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REALM: Felsong

  » Monthly Lottery
Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Monday, April 01 2019, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 506

You don't have any characters on this account

Characters list
Kaliyuga (Genesis)
Lyli (Genesis)
Ssnek (Genesis)
Abetrayer (Felsong)
Abrakadab (Felsong)
Achilles (Felsong)
Actaeon (Felsong)
Addarantys (Felsong)
Aint (Felsong)
Airim (Felsong)
Akarg (Felsong)
Alkinet (Felsong)
Allocer (Felsong)
Amalki (Felsong)
Amanemisa (Felsong)
Anaeel (Felsong)
Annalize (Felsong)
Annyse (Felsong)
Aquell (Felsong)
Araam (Felsong)
Aranthrok (Felsong)
Armannd (Felsong)
Arsch (Felsong)
Arvuna (Felsong)
Asdal (Felsong)
Assasinks (Felsong)
Ataam (Felsong)
Athelsthan (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Aviathor (Felsong)
Aviss (Felsong)
Azeryth (Felsong)
Azgalords (Felsong)
Baboya (Felsong)
Balute (Felsong)
Batnam (Felsong)
Batsu (Felsong)
Battouzsai (Felsong)
Beledona (Felsong)
Belfrog (Felsong)
Bestnameever (Felsong)
Biggieshorty (Felsong)
Birth (Felsong)
Blindeagle (Felsong)
Bloddyfang (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Boonstar (Felsong)
Boraiicho (Felsong)
Calabazita (Felsong)
Calenara (Felsong)
Cameltoes (Felsong)
Camurias (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Cerveja (Felsong)
Chaosruler (Felsong)
Clunkyfists (Felsong)
Comanda (Felsong)
Cosmi (Felsong)
Cosobrutto (Felsong)
Crnirogovi (Felsong)
Cthullhu (Felsong)
Cumurasica (Felsong)
Darckaura (Felsong)
Dariuz (Felsong)
Darkkuym (Felsong)
Dawnrider (Felsong)
Dazdingerino (Felsong)
Deathsparta (Felsong)
Deezhealz (Felsong)
Degge (Felsong)
Dellevy (Felsong)
Demex (Felsong)
Demondot (Felsong)
Demonsweed (Felsong)
Dholps (Felsong)
Dieseljanne (Felsong)
Dilong (Felsong)
Divinemeat (Felsong)
Dondiego (Felsong)
Dos (Felsong)
Dotpowah (Felsong)
Doughnutzz (Felsong)
Dredgeline (Felsong)
Drocll (Felsong)
Duwkica (Felsong)
Earthunder (Felsong)
Ebonknight (Felsong)
Elaiza (Felsong)
Emisiqq (Felsong)
Enhancer (Felsong)
Ernesta (Felsong)
Esilow (Felsong)
Evilwithinx (Felsong)
Ezember (Felsong)
Faceless (Felsong)
Fallujah (Felsong)
Felixir (Felsong)
Flakax (Felsong)
Floxyna (Felsong)
Fn (Felsong)
Fullga (Felsong)
Gaenwyl (Felsong)
Gasholino (Felsong)
Gelanthis (Felsong)
Genjuro (Felsong)
Genoxcide (Felsong)
Ghishe (Felsong)
Gingivitis (Felsong)
Gnv (Felsong)
Goldensaint (Felsong)
Golgari (Felsong)
Gorethreads (Felsong)
Graider (Felsong)
Greedyy (Felsong)
Greenpeace (Felsong)
Grifons (Felsong)
Grimmwolf (Felsong)
Grogath (Felsong)
Grookan (Felsong)
Gruzz (Felsong)
Guenh (Felsong)
Gulnoc (Felsong)
Guolong (Felsong)
Haets (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Haoda (Felsong)
Hara (Felsong)
Harddiksy (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Haschwalth (Felsong)
Headliner (Felsong)
Hellgate (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Hellssd (Felsong)
Holystorm (Felsong)
Hunterytza (Felsong)
Illidanasa (Felsong)
Innaros (Felsong)
Inxs (Felsong)
Ipoopheals (Felsong)
Ironpull (Felsong)
Jadoukken (Felsong)
Jaghar (Felsong)
Jeallybean (Felsong)
Jenkstill (Felsong)
Jessabel (Felsong)
Jikorax (Felsong)
Joreca (Felsong)
Joyced (Felsong)
Jycex (Felsong)
Kaaos (Felsong)
Kaiira (Felsong)
Kaimy (Felsong)
Kanear (Felsong)
Katoriu (Felsong)
Kazader (Felsong)
Kelshas (Felsong)
Killdoozerr (Felsong)
Killdozer (Felsong)
Kiti (Felsong)
Kni (Felsong)
Korrok (Felsong)
Kosty (Felsong)
Kryx (Felsong)
Kurvolqka (Felsong)
Kyrasaurus (Felsong)
Lasonger (Felsong)
Lazolas (Felsong)
Leyi (Felsong)
Littlebeam (Felsong)
Littlecurse (Felsong)
Livgodx (Felsong)
Locin (Felsong)
Loisgrippin (Felsong)
Lonelyllama (Felsong)
Luam (Felsong)
Luckyhunter (Felsong)
Lunarr (Felsong)
Maar (Felsong)
Machinamax (Felsong)
Macilvoy (Felsong)
Maiev (Felsong)
Malferius (Felsong)
Mamadm (Felsong)
Masuki (Felsong)
Masyx (Felsong)
Meaoz (Felsong)
Mechante (Felsong)
Merenwenn (Felsong)
Mindwalk (Felsong)
Mingen (Felsong)
Miniminguer (Felsong)
Misandey (Felsong)
Misifus (Felsong)
Mistymage (Felsong)
Moltzz (Felsong)
Momad (Felsong)
Monster (Felsong)
Montoya (Felsong)
Mortys (Felsong)
Motanu (Felsong)
Mumud (Felsong)
Naaru (Felsong)
Nakal (Felsong)
Nalali (Felsong)
Narima (Felsong)
Necrofeelya (Felsong)
Necross (Felsong)
Neekros (Felsong)
Nezera (Felsong)
Nilstorm (Felsong)
Noblefantasm (Felsong)
Nochill (Felsong)
Noraethaen (Felsong)
Norbuc (Felsong)
Nuriba (Felsong)
Nymehia (Felsong)
Nymff (Felsong)
Odrim (Felsong)
Omilen (Felsong)
Orkisa (Felsong)
Oxhorn (Felsong)
Pantharay (Felsong)
Patto (Felsong)
Peleumurat (Felsong)
Pieczy (Felsong)
Polentosa (Felsong)
Polinkaa (Felsong)
Prochynek (Felsong)
Psychopaths (Felsong)
Quesomarian (Felsong)
Realglife (Felsong)
Renjie (Felsong)
Repulgue (Felsong)
Ribaa (Felsong)
Ricart (Felsong)
Rikaya (Felsong)
Rukiakuchiki (Felsong)
Saltyaxe (Felsong)
Saluja (Felsong)
Sappyboy (Felsong)
Satanissm (Felsong)
Scaraotchy (Felsong)
Scylz (Felsong)
Serendipity (Felsong)
Seyena (Felsong)
Shaakaa (Felsong)
Silvinia (Felsong)
Simonozzolo (Felsong)
Sioux (Felsong)
Slayer (Felsong)
Smokedtoes (Felsong)
Smoulder (Felsong)
Snopii (Felsong)
Soonoo (Felsong)
Sophusaurus (Felsong)
Steelman (Felsong)
Stimulation (Felsong)
Sunhorn (Felsong)
Supremekai (Felsong)
Sykorka (Felsong)
Szmuljebany (Felsong)
Taemasu (Felsong)
Tamarrow (Felsong)
Tariu (Felsong)
Taskelord (Felsong)
Tenmu (Felsong)
Thornmaill (Felsong)
Tindalos (Felsong)
Tomberon (Felsong)
Trelaki (Felsong)
Tsm (Felsong)
Tuffbrain (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Ucinkgerink (Felsong)
Ukyosam (Felsong)
Uragamy (Felsong)
Usami (Felsong)
Valent (Felsong)
Valindra (Felsong)
Volteria (Felsong)
Westlife (Felsong)
Wicx (Felsong)
Wildroots (Felsong)
Wrongtarget (Felsong)
Xhana (Felsong)
Xiomm (Felsong)
Xquery (Felsong)
Xul (Felsong)
Xxlittleboss (Felsong)
Yamanmonk (Felsong)
Yeqoon (Felsong)
Yurick (Felsong)
Zadarkside (Felsong)
Zannrath (Felsong)
Zapatillo (Felsong)
Zian (Felsong)
Zidu (Felsong)
Zoria (Felsong)
Zuwael (Felsong)
Blyatpower (Genesis)
Drakwarrior (Genesis)
Dyonysus (Genesis)
Evenk (Genesis)
$Mortachus (Felsong)
Abobo (Felsong)
Afoasnfapfsj (Felsong)
Ainion (Felsong)
Allyassa (Felsong)
Amerii (Felsong)
Andromaede (Felsong)
Anejo (Felsong)
Anhya (Felsong)
Aprilio (Felsong)
Arathyen (Felsong)
Artemist (Felsong)
Astrite (Felsong)
Asuusha (Felsong)
Aymeric (Felsong)
Banshidark (Felsong)
Bejta (Felsong)
Bialytygrys (Felsong)
Bigulin (Felsong)
Blackliz (Felsong)
Blackstarr (Felsong)
Bloukaas (Felsong)
Bullylok (Felsong)
Candyhell (Felsong)
Capramagica (Felsong)
Careta (Felsong)
Carnigan (Felsong)
Cathril (Felsong)
Chedal (Felsong)
Chonps (Felsong)
Chucknorris (Felsong)
Circumciser (Felsong)
Civa (Felsong)
Crescents (Felsong)
Crrissti (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Damane (Felsong)
Danariel (Felsong)
Dangquoi (Felsong)
Dannish (Felsong)
Darkan (Felsong)
Darkstance (Felsong)
Deadway (Felsong)
Defilher (Felsong)
Demonerf (Felsong)
Densoma (Felsong)
Deruvid (Felsong)
Dhaenerys (Felsong)
Dieds (Felsong)
Djinajlu (Felsong)
Dolanthir (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Eezee (Felsong)
Elfelixo (Felsong)
Elloriya (Felsong)
Enibun (Felsong)
Esial (Felsong)
Exocin (Felsong)
Eyecandy (Felsong)
Fiorcia (Felsong)
Firestartahh (Felsong)
Foxmoore (Felsong)
Garnich (Felsong)
Gennyputtony (Felsong)
Giampo (Felsong)
Gnomenasai (Felsong)
Gruthaleseay (Felsong)
Gryloid (Felsong)
Gurthana (Felsong)
Haedrian (Felsong)
Healasuwant (Felsong)
Hortenzija (Felsong)
Huntardo (Felsong)
Hurtie (Felsong)
Icepal (Felsong)
Ifestus (Felsong)
Impally (Felsong)
Indra (Felsong)
Ivine (Felsong)
Jaaiina (Felsong)
Jackallyzed (Felsong)
Jackd (Felsong)
Jademon (Felsong)
Janchu (Felsong)
Jirachi (Felsong)
Johndkbr (Felsong)
Justpowerxx (Felsong)
Kadagar (Felsong)
Kailinn (Felsong)
Kapucin (Felsong)
Karthos (Felsong)
Kavorka (Felsong)
Kelarm (Felsong)
Kerae (Felsong)
Kiljaedan (Felsong)
Kiljaedin (Felsong)
Kinan (Felsong)
Kinzow (Felsong)
Kitkatmini (Felsong)
Kneehumper (Felsong)
Koky (Felsong)
Korya (Felsong)
Kutterin (Felsong)
Lastdruid (Felsong)
Lazorchicken (Felsong)
Lenrock (Felsong)
Lipwar (Felsong)
Lithee (Felsong)
Lockbueno (Felsong)
Loghann (Felsong)
Lupiis (Felsong)
Luunna (Felsong)
Lycrys (Felsong)
Madiqt (Felsong)
Makeouthillx (Felsong)
Malfuridan (Felsong)
Malutkapyza (Felsong)
Mandragoras (Felsong)
Marana (Felsong)
Matees (Felsong)
Mazija (Felsong)
Mcwolf (Felsong)
Melanj (Felsong)
Melchian (Felsong)
Merila (Felsong)
Moonpetal (Felsong)
Morrpheus (Felsong)
Mstyulya (Felsong)
Murian (Felsong)
Murvok (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Nefsolith (Felsong)
Nemesiswarr (Felsong)
Nevem (Felsong)
Nithz (Felsong)
Nonaa (Felsong)
Nyss (Felsong)
Obss (Felsong)
Oilidan (Felsong)
Omie (Felsong)
Omikami (Felsong)
Ommadawn (Felsong)
Orginal (Felsong)
Oriens (Felsong)
Pegasus (Felsong)
Perishealton (Felsong)
Pherron (Felsong)
Poonjabber (Felsong)
Praet (Felsong)
Psiana (Felsong)
Psioryba (Felsong)
Revelstoke (Felsong)
Rugu (Felsong)
Santiel (Felsong)
Sateruxxs (Felsong)
Sayurin (Felsong)
Sehmeti (Felsong)
Seitz (Felsong)
Sensuz (Felsong)
Sepira (Felsong)
Shenonark (Felsong)
Shortie (Felsong)
Sibianul (Felsong)
Smuffy (Felsong)
Snowhard (Felsong)
Suaveddz (Felsong)
Superstarqon (Felsong)
Svarogg (Felsong)
Tajkun (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Tanahtos (Felsong)
Tarryn (Felsong)
Thessa (Felsong)
Tombombadil (Felsong)
Trackus (Felsong)
Trans (Felsong)
Tswift (Felsong)
Tutuu (Felsong)
Umbersun (Felsong)
Unaldor (Felsong)
Unbelieverr (Felsong)
Validol (Felsong)
Verduleroide (Felsong)
Vexes (Felsong)
Volkzz (Felsong)
Voltwartz (Felsong)
Vorilon (Felsong)
Watchurdeath (Felsong)
Wolffa (Felsong)
Worsthunter (Felsong)
Wun (Felsong)
Xdagger (Felsong)
Yowl (Felsong)
Yurimld (Felsong)
Yurnes (Felsong)
Zaranthos (Felsong)
Zeller (Felsong)
Zenzara (Felsong)
Zeuth (Felsong)
Zuggam (Felsong)
Zyrallia (Felsong)