru (Felsong)
Huntardo (Felsong)
Hunterpun (Felsong)
Hyeri (Felsong)
Iceicebaby (Felsong)
Icepal (Felsong)
Ifestus (Felsong)
Infectix (Felsong)
Inkvizitor (Felsong)
Ivine (Felsong)
Jekhoe (Felsong)
Jlaw (Felsong)
Justpowerxx (Felsong)
Kaiblue (Felsong)
Kalingam (Felsong)
Kiljaedan (Felsong)
Kinaraa (Felsong)
Konsuela (Felsong)
Kutterin (Felsong)
Lamas (Felsong)
Lars (Felsong)
Lerath (Felsong)
Letmehuntyou (Felsong)
Lidrina (Felsong)
Lillyannpaws (Felsong)
Loghann (Felsong)
Lokras (Felsong)
Lusher (Felsong)
Lycrys (Felsong)
Machinedrum (Felsong)
Madiqt (Felsong)
Magicznyczar (Felsong)
Marihooana (Felsong)
Maull (Felsong)
Miskoffyy (Felsong)
Mrbean (Felsong)
Nancy (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Nerithia (Felsong)
Nishirra (Felsong)
Nuanir (Felsong)
Obss (Felsong)
Olfisucz (Felsong)
Omie (Felsong)
Orginal (Felsong)
Polarbears (Felsong)
Priestyna (Felsong)
Psiana (Felsong)
Raeas (Felsong)
Rayel (Felsong)
Rowina (Felsong)
Ryujinnjakka (Felsong)
Saltarill (Felsong)
Sarkain (Felsong)
Schlang (Felsong)
Ses (Felsong)
Shenonark (Felsong)
Shyish (Felsong)
Sibianul (Felsong)
Silmarien (Felsong)
Silyn (Felsong)
Singureu (Felsong)
Smuffy (Felsong)
Solareclipse (Felsong)
Sonequa (Felsong)
Soullish (Felsong)
Sowen (Felsong)
Speedythea (Felsong)
Suaveddz (Felsong)
Svarogg (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Tarryn (Felsong)
Tendinti (Felsong)
Thessa (Felsong)
Toastghost (Felsong)
Trackus (Felsong)
Traitoral (Felsong)
Trappo (Felsong)
Tripiante (Felsong)
Tydistus (Felsong)
Validol (Felsong)
Vilsxi (Felsong)
Volaticus (Felsong)
Volkzz (Felsong)
Voltwartz (Felsong)
Walkmanas (Felsong)
Wolby (Felsong)
Wolffa (Felsong)
Wolfpup (Felsong)
Worsthunter (Felsong)
Wun (Felsong)
Xavyng (Felsong)
Xendi (Felsong)
Xurin (Felsong)
Yeiyen (Felsong)
Zeuth (Felsong)
Zumas (Felsong)