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REALM: Felsong

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Join the monthly lottery for various ingame prizes. You need to be level 90 and have at least 5 days of playtime. Maximum 1 character per account, more info here
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 01 2019, 00:00:00
Realms: Genesis, Felsong
Max. chars per account: 1 / Max. chars per IP: 1
Required level: 90
Total signed up characters: 409

You don't have any characters on this account

Characters list
Gregorov (Genesis)
Kaliyuga (Genesis)
Madmaxymus (Genesis)
Rockrolss (Genesis)
Zashh (Genesis)
Zuelk (Genesis)
Aims (Felsong)
Aivatco (Felsong)
Alanegru (Felsong)
Alanhy (Felsong)
Amanemisa (Felsong)
Amothaes (Felsong)
Anenos (Felsong)
Anfgtt (Felsong)
Anlide (Felsong)
Anuar (Felsong)
Arkhen (Felsong)
Asdal (Felsong)
Aseneria (Felsong)
Avatarkorra (Felsong)
Bamboozling (Felsong)
Bellaswann (Felsong)
Belsebull (Felsong)
Biggieshorty (Felsong)
Blindeagle (Felsong)
Bloddyfang (Felsong)
Bluebullz (Felsong)
Blyatmus (Felsong)
Boomix (Felsong)
Boonstar (Felsong)
Bootygirl (Felsong)
Bravalys (Felsong)
Btowb (Felsong)
Bubumax (Felsong)
Calabazita (Felsong)
Celekitty (Felsong)
Cerveja (Felsong)
Chaoskaiser (Felsong)
Chaotics (Felsong)
Chimenea (Felsong)
Chiwu (Felsong)
Chrismc (Felsong)
Codorr (Felsong)
Coff (Felsong)
Cowowow (Felsong)
Crazyold (Felsong)
Cthullhu (Felsong)
Cyvis (Felsong)
Dawaken (Felsong)
Dawnfrost (Felsong)
Degge (Felsong)
Demtero (Felsong)
Deomoonizer (Felsong)
Devriel (Felsong)
Dhrash (Felsong)
Divino (Felsong)
Dondiego (Felsong)
Drocll (Felsong)
Drunkjeff (Felsong)
Ellinna (Felsong)
Erlamar (Felsong)
Ernesta (Felsong)
Esilow (Felsong)
Fallenstar (Felsong)
Feldem (Felsong)
Feltan (Felsong)
Flakax (Felsong)
Floxyna (Felsong)
Fonfo (Felsong)
Freakdead (Felsong)
Froggie (Felsong)
Frump (Felsong)
Gaenwyl (Felsong)
Ghouldun (Felsong)
Gixii (Felsong)
Gnv (Felsong)
Goldeneye (Felsong)
Greenpeace (Felsong)
Grookan (Felsong)
Grueseh (Felsong)
Guenh (Felsong)
Hajimi (Felsong)
Hardboy (Felsong)
Harricane (Felsong)
Hatebreeder (Felsong)
Headliner (Felsong)
Hellgate (Felsong)
Hellriegel (Felsong)
Hercegnoo (Felsong)
Hitdelulo (Felsong)
Idilla (Felsong)
Ipoopheals (Felsong)
Ironpull (Felsong)
Irudda (Felsong)
Jadoukken (Felsong)
Jessabel (Felsong)
Joreca (Felsong)
Joska (Felsong)
Jyuichi (Felsong)
Kaijiu (Felsong)
Kapix (Felsong)
Kaputtmachen (Felsong)
Kelshas (Felsong)
Khaliysa (Felsong)
Killdozer (Felsong)
Kiti (Felsong)
Kizzu (Felsong)
Kosty (Felsong)
Kozekej (Felsong)
Kromerz (Felsong)
Kuromochi (Felsong)
Leafburner (Felsong)
Livgodx (Felsong)
Lizguz (Felsong)
Lolita (Felsong)
Luam (Felsong)
Lulumahami (Felsong)
Machinamax (Felsong)
Maiev (Felsong)
Mangkukulam (Felsong)
Mardic (Felsong)
Margarrita (Felsong)
Maylock (Felsong)
Mihaitzza (Felsong)
Mingen (Felsong)
Mspotato (Felsong)
Naiah (Felsong)
Nakula (Felsong)
Narima (Felsong)
Necrophyte (Felsong)
Neekros (Felsong)
Nemort (Felsong)
Nhavi (Felsong)
Nicksundance (Felsong)
Noblefantasm (Felsong)
Norbuc (Felsong)
Nymff (Felsong)
Odemian (Felsong)
Otsotsuki (Felsong)
Oxhorn (Felsong)
Paarthonox (Felsong)
Padoruchan (Felsong)
Pajczens (Felsong)
Papasentarro (Felsong)
Peenie (Felsong)
Pempa (Felsong)
Phist (Felsong)
Phyndirn (Felsong)
Pieczy (Felsong)
Pieterpiel (Felsong)
Pratt (Felsong)
Praystation (Felsong)
Prochynek (Felsong)
Prophetus (Felsong)
Psychiatwist (Felsong)
Randemm (Felsong)
Raxlock (Felsong)
Rekkt (Felsong)
Repulgue (Felsong)
Rikaya (Felsong)
Roballowo (Felsong)
Rodrigoly (Felsong)
Ruchko (Felsong)
Rukiakuchiki (Felsong)
Rumtumtugger (Felsong)
Ryane (Felsong)
Sadic (Felsong)
Says (Felsong)
Scarfaces (Felsong)
Scarletdawn (Felsong)
Scruffyl (Felsong)
Sephricus (Felsong)
Shinsegi (Felsong)
Shyena (Felsong)
Sigar (Felsong)
Silvinia (Felsong)
Simonozzolo (Felsong)
Sindeon (Felsong)
Skaisa (Felsong)
Skilled (Felsong)
Skimmer (Felsong)
Smokedtoes (Felsong)
Smoulder (Felsong)
Snackiebar (Felsong)
Sorrakaa (Felsong)
Stalkker (Felsong)
Szmuljebany (Felsong)
Szpadyzor (Felsong)
Tariu (Felsong)
Tausem (Felsong)
Tazele (Felsong)
Teleios (Felsong)
Tempora (Felsong)
Thebunny (Felsong)
Thoen (Felsong)
Tiathus (Felsong)
Typo (Felsong)
Tyy (Felsong)
Ugahbugha (Felsong)
Unholyweed (Felsong)
Unifrown (Felsong)
Usami (Felsong)
Vaduss (Felsong)
Valindra (Felsong)
Vernumis (Felsong)
Vnight (Felsong)
Windknight (Felsong)
Wooloomooloo (Felsong)
Wrongtarget (Felsong)
Yeqoon (Felsong)
Ylled (Felsong)
Yourexwife (Felsong)
Zaedrel (Felsong)
Zannrath (Felsong)
Zapatillo (Felsong)
Zavael (Felsong)
Zian (Felsong)
Zormat (Felsong)
Zuwael (Felsong)
Drakwarrior (Genesis)
Dyonysus (Genesis)
Jskn (Genesis)
Robell (Genesis)
Adytz (Felsong)
Allyassa (Felsong)
Andreiutu (Felsong)
Andromaede (Felsong)
Andrreas (Felsong)
Anejo (Felsong)
Arathyen (Felsong)
Athesto (Felsong)
Aymonalol (Felsong)
Ballamuc (Felsong)
Banshidark (Felsong)
Beduoin (Felsong)
Bigulin (Felsong)
Blackstarr (Felsong)
Bleya (Felsong)
Bloukaas (Felsong)
Bluby (Felsong)
Brusko (Felsong)
Bullylok (Felsong)
Capramagica (Felsong)
Caxaderexa (Felsong)
Celerysalad (Felsong)
Chiku (Felsong)
Chintaro (Felsong)
Circumciser (Felsong)
Cordell (Felsong)
Crrissti (Felsong)
Curtan (Felsong)
Dagney (Felsong)
Daidel (Felsong)
Dangquoi (Felsong)
Dannish (Felsong)
Darkstream (Felsong)
Darna (Felsong)
Deleterius (Felsong)
Demonist (Felsong)
Densoma (Felsong)
Dhaenerys (Felsong)
Dinozaurul (Felsong)
Dominevigdis (Felsong)
Dragonys (Felsong)
Dreadg (Felsong)
Driadda (Felsong)
Duruun (Felsong)
Elanorgamgee (Felsong)
Elfelixo (Felsong)
Elloriya (Felsong)
Ellyye (Felsong)
Epoc (Felsong)
Esial (Felsong)
Eyecandy (Felsong)
Felhunteress (Felsong)
Felica (Felsong)
Fenly (Felsong)
Ferso (Felsong)
Fluffyhugs (Felsong)
Forthehorde (Felsong)
Gadriel (Felsong)
Ganjialf (Felsong)
Gaozaru (Felsong)
Giampo (Felsong)
Gibonowaty (Felsong)
Gretchen (Felsong)
Griimy (Felsong)
Gryloid (Felsong)
Hathrassil (Felsong)
Henriquee (Felsong)
Hiakymaru (Felsong)
Hlebarnica (Felsong)
Hortenzija (Felsong)
Huntardo (Felsong)
Icepal (Felsong)
Infernya (Felsong)
Iremi (Felsong)
Ivine (Felsong)
Jelibonbuluk (Felsong)
Johndkbr (Felsong)
Kaczga (Felsong)
Kalak (Felsong)
Karriin (Felsong)
Katharsys (Felsong)
Kavorka (Felsong)
Kinan (Felsong)
Kiruna (Felsong)
Kokonoku (Felsong)
Kopeteman (Felsong)
Kutterin (Felsong)
Lakros (Felsong)
Lamas (Felsong)
Lavamaras (Felsong)
Leedo (Felsong)
Lerath (Felsong)
Leymoon (Felsong)
Lilbous (Felsong)
Loghann (Felsong)
Lokras (Felsong)
Lolybacsi (Felsong)
Lotheria (Felsong)
Loudr (Felsong)
Lusher (Felsong)
Lutkulokki (Felsong)
Luzurs (Felsong)
Madiqt (Felsong)
Magicznyczar (Felsong)
Makenson (Felsong)
Malgarion (Felsong)
Mankey (Felsong)
Marihooana (Felsong)
Mastafasta (Felsong)
Mastertime (Felsong)
Matees (Felsong)
Maxspeed (Felsong)
Meeruni (Felsong)
Melchian (Felsong)
Montrael (Felsong)
Munika (Felsong)
Nakyta (Felsong)
Natsusan (Felsong)
Neffertiti (Felsong)
Nemesiswarr (Felsong)
Nicepersians (Felsong)
Ninjamonkey (Felsong)
Nuvem (Felsong)
Obss (Felsong)
Oilidan (Felsong)
Olfisucz (Felsong)
Palacat (Felsong)
Palasakal (Felsong)
Panni (Felsong)
Penique (Felsong)
Pezeren (Felsong)
Psiana (Felsong)
Qunox (Felsong)
Rayel (Felsong)
Rekthunter (Felsong)
Respirapa (Felsong)
Rillard (Felsong)
Risswyn (Felsong)
Ryozaki (Felsong)
Sarkain (Felsong)
Sateruxxs (Felsong)
Schlang (Felsong)
Secretknight (Felsong)
Sehmeti (Felsong)
Ses (Felsong)
Shaliwstar (Felsong)
Shenonark (Felsong)
Shortie (Felsong)
Shrekky (Felsong)
Sibianul (Felsong)
Sifora (Felsong)
Sigmor (Felsong)
Skullg (Felsong)
Slatkar (Felsong)
Slimelarge (Felsong)
Smuffy (Felsong)
Snowhard (Felsong)
Somara (Felsong)
Stallwart (Felsong)
Strangebrew (Felsong)
Suaveddz (Felsong)
Superstarqon (Felsong)
Taeknows (Felsong)
Tajkun (Felsong)
Takaro (Felsong)
Thefatrat (Felsong)
Titangrowl (Felsong)
Trackus (Felsong)
Trappo (Felsong)
Tripiante (Felsong)
Tritean (Felsong)
Tutuu (Felsong)
Tydistus (Felsong)
Tylva (Felsong)
Tyreel (Felsong)
Tytaniia (Felsong)
Urshak (Felsong)
Viperhealer (Felsong)
Watchurdeath (Felsong)
Windacus (Felsong)
Wolby (Felsong)
Xavyng (Felsong)
Xdagger (Felsong)
Xendi (Felsong)
Yurnes (Felsong)